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  1. Popsbengo

    Noob needing advice re handloading.

    You're on the right track, reloading is a fascinating subject on its own and you will be able to get the best out of your rifle as you can tune the load to be spot-on for your set-up. Best of luck with getting started.
  2. Popsbengo

    Noob needing advice re handloading.

    maybe as accurate as your home loads 😁
  3. Popsbengo

    Noob needing advice re handloading.

    Good idea re finding a reloader as long as they're competent (I've seen some horror shows). It's not just about cost saving is it? Most target shooters reload for accuracy.
  4. Popsbengo

    Noob needing advice re handloading.

    You need a good reloading manual. Lyman 50th edition is excellent, loads of general instruction and advice as well as the all important load data. I suggest you get that and read up as much as possible before spreading the cash. By all means watch Youboob, there's some excellent stuff but do be aware there's a lot of poor practice and down right rubbish on there too. Any video by a manufacturer like Hornady or RCBS is a good start. There's loads of good stuff second hand on eBay. I would recommend you get a good press like a Rock Chucker, it's the heart of your system.
  5. Popsbengo

    Real World 223 Experience

    I find the trick is to ensure: a spotlessly clean and dry chamber and throat, make sure the modified case is dry and spotless, screwed up tight to the gauge body press the gauge and case firmly into the chamber and keep the pressure on gently slide the bullet upto the lands until it just stops (helps to have three hands 😁) push a dowel rod down the bore and ease the bullet back and to and find the 'touch' (by feel) lock it off, withdraw and measure. replace the bullet and do it again a few times - record the measurement and take the mean. I use Sinclair stainless steel inserts in the caliper gauge as the Hornady anodised alloy ones give me variation I can get to +/- 1' on my 308 with Lapua Scenar 155 and Sierra MK 155 I've tried the drop bolt method (stripped so no resistance from the sear) and it's not as repeatable on 308 or 338 for me. (but it is an excellent way to check headspace)
  6. Popsbengo

    Real World 223 Experience

    SMLE - back in the day, we called it "fitter's feel" - stood Henry Royce a career. I use the Hornady gauge and the drop bolt method - both ok but the Hornady gauge is easier to feel. I use a dowel down the bore to just ease the bullet back off.
  7. Popsbengo

    Jewelers rouge

    I use it in walnut media, just a tiny amount in my Lyman tumbler - less than half a teaspoon is plenty. I would suggest putting a tiny amount in and add to it. It lasts the life of the media
  8. Popsbengo

    Range booking system/calendar for clubs?

    How about Google calendars? You can set up shares and permissions so everyone (with rights) could see virtually live update info. Just a thought. It's free.
  9. Popsbengo

    Range booking system/calendar for clubs?

    Not sure what you idea is. Is this for a particular club or in general? Most ranges (I guess?) and definitely MoD ranges are booked by clubs not individuals. I've not used it but MoD now use BAMS; the reports I've heard are not good (and range allocation is still done by the TO I'm told).
  10. Can't comment on RPA firing pin problems - seems rather worrying. In general, depends what you want to do with it. Custom or Factory ? I have a Dolphin chassis Barnard PL with Truflite UM 32". No magazine as I load long and don't need one anyhow. It's very accurate and didn't break the bank. The Barnard trigger is excellent, the chassis is easily adjusted to fit perfectly (necessary when pounding yourself with .338) AI also make a very nice rifle but a tad more dosh. Make sure you're getting a twist rate suitable for big pills as 250gn doesn't cut it at 1mile plus.
  11. Cold calls and emails abound at our club! And I'm happy to get them. Only very rarely do we need to fob someone off who's obviously a dick - maybe one a year. Interestingly no one has ever asked me if they could tag along to a full-bore shoot to observe (other than the occasional spouse/sprog). We are always welcoming to those that want to come along to our club nights and see some small bore shooting and question us on probation etc prior to committing to join. I see it as part of the committee's job to promote shooting sports. If the club presses the wrong persons into doing committee jobs they don't want or can't manage then that's a matter for the membership to resolve by stepping up and volunteering!
  12. Yeh, not fair so sorry for that Dave. There's a lot of 'over interpretation' of rules out there. I suspect it's easier for some to blame HO/Police/MoD/NRA than to just say they've want to enact a rule. In the case of password protecting shoots, it's a sensible rule.
  13. What "Home Office pressure" ? I agree that it's a good idea for security but I'm afraid there's way too much bull-shine about HO & Police changes of policy. I may be wrong so please point me in the direction of this HO "advice" because I think all clubs should be made aware! ODRC are 'full of it' recently it would appear
  14. Popsbengo

    Case lube

    no chance 😁
  15. Popsbengo

    Case lube

    yes, but works for what purpose ?? 😁

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