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    shooting long range steel & vermin. reloading. My black lab called RED. road riding- sportive / charity rides . Guns in general. Blank firing replica pistol collector . Biker & shooter for life, Internet jockeys annoy me :) ...

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  1. squirrel eating

  2. Recent build

    Very good workmanship . It looks great . Atb
  3. The late Gordon Cooper ( astronaut ) would disagree . His one of many interviews on Utube is still there for all to see . Why would a NASA astronaut tell porkies ? This is just 1 of many clips / interviews iv been looking at . It facinates me . There is alot of fake rubbish . Edger Mitchell ( NASA astronaut ) also tell his thoughts on the subject and again on U tube still . Gary heseltyne speaks about the Rendalsham incident in facinating detail and so do some of the witnesses who were there . Theres tons of information out there if you look and have time . Of topic sorry - atb
  4. Its easy once your used to it . Just buy it and have a play youll soon be up to speed . Once it has your rifle / load saved for 1 or more rifle . U put in range , wind speed a direction , incline - it uses a aim mark for u to aim at your target with phone press ok - calculate and bingo your there , hopefully your target / is none the wiser & still there . For me it all comes down to wind reading along the bullets flight path . Its very tricky . Atb
  5. Has the .17 HMR had its day?

    Personnely i dont think it should be used for fox ( bit of topic) the bullet design is for small game / small vermin . Even then id be careful with .20 cal bullets as well on fox . For me fox should be shot with a 22 hornet minum , 40grn bullets , ok 22lr at close range works but why risk it on them . I think the perfect fox round is the 222 out to 200 thats far enough . With a 40 or 50 grn bullet . Just my thought . Even fox deserves respect . I have shot fox in the past but i dont activity go after them . Atb.
  6. 6mmbr losing primer

    +1 - uniformity is key , use just one brass batch , annealing it too helps accuracy / consistency as you probably know what primers btw ?
  7. squirrel eating

    I did squirrel in a stew , with wood pidgeon and rabbit thrown in . It was very nice from memory haven't done one since but plan on doing squirrel and rabbit on the bbq this summer hopefully my taste buds haven't changed lol... Your lucky if you have reds , the blasted greys pushed em out .
  8. closed ticket

    I dont think you do as your shooting as a guest , and is cleared for the caliber . BUT id still phone in and ask just in case matey . Your licensing dep may not be the same so worth checking . Atb
  9. Tactical Marlin.

    Would it be possible to see some new pikkys?
  10. Shooting Show

    Id lik the number 34 RGV in that pikky then ride it like a deranged squirrel lol.
  11. The Mighty AK Continues as the AK-12 and 15

    Never owned an ak but by hek i love em . Id settle for a nice type 56 Chinese . Wooden fixed stock , just the job . Were we allowed semi auto id have one for plinking reactive targets nothing more .
  12. Reloading with Rosie

    Hhmm its funny that i read the topic title and immediately thought ' Rosie Jones ' but its been years since iv bought the magazine Nuts or FHM etc . Now add lucy pinder and mechell marsh and it be a proper boob fest
  13. Recent build

    That looks very nice . If you haven't done the kitchen and need a professional fitter and perfectionist ? Look no futher
  14. Anything happened to your kestrel ?

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