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  1. My Tikka T3 will shoot the 77gn STMK's into <0.5" groups all day long.
  2. I have recently upgraded my Blacksun Ruby IR with a Solaris laser..... OMG the difference was totally amazing. The ruby was a decent torch but when compared to the Solaris it’s like comparing Liverpool FC with Burton Albion. I’ve tried numerous set ups including Zeiss, Schmidt and Bender, Sightron, MTC with Photons, Ward800s and the Ward800L. I’ve now got the Hawke Sidewinder 6-24x56 with the Ward800s, it easily and very very clearly identifies foxes at 400yds, I’m blown away with it. This is the best set up I’ve ever used and I can not recommend it highly enough. In addition I’ve dumped my nightmaster multi angle torch mount and am now using a 30mm optiloc ring with plastic insert and picatinny base attached to the tube ring picatinny converter, this torch mount is absolutely rock solid and very repeatable for alignment when remounted. Top
  3. I’ve been long range varminting about 12 years, in that time I’ve use Nightforce, Schmidt and Bender PM II , Zeiss Victory, and Sightron SIII. I’ve always considered Hawke scopes to be garbage. I wanted one rifle for Long Range varminting and foxing so I bought an 8twist Tikka T3x Super Varmint in .223rem which is perfect for the jobs required with either 53gn VMax or 77gn Tipped matchkings. The problem was the scope. Good quality scopes don’t tend to work well with nightvision. As I do far more foxing than long range varminting I decided to change the Sightron to a scope more suitable for nightvision so went for the Hawke 6-24x56 Sidewinder. I was very sceptical it would be any good for long range varminting. How wrong I was, I was out last week and took crows and pigeons out to 375yds with only a few misses, I was dialling up and down the turrets all day. In total I took 25 shots and missed 3 which for me was outstanding. At the end of the day I re-zeroed the turrets and I put 3 straight through the centre of a 1/2” ring at 100yds. Obviously the Hawke glass isn’t Zeiss quality but it’s more than adequate for 500yd varminting in decent daylight and the turrets track very well. Hawke sidewinders are a great compromise scope for both NV foxing and Long Range varminting. They also work fantastically well with the Solaris laser torch, I am easily able to identify foxes out to 400yds Im no longer a Glass Snob !!!
  4. I need just 5x new .223Rem Lapua Match Brass. Can anyone help me out please?I’ll pay £2 a case delivered.Thanks Guys.
  5. Hi Guys,I am trying to get a project working and need a single 1" optiloc ring and weaver (Picatinny) base, it doesnt matter whether its high, low or medium, stainless or black, it doesnt even matter if its tatty, I would be grateful for anything that you have.Many Thanks.
  6. Im selling my Black Sunnranger Ruby IR illuminator, it will come with 2x Sony VTC6 18650/3000mAh/20A batteries. The Torch is totally as new and undamaged. New these torches cost £105 and the batteries cost £6 each plus shipping. Black Sunnranger Ruby IR illuminator Im looking for £75 delivered to your door. email me on robertsmith141@hotmail.com
  7. Stainless Steel 30mm Optiloc Medium Rings & Bases, the bases are to fit a Tikka rifle. I have just priced these online and the cheapest I could find was £140 plus postage, These mounts are absolutely as new, totally unmarked and as you would buy in a shop apart from packaging.I am looking for £110 posted to anywhere in the UK.
  8. Sports Match 30mm Tikka Mounts, absolutely as new and undamaged in any way. £25 posted to your door.
  9. This is my MTC Mamba 4-16x50ir rifle scope, Its a very good scope with crystal clear glass, it optically perfect but has one superficial 3mm scratch on the front bell which doesn't affect its use in any way at all. The rest of the scope is A1 condition.This model MTC Mamba scope has gained a great reputation for day use with its crystal clear optics and night use when used with night vision equipment, This rifle scope has accounted for literally 100's of foxes taken using a Ward800s. The rifle scope currently has a push fit NV adaptor attached to the eyepiece as can be seen in the images which can be removed in seconds, I will selling this with the rifle scope.The scope comes with the original box and packaging, sunshade and both front and rear "Butler Creek" lens covers.£150 delivered to your door.
  10. Selling my Sightron SIII 8-32x56 LRMOAIR riflescope. This scope has sat on a shelf unused for over 3 years and is totally unmarked and as new, it comes complete with box, sunshade,neoprene cover and all the original paperwork. This riflescope could be mistaken for being brand new. I am looking for £900 and at that price I will post it to your UK address by Royal Mail next day Special Delivery. Sightron LRMOAIR
  11. As per the title I am looking for a trail cam with the inbuilt facility to sms text me with images taken, Which units would you recommend and if anyone has one they dont want and wish to sell I may be interested. I have been checking them out and some look quite technical to set up and most come from China with no customer support. Im very keen to hear the thoughts and ideas from people that currently use these. Cheers Guys.

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