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  1. Tralle

    My new Brake.

    What is the diameter of the brake?
  2. Tralle

    Bullet Coatings

    I gave up on the HBN, I really wanted it to work. Experiences exessive seating pressures, to the point of deforming bullets and seating stems. Annealed and FL sized brass. Normal bullets would seat easily. Seated bullets was really hard to pull and they had some wild galling/scratches on them. Tried in a jar with and without BB's, tried a small vibro tumbler filled with BB's. Both gave similar results. HBN was from a German source, boroshots if i remember correct. To try some other HBN would have been my next step, but figured it wasn't worth the hassle. Picture of 7mm 175 ELD X's both HBN treated, one seated and pulled.
  3. Bought the kuiu for my el range 4 years ago. Can be used one handed, rain cover for heavy rain and a little pocket for a lens cloth. Havn't looked for anything else since.
  4. Tralle

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    The sauer STR(/ssg3000) is the standard rifle for sports shooting in Scandinavia (STR=Scandinavian Target Rifle) and they can be had rather cheap, and with minimal modification you have a PRS style rifle. Standard they come in 6.5x55. thus very good factory ammo is relativly cheap, and Lapua/Norma brass is everywhere.
  5. Tralle

    Marking Brass with Sharpie's

    I usually just turn them in the reloading tray with the sharpie resting on the tray.
  6. Tralle

    Dried food meals

    I usually pick them up when in Sweden, around 85-95 SEK a piece, aprox 7.2-7.6£ Makes it a bit more bearable.
  7. Tralle

    Dried food meals

    The Norwegian "real turmat" hands down the best i have tried. If in nz then the back country stuff. The Black bags.
  8. Norma and Lapua makes ammo for the 6mmbr. http://www.6mmbr.com/factoryammo.htm You will likely need to modify the magazine, but it is possible.
  9. Pounds. 6000 Danish kroner But it is hard to tell the condition from a add online, and some of the rifles have fired thousands of rounds.
  10. I think he is Limited to 308 case lenghts because of the magazines. As far as i know the Str/ssg is single shot with, 6mmbr. I have seen some online modify their magazines to feed it. @Ronin Locally, used str's is put online with asking prices of around 700 with plenty extra magazines and gear. Depending on condition of course. I do belive the sports shooters get them cheap due to some subsidising to make the sport more accesible. But i am not sure. Another neat feature is that a .22lr conversion kit is available for training indoors in the off season.
  11. What Ronin said! Consider the 6.5x55. It is the standard caliber for all sports shooting in Scandinavia. It is old, but proven and your rifle is designed for the cartrigde. You will need different mags but they are not that expensive. Cheap barrels, very good ammo for a decent price (at least in Denmark) Lapua, Norma, sako all make match ammo with many different bullets and weigths for the caliber. As precision rifle is getting popular in Scandinavia, people are starting to make alot of aftermarket stuff for the str200/ssg3000 The chassis Ronin linked to, their first batch has just been sent to customers... Another option on the market now. https//www.skytterlinken.no/vision-chassis-for-sauer-200-str McMillan also does a stock for the rifle.
  12. Tralle

    6.5x284 Blazer R8

    https://press.hornady.com/assets/site/hornady/files/load-data/6.5mm-284-147gr-eld-match.pdf Here is a place to start
  13. Tralle

    4831sc replacement

    Try out the new n565 Works good in my 7saum My own unscientific test showed it to be pretty temperature stable. Regards from Denmark
  14. Tralle

    How do You prep Your brass? UKV survey.

    Do you all chamfer every reload?
  15. Tralle

    Quickload help - inputting new bullets

    The .308 225 eldm is in my QL, updated a few weeks back. (send the original cd to Mr Bruemel and he will send an updated back with a bill for you to pay) If you want to input a new bullet Make a copy of the hornady bullet file (for backup) Load the Hornady bullet file. Click the icon with the caliper and a bullet. Enter a name, eg, .308, 225, ELDM (article no.) - this should list it correctly in the rolldown menu. Enter the measurements of the bullet. press add new this should add the bullet to your file. I have no idea if this method accounts for differences in jacket, and core alloys.

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