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  1. Orka Akinse

    FB Sharing of Private Data

    Integrity......... What no man can give you nor take away Unless you let him.......
  2. May I ask the weight of this fabulous set up please?
  3. Fill out your profile please as per the rules thanks
  4. An interesting review here: http://www.laserrangefinderreview.com/hunting/vortex/
  5. If they're as good as he's saying Chris they are definitely worth more than a passing glance thanks
  6. I've not done much research but dont some binos work on a grid system as opposed a laser?
  7. Orka Akinse

    Borden Alpine .308

    Agreed the medallion is a nice touch
  8. Went out for a mooch yesterday and my trusted Leica RF had stopped working. Thankfully it was just a dead battery and all is well with the world again. I have however, started to wonder (As I've had my RF a number of years now) when I will need to replace it and what is out there? I would like a vectronix but budgets wont stretch that far. Are Leica still the best buy? Do they now compensate for angled shots?
  9. Orka Akinse

    Gun Crime on the UP

    Table F8 on the link https://www.ons.gov.uk/peoplepopulationandcommunity/crimeandjustice/datasets/crimeinenglandandwalesbulletintables
  10. Orka Akinse

    Reloading course

    Do you have a range where you can test fire loads or is it all theory?
  11. Orka Akinse

    Reloading course

    Where has all the reloading kit gone? Last time I was in there it was replaced with clothing and they didn't have a range where you could test your loads.
  12. Orka Akinse

    Reloading course

    Think you'll find Dauntsey no longer run the course.
  13. Orka Akinse

    Stainless tumbling

    You're right, I don't need to explain myself but in the spirit of a harmonious existence between fellow forumites, I'd tried my hardest to buy a Lyman, Spud was by far the cheapest at £225 but he, like everyone else, was/is out of stock and the likelyhood of getting one this side of Christmas was slim at best. I need to reload and my case cleaning kit was bust. I took the opportunity to look again at S/Steel. I've had a bad experience of dealing with China in the past on Ebay such that; I refuse point blank to deal with them or their products (via Ebay) so this route was out. I'd looked at the jewellery/rock polishers and yes they're cheaper but the ones I thought suitable, by the time you'd added on the media etc it worked out they were more than half the cost Spud quoted me and Spud had one designed for the job at a price that was above the Lyman but was in stock and I now have it on the kitchen table. Is it more than I wanted to pay? Yes! but I find most things are. Spud bent over backwards to help, for which I am extremely thankful for he's a top bloke.
  14. Orka Akinse

    Stainless tumbling

    Its black, he tells me
  15. Orka Akinse

    Stainless tumbling

    I've bit the bullet [pun intended] and/or succumbed to Spud's charms and bought me a rotary steel tumbler that's arriving tomorrow, thanks Spud.

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