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  1. SeaMonkey

    Lantac Vs Kriss defiance

    That's a good post Terry. People talk of "it's metal and real, I don't want polymer" but in my opinion, and it's only an opinion, if you want the "real feel" you've got to buy "real steel". The CMMG rifles fall into this category and they are very good. The Lantac is excellent and boutique, the Bradley BAR22 is excellent (I have an AR10 version). My choice was a Spikes Tactical Gen 2 billet upper situated on top of a Knights Armament SR15 lower. Yes, all the above rifles named may be too pricey for some, but to me, it's what i wanted and I use it more than any other rifle I own and it will last forever and I LOVE it. Dave Wylde's builds would be on that list too. As i said, it's just my opinion but you do get what you pay for in life.
  2. SeaMonkey


    Cheers πŸ˜„πŸ»
  3. SeaMonkey


    If posts don't have tone, do they have passive aggression? You buy the first pint and we're good. Here's my smiley face πŸ˜€
  4. SeaMonkey


    I was not implying that this issue is all about this forum, I was trying to make the point that, sadly, we have to be vigilant in every aspect of our lives these days, that this is just another one of those reminder lessons about the world we live in. I visit this forum to learn lessons, listen to opinions and to gather information from members on here who are far more experienced and knowledgeable than I am about this hobby that we all have in common. The lesson I have learned, from following this thread, is that a member got scammed and it happened via this forum. Just because I didn't expect scammers to be operating in such a niche, subject matter sport, doesn't necessitate me looking in the mirror or slapping myself. This all happened on this forum to which you are a Global Moderator, so maybe you should be the one to take a look in the mirror. I may be relative newbie to this forum but I am no way a newbie in life and I don't care for your tone, perhaps I have construed it wrongly, but I don't think so. No doubt you will issue a clever retort or perhaps block me from the forum, either way, good day to you.
  5. SeaMonkey


    Education and awareness are obviously the answer to this problem. Up until now, I had been blissfully unaware of the hazard of being scammed by an infiltrator to this forum. NaΓ―ve? Probably, but now I am fully clued up. Unfortunately my lesson has come at the expense of another members misery, and that's a shame.
  6. SeaMonkey

    member status

    I believe it is a gnome, I may try bribing him πŸ˜‰
  7. Sorry dude, yes it did coz I have it 😬
  8. I know what you're saying, it's no fun when you've got to squint just to tell the time! Sheesh
  9. Contact One On Top Of Two on this forum, he has the Fenix 6 and seems to be impressed by it. He also has a ballistics app on it too. I'm sure he'll give you all the gen. πŸ‘
  10. SeaMonkey

    PRL 2020 - what would you change???

    What Ootot said πŸ‘†, πŸ‘
  11. I’ll take this Furry please. I’ll pm you.
  12. Just in case anyone is interested, I rang up Dave Wylde at Valkyrie Rifles this morning for advice on the health of my Mark Bradley built Armalite AR10. He said bring it over this afternoon and we'll take a look. Within minutes of my arrival, Dave had assessed the rifle and given it a clean bill of health but for a spot of marring on one of the lands right at the muzzle (the main reason for the health check but I don't want to talk about how that got there πŸ˜‘). The next thing I know, the rifle barrel is in the lathe and a new crown and muzzle brake thread are being turned. He then paid a lot of attention to re-timing the muzzle brake to perfection. Job all done and dusted while I drink coffee, cool. I fully expected to be leaving my rifle behind for any works deemed necessary but the immediate action taken, considering how busy he is and the amount of pending build orders he has pinned to his wall, was mighty impressive. First class service from a thoroughly nice fellow, thanks Dave.
  13. SeaMonkey

    .22 rimfire match / training rifle scope finally sorted

    Thoughts? I think you need to find that fifth knife coz it makes the kitchen look scruffy πŸ˜€
  14. Muppet show, Ha ha ha, that comment alone means I'm bringing my ArmaLite to you Dave.
  15. SeaMonkey

    New flexible borescope

    Wow, you've got to love 3D Laser mapping technology...…..I don't think we'll be seeing those on Amazon any time soon though

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