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  1. Hi RolandR, thanks for the question. I can still get hold of these magazines (Gen 1 version) however sending them to New Zealand may take a long time and at a relatively high price. Also if your customs are anything like Australia's... they might get confiscated without compensation. As such, I could not give you any guarantees about ever receiving the item and I couldn't even guess at a delivery time. Please bear that in mind. I think I would have to look for 125NZD for 1 magazine (175NZD for 2; 250NZD for 3, etc.) Regards.
  2. If you are looking for a GRS alternative, Opticswarehouse have an big discount offer on the WARG stock. Only a few left. https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/grs-adjustable-stock-warg-tikka-t3-x-sa-black
  3. I should have checked their website, which would have stated the same. What accessories are included, magazine/rails etc.?
  4. For which Tikka action is it for... magnum or standard/short calibres?
  5. So is the Arca rail still available? If so how much are you looking for it?
  6. FOR SALE : 2x Brand new and unused magazines for Tippmann M4-22. £27 each or £50 for the pair RRP: £39.99 The Tippmann Arms™ M4-22 20 round magazine is well engineered high performance magazine specifically designed for the M4-22. It features an easy loading design and integrated sliding cover to keep dirt and debris from entering the magazine. 22LR 20 Round Capacity Easy Loading Sliding Cover Free postage to UK residential addresses. Note that these magazines only work with Tippmann M4 variants in 22LR. They are not compatible with S&
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