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  1. blackburnbuccaneer


    Likewise I have a 28" Bartlein at 1.15" for 5" then down to 0.96" at the muzzle and it has provided sterling accuracy for the last 3200 rounds and 4 years, and it will be going off this weekend to have the same profile of Benchmark fitted.
  2. blackburnbuccaneer

    .300 WSM Tikka T3 Super Varmint

    Yes the stock is (was) adjustable, it came with a larger bolt knob, which can be included instead of this one if wanted and it came with a picatinny rail installed, but here it has been replaced anyway. The actual stock inlet is the same though - also for the tactical, sporter and I think CTR too. This rifle spent all of its life in a chassis which is now in use elsewhere hence the bare barreled action for sale.
  3. blackburnbuccaneer

    .300 WSM Magazines + AICS Bobslead

    Bobsled Sold pending payment.
  4. Tier One / Third Eye Tactical Spartan Evo 3 Reflex Moderator .30 Calibre M18x1 With Tac Brake and bit end of barrel and reflex rear modules. - £150 collected or buyer pays RFD fees. This Moderator has seen approx 4-500 rounds on a .308 and shows little sign of wear inside or out. Fully strippable and has been cleaned often. Has also been Cerakoted Black as the anodised finish collected dirt too much for my liking. Also never stored on the rifle, taken off after every use!
  5. 1 x Accurate mag 3 round .300WSM AICS Mag ( will comfortably hold and feed 4) - Also compatible with RSAUM and PRC cartridges - £75 + £3.50 P&P 1x Tikka T3 factory WSM Mag - never used - £40 + £3.50 P&P 1x .308 AICS single shot Bobslead - lightly used - will feed any 308 or short magnum sizes rounds from an AICS mag well - £35 + £3.50 P&P
  6. 24" Tikka T3 Super Varmint barrelled action chambered in .300 WSM with standard T3 trigger & threaded M18x1. Also fitted with a - bolt handle and Recknagel 0 MOA Aluminium Picatinny rail. The rifle has fired a documented 671 rounds with only the first 20 being Federal factory rounds and all the rest loaded by me with high quality components. When last shot at the end of last summer the rifle was still capable of .5 to .75 inch groups at 100 yards and should have another 5-600 rounds life left in it. I am looking for £500 collected or buyer pays RFD fees on top of this.
  7. blackburnbuccaneer

    .300 WSM New Brass

    Both sold pending payment.
  8. 2 x unopened bags of 50 Winchester .300 WSM Brass - £40 per bag + £5 P&P 49 x Norma .300 WSM Cases - not in original bag, but never loaded or been near a die and in perfect condition - £75 + £5 P&P
  9. blackburnbuccaneer

    Quickload Question for a user.

    AFAIK *C means it is supposed to have properties that impede copper fouling and *T that it is a temperature stable powder, although take this with a pinch of salt as some of the ones marked as such certainly have a temperature variance. As to whether a charge is compressed look at the predicted fill ratio at the bottom of the powder input window, anything over 100% is predicted to be compressed (by the margin it exceeds 100%).
  10. blackburnbuccaneer

    CCI BR4's

    In my testing in .223 with 80gr and 90gr bullets I found that both can provide similar ES and accuracy with appropriate load development and care when weighing charges - however the BR-4s consistently provided velocities 15-20 FPS higher for a given charge weight. This velocity difference was similar to what Laurie Holland found in his small rifle primer test IIRC. In short I would (and do) happily use either depending on cost/availability with appropriate loads for each .
  11. blackburnbuccaneer

    Rpa interceptor. 243

  12. blackburnbuccaneer

    Minox ZX5 5-25x50 SF Plex

    Price Drop £550 - RMSD Insured in the UK.

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