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    Long range target shooting. 308Win and .338Lap. Reloading for accuracy and to feed my inner nerd

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  1. Popsbengo

    RCBS Rockchucker Supreme - too short for long cases

    I did wonder about those, cheers
  2. Popsbengo

    NRA RCO Handloading Rule

    exactly right.
  3. Popsbengo

    NRA RCO Handloading Rule

    Blimey, you mind reader! I was about to make a similar comment. The process was abused for sure. I think Georgina has a grip on the admin now, it was/is a big task but the NRA team have done a good job.
  4. Popsbengo

    Best reloading manual

    I'm not sure the recommended numbers do vary that much considering but I'd guess in descending order of influence: Different test barrels and actions Different batches of powder, possibly the recipe has been tweeked/changed over the years by the manufacturer Different ammunition assembly practice Component tolerances (different manuals use different brass, primer, bullet combo) Different measuring standards Different editorial constraints (a polite way of saying lawyered-up when it comes to maximums)
  5. Popsbengo

    Flash Hole Deburr Recommendation

    me too.
  6. Popsbengo

    NRA RCO Handloading Rule

    From NRA General Range Orders: c. Cartridges which, when normally loaded, would exceed the ME/MV limits of any specific range, may not be used, on that range, even if downloaded. How do we interpret that for a wildcat especially a calibre designed to shoot flat and fast? Short of chrono'ing or running QL to model the MV to check it's below 1000m/s (all ranges at Bisley) it's a difficult call. Some popular calibers stoked up and shot through long barrels will exceed 1000m/s. So is it reasonable to assume necked down cases will have significant increased MV than the parent and therefore certainly possible to breach limits ?
  7. Popsbengo

    NRA RCO Handloading Rule

    That'll put a cat amongst the pigeons ! I wonder if this will be taken up by others - like DIO ?
  8. Popsbengo

    NRA RCO Handloading Rule

    On a military range (which many of us use in the UK) the NRA rule is "law". Wildcats could be used but it's up to the RCO to decide if they can trust that the necessary tests have been done to ensure it's within range limits and that no risk to the shooter and others will reasonably occur. If it's HME the appropriate rules apply. If it's a stranger to me as RCO, presenting wildcat loads for use, I'd want to reasonably satisfy myself that the person is competent and truthful about what they have. If in any doubt it's a firm no from me.
  9. Popsbengo

    RCBS Rockchucker Supreme - too short for long cases

    😊 I have contemplated just making a 15mm spacer to put under the threaded bush, I would prefer more thread engagement to ensure maximum stiffness. I may resort to making a new bush, £10 for steel and some time in the shed with my lathe, seems like a plan !
  10. Hi I have an RCBS Rockchucker which is a great press except it's a bit short for .338 cases. Various dies are only a few threads screwed in. I'm aware that the new model is longer in the body because of this problem. My question is does anyone make/know of an extending top bushing (1.1/4 x 12 ext - 7/8 x 14 internal) that will space the standard die further out with a decent thread engagement? I guess I can make one but if there's a simple solution I'd consider it.
  11. I have a spare Sako 85 bolt stripping tool surplus to needs. It's the black plastic knob with a cut-out for the bolt end. As new, never used. The rough edges around the cut out is just moulding flash, not damage. £28 at Brownells - I'll do this one for £15 plus £3.50 p&p
  12. Popsbengo


    I'm not arguing "more accurate" I'm just saying CNC does not automatically equal magic accuracy. For example, if you need to turn many components the same, a copy lathe will do the job. A jig borer can be set up to gnats pubic hair accuracy, a match grinder (many made by the Swiss) will turn out near perfect components. As you say, in-cycle gauging is valuable but not limited to CNC.
  13. Popsbengo


    CNC works to tolerances just like any other process machine. For sure a well set up, top quality and properly maintained CNC is pretty accurate and repeatable (tool wear compensation accepted) however CNC machining isn't inherently more accurate or repeatable than alternatives if jigging/fixturing etc is sorted. Most CNC turning and milling use ball-screw driven by encoded axis motors - the point being is that the position feedback is indirect and subject to lost motion errors unlike a linear feedback digital readout directly coupled to the machine axis. CNC is not the same as "super accurate".
  14. Popsbengo

    Vortex viper PST 2 or Razor HD gen 2

    I have just taken delivery of an S&B PM2, Vortex's loss: I wasn't willing to wait four months even for a very good (but not exceptional) scope.

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