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  1. bigyin

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    That was initial load development with n160 but just couldn’t get the velocity I wanted with it
  2. bigyin

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    Hi mate tikka t3 action 26” bartlein barrel ,rem varmint profile built by Alan Maughan manners t4a stock Norma brass,40 gn of rs62 for 3000 ft/sec was easiest rifle to load for I’ve ever had , n160,rs60 and rs62 all shot brilliant
  3. bigyin

    Where are all the hardcore Varmint hunters gone ?

    My favourite rifle above 6xc ,105 amax
  4. bigyin

    Sad news: Bradders.

    Very sad news RIP bradders
  5. bigyin

    Tubb ATR

    Nice one a great looking set up , i see brownells have 6xc Peterson l/p brass in stock and the s/p is due in if it’s of any interest 👍
  6. 6xc with 105 gr bullet does everything for me to the point it’s only calibre I’ve used in last 6 months
  7. bigyin

    Cheapest place for 6xc brass?

    Callum Ferguson was £122 /100 inc postage last time I bought some 👍
  8. bigyin

    6xc powder choice

    I’ve not had mine that long but started with n160 and the groups were tiny but velocity was a bit lacking now use rs60 and reached 3150 but backed off to a milder 3050 ft/sec to hopefully save barrel life bullets were 105 amax
  9. bigyin

    Best fibre cartridges for driven duck

    Last reply from me , the lad asked for advice and I told him what I’ve used successfully in probably 15 different shotguns since 1999 since lead shot was banned for wildfowl . So il continue to “fanny” about as you put it ?
  10. bigyin

    Best fibre cartridges for driven duck

    For larger steel shot (above 4mm) yes briley extended chokes are excellent , the bottom line is use what you want to use but il guarantee you won’t do any damage to modern gun . A company will cover there back and play is very safe for obvious reasons , I’ve got emails from a few different company’s confirming what I’ve said about chokes and shot size . Not looking for an argument just use what your happy with but il use what I no works best after shooting and pattern testing 100s of different steel loads , different cases ,powders wads etc etc
  11. bigyin

    Best fibre cartridges for driven duck

    You can put steel 4mm and under through any choke you like through a modern shotgun ,I've fired thousands and I use steel for all my shotgun shooting ? for driven duck steel no4 or no3 (3.25mm ,3.5mm) would be my first choice .if felt wads are a must you are obviously restricted but gamebore do a steel shot load with a felt wad
  12. bigyin

    Best fibre cartridges for driven duck

    You’ll need to use non toxic cartridges , steel shot is cheap and very good , fiochhi ,gamebore ,rc steel will all do the job
  13. bigyin

    Twist rate

    Your speed of 3-3100 fps is very slow for those bullet weights so a good start would be to find a node higher up , an extra 2-300 fps should be easily achieved
  14. bigyin

    George Balfour

    Very sad news ,best wishes to all his family
  15. bigyin

    223 roe bullet

    Ive shot dozens of roe with .223 and have had no issues , it's dropped them more efficiently than bigger calibres including .243 and 6.5 . Put the bullet as tight to shoulder as possible without hitting it and slightly higher than half way up the body and they don't run far if at all . The 63 gr Sierra is a good choice and will shoot in a 1/12
  16. Zeiss hd5 5-25x50 1/4moa target turrets Z Plex Ret Like new in box used twice ,only for sale as rifle it was on has been sold £575 posted ono Can send pics by email
  17. Depends what you want to shoot with it ,if it's light clay and pigeon loads then it'll cost you more to reload them than buy factory but if your a wildfowler loading your own shells with non toxic shot it will save you money and also give you better performance especially with steel shot
  18. bigyin

    The Grail

    Very nice indeed ,I always preferred the 77 to the newer 97 and being venom tuned is the icing on the cake .what calibre is it ?

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