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  1. If the sale falls through, I have a Zeiss HD5 5-25x50 Varmint with locking target turrets for PX.
  2. I have used a Ward800S and Solaris SRX on a Swarovski Z5 5-25x52 and have been very impressed with the clarity of the image. Rabbits at 250+ yards are exceptionally clear, but the Swarovski only allows full focus from about 180ish yards minimum, so anything closer is a bit blurry.
  3. Yes please, and I can collect from Nuneaton.
  4. Guesty

    .223 AICS for Tikka T3

    The MDT plastic AICS mag works well in the T3 and doesn’t filing or any other adjustment. I have been using them for years with no bother.
  5. Guesty

    35mm lots of MOA mount

    Oops, switched to PM.
  6. Guesty

    35mm lots of MOA mount

    I have a set of 35mm steel IOR two piece picatinny mounts with 20moa. Please do PM if interested.
  7. Guesty


    From my own experience I'm inclined to believe that neck doughnuts are a feature caused by neck bushing dies. I have returned to collet neck dies and honed FLS dies and the doughnuts have gone.
  8. Guesty

    243 / 6mm Berger 80 grain Varmint

    Looking for this particular bullet, cash waiting or can swap for other 6mm bullets.
  9. Thinking about it further, I would be happy with two piece bases as long as I can use the receiver threads. Does anyone know if such a thing exists? UPDATE: Found them here on the Weihrauch website: https://www.weihrauch-sport.de/small-bore-repeaters/accessories-small-bore-repeaters?lang=en
  10. Thanks Bruce, but I'm really looking for an all in one rail that uses the receiver threads. I've had those adapters before and never really trusted that they stayed put.
  11. I’ve just ordered an HW66 rimfire and looking online for a pic rail to install. I have seen brands such as Apex (John Carr), Britannia and Reed Resolution (Opticswarehouse), where the rails look identical apart from the logos and the all largely cost the same. Are they all from the same manufacturer? I am looking for the best made and lowest fitting rail I can find that uses the action drilled and tapped receiver threads, and not one that simply slips over the dovetail rail and uses grub screws for a friction fit against the receiver top. Thanks in advance.
  12. Guesty

    6br specific mags

    I ordered direct from the Patriot Valley website, and had no issues getting it shipped to the UK. The only problem was the price, the Accurate AICS mag was IIRC about £90 and the Patriot kit another £60+ after shipping etc.
  13. Guesty

    17 HMR - has it a niche ?

    I’ve had a few HMRs, and really rated them for rabbiting but I gave up on them when ammo quality became an issue. Accuracy and consistency was variable and though I had never suffered a safety problem, Ihad witnessed barrel blockages and hang fires and decided it was no longer for me. I switched to 17 Hornet and have had a couple of CZs so far and delighted that I made the change. They are seemingly no louder than HMR, but the extra 1000+fps is certainly noticeable in the field. I have had no luck with Hornady factory ammo nor bullets, but home loaded Bergers make tiny little groups. Or if money saving, cheap Kranks Value bullets over N110 make ammo that is sub MOA and cheaper than HMR.
  14. Guesty

    6br specific mags

    I use a 308 family AICS Accurate Mag with Patriot Valley 6BR insert in my Tikka T3 and it has been utterly reliable so far with all bullets tried (60 to 115 grain) at any bolt cranking speed.
  15. Guesty

    Tract Scopes

    I don't know how they do it, but I had no problems ordering. Their shipping prices are quite eye watering though.

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