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  1. RCBS 5-0-5 scales for sale. Excellent condition. £55 including next day delivery.
  2. Which model AI does it fit.
  3. cheshirelad

    Depriming Lapua 6.5 cases

    Thanks everyone, I can feel an experiment with emery cloth first and then a lathe.
  4. cheshirelad

    Depriming Lapua 6.5 cases

    Redding universal decapper will not decap a 1.5mm flash hole according to Redding's customer service department, now I'm confused.
  5. cheshirelad

    Depriming Lapua 6.5 cases

    Anyone out there that deprimes Lapua 6.5 creedmoor cases before annealling. I currently use a Lee depriming die for my other calibers but the Lapua cases uses a 1.5mm flash hole rather than a 2mm one. Problem is that the depriming pin is too big for the smaller hole. Just wondering what people use.
  6. cheshirelad


    What reticle, what adjustment.
  7. 100 off GGG 5.56 cases, once fired, £10 including P&P.
  8. As per title I'm selling my Schmidt PMII 3x12x50 P3 reticle, mil mil adjustment, non illuminated, spotless condition. £1100

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