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  1. cheshirelad

    155gr Scenar velocity

    Spotted a typo, meant to say 43,0 as my starting point, not 44.0, 🙂
  2. cheshirelad

    155gr Scenar velocity

    I don't mess with seating depth as they can only be mag length in an AR308, I do intend to start low and work up, my 167gr load started at 43.2
  3. cheshirelad

    155gr Scenar velocity

    Looks like I'll be trying 44.0 as my starting point then, thanks for the help.
  4. cheshirelad

    155gr Scenar velocity

    Have you tried either 44.2 or 44.4
  5. cheshirelad

    155gr Scenar velocity

    Anyone using 155gr Scenars and Vhit140, interested in what sort of velocities you're seeing. Looking at loading around 44.0
  6. How much for the Sinclair expander, what mandrels does it come with.
  7. cheshirelad

    S&B pmll

    MIL or MOA
  8. You cannot receive PM's.
  9. For sale, Dillon 550 press complete with .223 and .308 caliber conversions, priming tubes, throwers and base stations. Excellent condition, £ 400 including P&P. Pictures available on request.
  10. I have several hundred once fired 5.56 GGG cases which are free to anyone that wants them. Cases have been swaged and cleaned ready to reload. I bought them when I started reloading but have never used them, they're taking up space hence giving them away. Buyers pays whatever the shipping costs are dependant on how many they want. PM me with quantities required and i'll confirm shipping costs.
  11. Second dibs if the sale falls through.

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