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    shooting long range steel & vermin. reloading. My black lab called RED. road riding- sportive / charity rides . Guns in general. Blank firing replica pistol collector . Biker & shooter for life, Internet jockeys annoy me :) ...

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  1. Hi r-c jan? Im very close to buying one from you  , how do i pay you ? Thanks tim.

  2. Winter varminting gloves recommend ?

    Thanks luv ill check em out and lidl mittens as Akeld
  3. Winter varminting gloves recommend ?

    I have seal skin socks , dont use them as i either use wellies or boots , are the seal skin gloves sweaty hot ? Id be wearing for at least 3 hour ?
  4. Hi all , was set on buying new kit yesterday but last minute held off until i know which gloves are suitable , iv got many different sets of gloves but all summer type with under armor unders when its colder but id like a proper set now for Winter outings , h2o resistant not really needed , iv got neoprene but my hands / fingers seem to stay cold probably from persperation. It was the mechanics type from ukmc pro . Any thoughts please ? Or recommendations ? Atb
  5. Worth a try , pull battery out and put back in after a short while as my kestrel went funny screen until months later i just tried a new battery and bingo !! May not work for you , but good if it did ...
  6. Huge increase in bullet prices

    Wonder why theres not a uk firm making bullet in the most popular caliber , that would equal say sierra or Hornady in quality . We make barrel and actions now so bit miffed why no big company could surly enter this field and come out trumps the other side ? Wat about spud bulletz or baldy bulletz lol
  7. Congratulations id be proud of that !
  8. Walter Mitty Foxing.

    I remember talking to a young-ish lad at work ( different customer every week fittin kitchens ) think he was electrical apprentice and he boasted his mate shot a fox at 1 & ½ miles , i refraned from laughing and asked with what caliber ? To which he answered a 22 . I said nothing more knowing that must be BS
  9. Neck sizing v full-length sizing

    Spot on this vid , interesting that he bumps back 4 thou so the shoulder has no influence on the centering of the bullet in the lands , to where a nk sized ( tight bolt ) could affect accuracy , such a fine art and sweet spot , atb.
  10. Neck sizing v full-length sizing

    Go to the link in post #3 that jcambellsmith has kindly posted and wath the short vid from the guy called eric something ? It made instant sence to me!! He basically says that try your fl sized against nk sized and if fl doesn't group as tight - adjust your seating depth to bring it back . If yo have moved your shoulder back by say 5 thou maybe more if its an std cheap die 'fits all' sizer. If your previous nk load sat 15 thou off lands , then the fl sized with bumped shoulder could have the bullet sat around 5 thou closer to the lands . Affecting accuracy . Make abit more sence ? Probably not
  11. scope elevation issues

    Hi sam , have you tried dialling it without zero stop ?? Only reason i say is because i use a zeiss HD5 with zero stop and it limited the turret to 1 complete turn '17 moa' so i took the stop out and it now dialls all the way . OK I JUST RE READ 65 clicks per turn so probably not zero stop . It must need the 20moa as these helpful bunch have said
  12. Neck sizing v full-length sizing

    One thing to note is if you are just starting to fl your brass and you have had a drop in accuracy , just tweak the seating depth to get it back . Probably by the same amount you have bumped the shoulder back so your bullet is abit futher out but technically at the same point at the lands ' area ' ( same COL ) atb..
  13. Hi , how old is this and what amount of use has it had please ? Did you buy new or second hand ? Atb

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