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  1. I have two magazines to fit the 1517. Both are in good used condition. The first is a 4 shot genuine Anschutz 4 round mag £38 posted. The second is an 8 shot mag SOLD.
  2. Deeredriver

    .300 WSM New Brass

    Ill take the Winchester Brass please.
  3. Deeredriver

    Canine companions

    My German Shepherd. An ex police dog (rejected at 12 months for being too big!!) He now has a better life with me on the farm. Great companion who's with me 24/7.
  4. Deeredriver

    IOR Scopes, your thoughts?

    Been running a Recon here for a few years now. Absolutely bombproof, good optics, only downside is the weight.
  5. I'm thinking of acquiring a 6mm barrel for my AI AT. Does anyone know or have any experience with using a 6mm Dasher from this set up or from the AI AW magazines, i.e. Double Stack Double Feed? My concern is that maybe the case will be a little short to feed 100%. I don't want to have to modify mags.
  6. Deeredriver

    Jan 5th CSR, Bisley

    You don't need a 'Black Rifle' to shoot CSR. You can use any rifle, calibre, and a bipod in practical optic class. A 10 round mag is ideal but you can manage with 2, 5 rounders. I've done the last two Imperial championships and I'm currently shooting the Winter league with just a Tikka T3 varmint. I've always been, and will always be primarily a field shooter (Vermin, deer ECT), but shooting CSR is immense fun and has improved my shooting skills no end, especially positional and shooting with an increased heart rate whilst under pressure. The CSR crowd are a great bunch with everyone willing to help out fellow shooters and I feel privileged to shoot along side so many great shots. I've been shooting for over 30 years and I'm still learning from every CSR match.
  7. For sale. 3x Accuracy International AICS 10 round Magazines. Good used condition. SOLD
  8. For sale. TAB Gear RAS sling with Nexus Buckles and flush cup swivels. Used condition. £60 posted. SOLD
  9. I even use a 'normal' rifle in CSR as well?
  10. Having hunted South Africa many times I'd always recommend a .300win long or short mag. But always coupled with a decent bullet. I own an AI, but would never want to carry that in the bush all day for a week. My Africa rifle is a standard T3 Varmint which is heavy enough to be accurate... If you want one rifle to do everything there's always going to be a compromise.
  11. Deeredriver

    jetz compact

    I ordered through my local dealer, most dealers have accounts with Jackson's.
  12. Deeredriver

    ASE ultra

    Another happy customer here, I've used Ase Utra Jet Z mod's for years, put thousands of rounds through them in all weathers. I've never had a problem with them. Not only that, I've dealt with Jackson's for warranty work (on a North Star Mod) and their service is second to none, one of the best.
  13. Deeredriver

    jetz compact

    I use a Ase Utra cover, http://www.aseutra.fi/heatmirage-covers Made to fit, and less than £30.
  14. Deeredriver

    7mm Saum spraying

    Sounds like you just need to learn to read the wind better.
  15. I have a one piece 34mm Badger Ordnance Mount to fit 34mm tubes. 20moa incline. 64.5mm between the saddles. 20mm from top of picatinney to base of saddle when measured at the rear of mount. 6 torx screws per cap. Good condition. SOLD
  16. For sale. Tikka T3 Varmint 20" blue barrel. Good condition except for a light scratch on barrel. Shoots superbly. Can be tested on my range provided you have a FAC with correct slot before hand. SOLD Pics can be emailed For sale elsewhere.
  17. Price will include RFD transfer if required.
  18. Deeredriver

    Switch Barrel Rifles

    I'm struggling to justify the cost of an AI AT rifle, the main benefit 'on paper' would by the ability to run it as a multi caliber ie save on the cost of optics. Does anybody actually swap barrels regularly on their AI or other makes? Is it practical? Or is too much faff with checking zero.
  19. Deeredriver

    A pair of Creedmoors

    Thanks. I like the idea/features, just haven't seen 'one in the flesh'.
  20. Deeredriver

    A pair of Creedmoors

    Mark, what do you think of the ESS stock?
  21. Deeredriver

    2015 AX 308

    What's the length of the .308 barrel please.

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