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  1. Orka Akinse

    Mod covers

    Might be interested if black was an option
  2. Orka Akinse

    Tikka T3 Tactical .223

    PM sent re pictures
  3. Had a similar issue with a well known brand costing a lot more and they had it back. Crap in a place where it is not meant to be shouldn't be there simples. Manf tried a couple of times to replace it but all potential replacements had similar problems so I demanded a refund. Took months to sort out such that I wont buy the brand nor deal with the distributor here in the UK ever again. You need to decide what you want to do about it. Keep it and live with it but you might find it's difficult to move on when its time to sell. Or chin it off and get yer money back. Another "eye catching" scope will come along soon or save your pennies and buy even better. Caveat Emptor
  4. Orka Akinse

    FB Sharing of Private Data

    Integrity......... What no man can give you nor take away Unless you let him.......
  5. May I ask the weight of this fabulous set up please?
  6. Fill out your profile please as per the rules thanks
  7. An interesting review here: http://www.laserrangefinderreview.com/hunting/vortex/
  8. If they're as good as he's saying Chris they are definitely worth more than a passing glance thanks
  9. I've not done much research but dont some binos work on a grid system as opposed a laser?
  10. Orka Akinse

    Borden Alpine .308

    Agreed the medallion is a nice touch
  11. Went out for a mooch yesterday and my trusted Leica RF had stopped working. Thankfully it was just a dead battery and all is well with the world again. I have however, started to wonder (As I've had my RF a number of years now) when I will need to replace it and what is out there? I would like a vectronix but budgets wont stretch that far. Are Leica still the best buy? Do they now compensate for angled shots?
  12. Orka Akinse

    Gun Crime on the UP

    Table F8 on the link https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/crimeandjustice/datasets/crimeinenglandandwalesbulletintables
  13. Orka Akinse

    Reloading course

    Do you have a range where you can test fire loads or is it all theory?
  14. Orka Akinse

    Reloading course

    Where has all the reloading kit gone? Last time I was in there it was replaced with clothing and they didn't have a range where you could test your loads.
  15. Orka Akinse

    Reloading course

    Think you'll find Dauntsey no longer run the course.

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