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  1. blackburnbuccaneer

    Sentinel 6XC

    Although RE 16 is made by Nitrocheme (RS) for Alliant I don't think they have launched it in their own right yet.
  2. blackburnbuccaneer

    .300 WSM Dies Forster & Hornady

    Sorry, already sold the unused brass I had.
  3. 1 x Forster .300 WSM Neck Sizing Die - £45 + £5 p&p 1 x Hornady .300 WSM Custom Grade New Dimension Full Length die set - £45 + £5 p&p
  4. blackburnbuccaneer

    .300 WSM Magazines + AICS Bobslead

    You just need to do your legwork and measure to see what fits - the specs are on the manufacturers websites!
  5. blackburnbuccaneer

    .300 WSM Magazines + AICS Bobslead

    The WSM mags are short action as you would use for RSAUM or PRC assuming it is loaded to under about 3.000" You can use it in a long action may the same as you mention assuming your chassis and action is designed for that too, but it might not be ideal.
  6. blackburnbuccaneer

    Berger VLD Target in 90 grn .223

    What are you going for barrel wise?
  7. blackburnbuccaneer

    .300 WSM Magazines + AICS Bobslead

    AICS Mag Sold.
  8. blackburnbuccaneer

    Berger VLD Target in 90 grn .223

    I have been using them almost exclusively in my .223 for the last 4 years or so shooting FTR with pretty good results - as long as you are prepared to do some leg work in terms of research and load development you should be able to get them to shoot pretty well - and out to 600 yards they will give most .308 shooters a good run for their money especially those using 185gr or less bullets! I would say the most critical thing with the 90's (or any of the heavy .224 bullets in .223 really) is having a suitably long freebore to load them so as to not comprise any of the already limited case capacity! In a .223 for the 90's this means a freebore of at least .170" (COAL ~2.650") although I think about .200" is optimal for the Berger VLD (COAL ~2.680"). Also to get good performance at longer ranges the powder charge has to be very consistent as owing to the small case capacity and variation can have a much bigger effect on es and thus elevations! My current barrel is (was as it has just gone off to be replaced) a 28" Bartlein 5R 1:7 .219 x .224 bore (.150" FB) and it is going to be replaced with a 28" Benchmark cut 5C 1:7" to 1:6.8" gain twist .219 x .224 bore (.200" FB) - both are 1.15" for 5" then a straight taper to .96" at the muzzle. One final thing is that at competitive velocities (2800-2850) don't expect brass to last long, the primer pockets will last ~5 firings before becoming too slack. There is a wealth of information from a few shooters on the Accurate Shooter forum on the subject and I suggest you have a look there (where I got most of my information along with Laurie Holland) - also any questions just ask as I have just scraped the surface here!
  9. blackburnbuccaneer

    FTR Chassis Tikka T3 Action

    I have been using a .223 T3 in a KRG X-Ray with Spigot mount and a 1-7" 28" barrel (1.15" for 5" then down to .96" at the muzzle) for FTR for several years now and it makes weight fine with a NF Benchrest and Seb JoyPod. It is away now having a new barrel fitted as the current Bartlein was about knackered for my uses! From memory it comes in a bit under 8 Kg. On the same flavour a KRG Bravo would also work well - and again the spigot mount adds some length and stability!
  10. blackburnbuccaneer

    .300 WSM Tikka T3 Super Varmint

    Sold pending funds.
  11. blackburnbuccaneer


    Likewise I have a 28" Bartlein at 1.15" for 5" then down to 0.96" at the muzzle and it has provided sterling accuracy for the last 3200 rounds and 4 years, and it will be going off this weekend to have the same profile of Benchmark fitted.

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