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  1. Orka Akinse

    pulsar XQ38F or XQ50F

    I use good quality rechargeables and they weren't cheap ones. It takes 4 in a plastic holder/cartridge/cassette type thing. They've never ran out on us and they get some use like yours. We use it then switch to screen saver when not looking thro it which saves power. The first one I borrowed ate batteries eg 4 top of the range duracells in under an hour 😲
  2. Orka Akinse

    Tikka T3x Adjustable Stock

    Its a synthetic and I'm coming to Leeds in a couple of weeks 😎 almost passing your door
  3. Orka Akinse

    pulsar XQ38F or XQ50F

    At £80 I'll manage with what I've got I think
  4. Orka Akinse

    Tikka T3x Adjustable Stock

    Would these work on a Tika 595 Bud
  5. Orka Akinse

    pulsar XQ38F or XQ50F

    Wow. Pm me the details of where you got it please Lap. I use rechargeable AA's and I've never changed them during a nights foxing and so wouldn't know how long they last but 20 hrs would be useful
  6. Orka Akinse

    pulsar XQ38F or XQ50F

    Whats that box on the side Lapua please?
  7. Orka Akinse

    Pistol shooting abroad

    Contact Ds1off this forum, top bloke, top facilities he will help you out.
  8. Orka Akinse

    Festive BAR-22

    You can date your first photo by the cheese cloth shirt Mark. 'ave a good 'un fella
  9. Orka Akinse

    Festive BAR-22

    🤣🤣 Looks fabulous Mark will love it
  10. Orka Akinse

    Better problems to have

    Bought a 452 a month ago Brand new although it was the last one
  11. If you still have any 6.5 ELD's for sale I'll take them
  12. Orka Akinse

    CZ455 Magazine(s)

    Anyone got any 5rd/10rd mags for a CZ455 knocking about they're not using?

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