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PSE E-tac prototype

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I've been shaping our new Tactical stock for quite a while now.

Slowly we are getting closer to making the mould. We'll have an all

carbon fibre adjustable cheek and new pistol grip shape. The sides of the

forend will have a 12mm flat in line with the barrel to attach a rail if needed.

This stock will be inlet moulded for a Remington SA type action and can

take the original bottom metal. Mag systems can be fitted. The inlet moulding

has the advantage that the action stock strength and stiffness is far superior to

conventional inletting. The barrel channel will be laid out with carbon resulting

in higher torsion stiffness. Ultra light version will be available.

Barrel channel is 35mm diameter standard.

Pistol grip will not be round, have slight triangle line running down the front to

help find the old position. Grip sides are not round either. Grip is steeper and

about 8mm longer than on an A5.

What are your thoughts?







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I've made A5 style stocks at under 800 grams before, so I guess 800 - 900 grams or 28 - 31 Oz at the light side.

From there on up to what you want. One idea would be to have replacement ultra heavy cheek raisers. These will

bring the centre of gravity way up and help reduce muzzle flip. In other words an ultra light stock with weight

close to the bore line.

Price is not known right now. Maybe an introduction price first......


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keep prices in keeping with US cost.


Without import duty you will take over the UK market. Think quantity over unit mark up.



That stock certainly looks the business. I am up for an A3/A5 on my next build and your stock appears to be fit for purpose.






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Hi Edi


I like the profile, but,


Consider making the butt more level so it would ride bags, also I would angle the base of the pistol grip a little, and maybe majke the forend flatter,,,,



Just thoughts , it looks very sound as a tac stok.

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Now that looks like a realy nice stock. I like the shape and the pistol grip looks nice and comfy. will u be inletting for the tikka t3 as well?

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Looks pretty good Edi.

Constructive criticism ?


The grip is too long. The std A5 is plenty long enough for even the largest hands [ i have two of them :lol: ]


I also have two mcmillan edge ultra lightweight a5,s in stock that i,ve had for at least 3 years and cant sell. People aren,t bothered about lightweight stocks on tactical rifles in the UK. The gun gets carried to the firing point and thats it. Lightness can be a positive disadvantage in a tactical rifle.


Great to see you have a last done a tactical stock for the remmy. Send me some details and prices mate, as soon as they are up and running. I will use some.

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Looks really great; wish you'd done this a year ago :)


Left hand option from the off? [Please!]


Nit-picking Observations:


My main observation is functional and cosmetic; the back of the base of the pistol grip looks to be hanging in a lot of air - I can't work out what's different to Mc/Man, but it looks a little 'odd' to my eye; it's gone a bit robertson - and they're as far from a tactical stock as you can get. As I said, partly cosmetic, but in more contorted firing positions I do sometimes find my bag/hat/binos have crept forward to rest under the bit just behind the base of the grip; and that option has gone (because of the upward angle of the butt-hook cut out?)


I have the impression (but wouldn't know without handling) that the upward angle of the butthook cut out has also caused the corresponding area at the top of the stock to move higher up the pistol grip - does this risk inhibiting the trigger-hand thumb position?


Next is cosmetic/ ergonomic: I don't like the flats on the side of forend. Who actually puts pic on the sides of their long rifle stock? but I suspect it'll detract from 'carry comfort' (the discomfort of the flat/angular stock profile was a large part of why I said 'cheerio' to my AW). If you're aiming at military with this feature you'd be better doing an inlet in the barrel channel that'll take one of the short picatinny 'tunnels' (don't know what to call them! :rolleyes: ) Next is practical: One flat I would recommend though: you should also put a short one at 6 oclock at the tip of the forend so that people can put on a short strip of picatinny for an atlas. (As I said way back -I'd actually like to have seen a KMW style cut out in the forend to get the bipod pivot as near to the barrel as possible - but I suspect you've consciously not gone with that)).


I realise that all sounds a bit negative, sorry! You asked for thoughts! - Overall I think it looks tip top :)

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Just seen Dave's comment - I don't agree, I do think the McM pistol grip is too short, I think yours just looks hyper long (despite only an 8mm increase) because of the butthook cut out point I made above. :)

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Thanks for the ideas, most of the points are also things I am not quite happy with.

Looking close at it I think Ronin is right, the angle on the butt that rides the bag

needs a slight change. This in conjuntion with an angle change and maybe 2-3mm shortening

of the pistol grip could sort that point.

The flat sides on the forend won't be really noticed but will have the advantage of giving

the hand a reference, much better than something round.

Forend and the different bipod attachments, might just need to fit customer specific add ons.


Otherwise the forend is a bit of a tricky and I don't think we'll make veryone happy. As it

is, it is very close in shape to an A5. At least it will suit a normal bipod.


Weight: yes Baldie you are right in most of the times. People that came to me for an A5 style stock

either wanted it Ultra Light, Swedish hunters, or extra heavy for a few F-class shooters.

The biggest scream for a light product comes from the FTR side as some seem to run into weight problems.

Germany has several different target configurations where a light Tac stock could make the weight limit.

The future will also see balancing of rifles, a balanced rifle just shoots nicer. We have made a few T3 stocks

with integrated weights not only for target shooters but also for hunter/target with great feedback.

Anyway, the weight can be discussed before order. Glass/carbon/kevlar no big deal for us and the heavier the easier.


Generally I think we will need to make a few mouldings that can go onto the stock after moulding, like a wide bottom

forend, maybe a closure for the butt hook as some don't like that and so on.


A T3 could follow. Our sales show T3 is really up and coming.

Lefthands: in the meantime we have got used to converting stocks right to left so it's doable. (Matt, even two left hands :P )


I don't yet know where the market for this style stock will mainly be. Wannabee snipers? FTR? hunting? general target? service rifles?

We'll see and will have to adapt to the market.


Thanks again for the help, I'll go back to the workshop....and post a pic when the changes are done.


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I don't yet know where the market for this style stock will mainly be. Wannabee snipers? FTR? hunting? general target? service rifles?

We'll see and will have to adapt to the market.


I think the 'tactical' label to this type of stock is a double-edged sword. 'Sporting' stocks don't get near this style for ergonomics. In particular, sporting pistol grips just don't reflect the realities of hand-shape - they're nearer 18th century duelling pistols.

One day shooters will wake up and smell the coffee; verticalish pistol grips as per this design are ergonomically the way to go - but the tac label will be switching as many people off as it switches on.

I'd do 2 versions of the same thing and call one the 'ergonomic sporter' and the other the 'tactical' :lol:

I would choose this style over any sporting stock.

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Thats a good looking stock.

I hope you are considering a future inletting for the tikka 595.

It would make a fine base for a budget build - only let down by the unavailability of any decent stocks!!!

Also, if it were made so that a decent aftermarket mag system fitted strait in then I reckon they would prove very popular with those that want a significantly lower cost custom build....... Like me. ;-)


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Hi Simon, might take another half year till we start that one, think it'll be worth it though.



the inlet moulding technique means we use a mould for the inlet, and are mostly limited to

one version. Magazine conversions are no problem. Fitting a different action is often

a bit awkward but doable. Not too bad if one has the rifle at hand as stock fitting and

bedding is done in one go.


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any chance you could make a folding stock version of this one? Manners had one in the works but not sure it ever materialised

Haven't thought of that.

Once we have the stock up and running we can have a look at it.

At the moment we have just altered most of the points that were mentioned.

The angle of the back bag rest was only off by 3.5mm, better now.


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