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  1. Tralle

    How do You prep Your brass? UKV survey.

    Do you all chamfer every reload?
  2. Tralle

    Quickload help - inputting new bullets

    The .308 225 eldm is in my QL, updated a few weeks back. (send the original cd to Mr Bruemel and he will send an updated back with a bill for you to pay) If you want to input a new bullet Make a copy of the hornady bullet file (for backup) Load the Hornady bullet file. Click the icon with the caliper and a bullet. Enter a name, eg, .308, 225, ELDM (article no.) - this should list it correctly in the rolldown menu. Enter the measurements of the bullet. press add new this should add the bullet to your file. I have no idea if this method accounts for differences in jacket, and core alloys.
  3. Tralle


    Hello Have anyone in here had the chance to play with this powder? According to quickload it looks like a very good substitute for the doomed h4831 in my 7mm saum. Though vithavouri claims an energy content of 4000 Joules/g quickload lists it with ~3800, so i guess barrel wear should be similar to h4831. They also boast extremely temperature stable. Cheers
  4. Tralle

    Alternatives to QuickLoad

    Yes the full line. The newest update also got the new VV n565 and enduron imr.List of powders in my latest update about a month ago.
  5. Tralle

    Summer 2018

    Worst. Summer. Ever. Greetings from Sweden
  6. Tralle

    Reloading 7SAUM, with RS70

    Have you considered Berger bullets? I have had good luck with 175 elite Hunter. Should give you more space in the case and they have a better BC than the smk (at least om paper) Cheaper also, at least for me.
  7. Tralle

    Tikka M595 bottom metal

    I came across a Norwegian that made metal ones for factory magazines. I will see if i can look it up. !! Update, it was a swede, and it was only the mag release. Sorry. http://bergmansbossmakeri.se/produkter/magasinspärr tikka.html
  8. Tralle

    Amazing group!

    I just wanted to bring this to peoples attention as i haven't seen it posted here yet. 5 rounds 600 yards 0.282" !! Though i must say i am a bit dissapointed that it is not x-10's Link to article

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