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Does anyone know if there is a cheat sheet online on setting up strelok pro and what all the different things are and how to tweek it for your rifle? 



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Hi, That would be  long sheet!! I found the best way was just to spend time playing with it doing what if scenarios. Just be  sure to back up the ones you want to keep as Strelok remembers only the last scenario, and you have then to reload the back up as a start point


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More rets, more functionality including BC tuning/trajectory verification etc.  It's definitely well worth the small investment over the free one as you'll likely end up there anyway if you shoot a lot of LR anywhere other than fixed target (ranges).

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Its easy once your used to it . Just buy it and have a play youll soon be up to speed . Once it has your rifle / load saved for 1 or more rifle . U put in range , wind speed a direction , incline - it uses a aim mark for u to aim at your target with phone press ok - calculate and bingo your there , hopefully your target / is none the wiser & still there . For me it all comes down to wind reading along the bullets flight path . Its very tricky . Atb 

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