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  1. One new pair Rovince ergoline trousers size 46 with tags.Not worn £70 posted. One pair Rovince ergoline trousers size 46 worn once only.Too small for me £35 posted. Drum.
  2. drum

    Sound Moderation

    On a stalking rifle i look for weight, sound reduction and then price. On a varmint/high volume of fire rifle i go for sound reduction, price then weight. Drum.
  3. Using a mod on a rimfire and centrefire is usually discouraged on account of unburnt rimfire powder in the mod carrying the risk of been ignited when used on the centrefire.Never experienced it myself but have read threads warning about this. Drum
  4. drum

    More scottish bans being proposed

    Ive set the rabbit boxes ,i expect to take between 200 and 300 rabbits tomorrow.This at the request of the farmers who need the grass .Wholesale slaughter Pete? Does it matter that i enjoy doing this or not? Mountain hare or the humble rabbit,when the numbers reach a level where you can kill these numbers this usually tells you that you should maybe think about lessening the numbers.
  5. drum

    More scottish bans being proposed

    Serious question Pete,if these were rabbits would you be as outraged?
  6. drum

    More scottish bans being proposed

    Legally classed as game,but how their numbers are controlled depends on the area,in wensleydale theyre not very common so arnt shot like the rabbit;which are in plague like numbers again.In other areas ive worked where the hare was numerous their numbers were controlled to keep visits from the 'caravan club' to a minimum so they were treated as 'vermin' .All depends on the ammount of hares in the area and the impact they have as to how theyre classified by the individual.
  7. drum

    Case Lube

    +1 for the lanolin and alcohol.Used lee and rcbs in the past but the above works much better for me.
  8. Is this the one i swapped you for the broken nightforce nxs? If it is its 35mm tube and it went back to ior to get a fault repaired,not just a full service.something you should have tried doing with the scope you swapped for it. Hope this helps.
  9. drum

    Nightforce nxs

    I rang the SGC yesterday and explained the problem,they were very helpful and told me to post it to them and theyd sort it.So hopefully things will work out ok. Thanks for all your advice.
  10. drum

    Nightforce nxs

    I think something internally has given up so hopefully it will be covered by the warranty.Time will tell though.
  11. drum

    Nightforce nxs

    Thats encouraging.I will be sending it to nightforce for certain.
  12. drum

    Nightforce nxs

    Its encouraging that you got a good conclusion eventually.Could i ask whether you sent it back via a distributer or on your own? If you sent it back yourself,did you contact nightforce first? Paul
  13. drum

    Nightforce nxs

    It wont track reliably.If you put on 4 clicks at 100 yards it may move 6 inch up and 2 inch right.It will hold a group though.However if i then move 4 clicks down it will move randomly.Almost like each click has a random value.
  14. drum

    Nightforce nxs

    I believe they have an unlimited warranty.I will give SGC a bell on monday.
  15. drum

    Nightforce nxs

    I swapped scopes with a chap and it soon became obvious why he wanted to swap.Anyhow the scope ive been lumbered with,an nxs,needs to go back for warranty work.Anyone had any experience doing this bearing in mind i have no receipt.Thanks in advance. Paul

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