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    Long range target shooting. 308Win and .338Lap. Reloading for accuracy and to feed my inner nerd

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  1. Popsbengo

    Hornady ELD variability

    Fair enough. Reduction in variables is desirable. It doesn't follow that successful F Class shooters all do the same things in just the same ways so I'll remain skeptical.
  2. Popsbengo

    Hornady ELD variability

    But does it? What actual affect it observed - vertical displacement due to tiny velocity variations due to acceleration variations along the barrel ? I understand the desire to drive variability to zero but there's so many factors. What actual dispersement would be observed for a 0.1% mass variance?
  3. Popsbengo

    General Licence Revocation - BASC response

    Who is "they"? Don't the 'establishment' support hunting and shooting ? I can't see Lord and Lady Muck giving up that easily.
  4. Popsbengo

    Hornady ELD variability

    +1: With regard to a 0.1 to 0.2 % variation (0.2gn in 180gn), I think there's some misplaced worries here. It's unlikely the powder is weighed to better than 0.2% and coupled to all of the other variations (discussed ad-nauseam elsewhere in other posts) this is a worry not worthy of bother.
  5. Popsbengo

    Remington Primer Reliability

    I've generally used CCI primers in small/large pistol and small/large rifle including BR2 & BR4. Never had a single failure in thousands of rounds. I've used Federal and never had a problem. When I got my .338 I purchased some Remington 91/2 Magnum as they didn't have any CCI in stock. So far I've had five failures out of 100. No ignition. I know about lube contamination, seating etc etc. My primers are stored in exactly the same place and method as the never failed CCIs. My firing pin is fine, exactly to Barnard spec. and the pin indentation is good on fired and duff ones. The Lapua brass primer pockets are uniformed (and measured to be in spec) and the primers seated firmly and accurately. Headspace is good. The primer strike is central - not offset. Before I consign the Remington primers to 45/70 duties only (plinking) does anyone have similar issues or can share an insight? Or is it just Remington make crap primers?
  6. Popsbengo

    Wanted: Bolt Lube

    Tallow is an excellent high pressure lubrication but I wouldn't want to fry bacon in it 😁
  7. Popsbengo

    MOA - Mills

    I refer you to earlier posts in this thread. Milrads are not metric or imperial, it's just convenient to do the maths in multiples of 10
  8. Popsbengo

    MOA - Mills

    well yes, I guessed, but it might confuse referring to a click as a mil?
  9. Popsbengo

    MOA - Mills

    Not quite, 1/10th mil = 3.6"
  10. Popsbengo

    MOA - Mills

    Err, no not quite 2.5" is correct for 0.25moa clicks (approx) 1000yds = one radius so 1 MilRad is 1000/1000 = 1yd or 36" : 1/10 Mil click is 3.6"
  11. Popsbengo

    Molten Salt Annealing Rig

    Yes, on my Lyman pot. There are three self tappers, I just discarded them. The crucible coating has all but fallen off now and the 'puck' just comes away with a tap.
  12. Popsbengo

    Molten Salt Annealing Rig

    Nice job. I take the jig out of the salts whist molten, let everything go cold and then pop the crucible out of the heating element, turn upside down and knock the 'puck' out to store in a plastic bag. I wash the residual salts off and dry everything ready for the next go.
  13. Popsbengo

    Bolt lube

    Whiles the hours away... I'm off to rub some lube into my stiff lugs
  14. Popsbengo

    Bolt lube

    Utter bullshine, you've just blown your cover. Give it up now, you ain't the only one with a degree ol' pal.

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