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Recommended pistol grip for MDT Oryx

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I'm finding the standard pistol grip on my MDT Oryx too thin, and the reach too short for comfortable trigger control.

I see that MDT make the Premier adjustable grip, which would probably work, but I can't get passed how cheap and ugly looking it is.

They also make the Elite version, which looks better, but £110+ seems crazy expensive for what it is.

Are there any other alternative grips worth considering, or do I have to bite the bullet and buy the Elite?

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I like the grip on my Tikka Tac A1 so much I've sourced and fitted the same grip on my other rifles.

It's a larger rubberised grip (I have big hands!) with an internal storage space for batteries etc.

They are widely known as AGR-43, I bought 5 from Ali Express (China) very cheaply but they're not listing them now.

These are exactly the same grip as the Tikka but without the Tikka logo on them, quite a few UK shooting shops sell them for about £30

The tang (back strap) cuts off easily if you don't want it.

Here's a link to Krale who have them for £11.56, they are exactly the same grip.




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