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Found 3 results

  1. 2 x unopened bags of 50 Winchester .300 WSM Brass - £40 per bag + £5 P&P 49 x Norma .300 WSM Cases - not in original bag, but never loaded or been near a die and in perfect condition - £75 + £5 P&P
  2. Unique Alpine TPG1 - See link below for review and stock photos. E-Mail me for a selection of photos of rifle described below (This first post has been edited - changes in bold blue text - to incorporate updates further down in the string) S/N AAB0358 Section 1, bolt action firearm. Good condition; slight blemish to paint on cheek piece Bought 2012, second hand. 325 rounds fired during my ownership; believed to have fired circa 500 beforehand. Taken from Unique Alpine web site Barrel length 25.5" (650 mm); 10" twist rate; 6 lands Overall length 48" (1,230 mm) Weight 13.67 lbs (6.2 kg) 5 round magazine capacity; one magazine included. Muzzle brake. Otherwise, what you see is what you get. The most comfortable rifle I have fired prone. An effective muzzle break - gentle to fire for a 300WM TPG1 manual: Manual to be found at http://stevespages.c...alpine_tpg1.pdf Gun review at http://www.gunmart.net/gun_review/unique_alpine_tpg_1_rifle/ Price:£2,950 o.v.n.o. Now reduced to £2,650 Selling to move up to TPG 3A4 switch barrel Rifle now with RFD Advertised elsewhere E & O E
  3. Remington Model 700 action, 'stainless' steel 1 in 10" right twist 24" No. 4 contour barrel with 'satin' finish, blued removable muzzle brake (easy to clean crown) and synthetic green ?McMillan? stock. Built by Riflecraft Ltd.; over £2,000 to have built at today's prices. Includes 30 mm scope rings. Scope itself not included. In VGC; very slight rub marks to barrel finish, so slight as to be unable to pick them up in photos. Bought June '09 from first owner, when said to have had about 500 rounds through it. Have since fired 320 rounds. Have now moved up to heavier barrelled 300 WM for range work. Captioned rifle now with an RFD pending sale. ​Location North Suffolk Ideal for more resilient quarry such as lowland reds and boar and longer distance shots where retained energy for clean kills is required. When last fired, witnessed group elevation was < 0.2" Price was £1,375 o.n.o. Reduced to £1,050 o.v.n.o.

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