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    shooting long range steel & vermin. reloading. My black lab called RED. road riding- sportive / charity rides . Guns in general. Blank firing replica pistol collector . Biker & shooter for life, Internet jockeys annoy me :) ...

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  1. Can you put a picture of the right hand side of rifle pls ?
  2. gunner

    Sad news: Bradders.

    So sad to read about , i never met mark or George /gbal on here but hope somehow there having a right chin wag . Best whishes and thinking of them
  3. gunner

    REM 700 blueprint

    This i recon is probably your best bet for a full BP , steve did a R700 223Ackley , it was as true as true can be . Even sleeved the bolt which most dont do , but is it better to get a custom action insted ? Save the possible wait also ? Forgot to mention he also turns/cuts the outside diameter of the action so it really is a full blue print . And surly turning sleeving the bolt helps the firing pin stay absolutely center of the cartridge - if you want perfection this is it .
  4. gunner

    Digital calipers

    I got frankford Arsenal digital and Yes they drain batteries . So i normally buy 4 batteries at a time _ should just buy the mits tho
  5. gunner

    .22 Dasher varminter

    Well it’s nice to be different- 22dasher ,immediately sruck me as barrel burner / overbore cartridge. If that doesn’t bother you then why not . Although I don’t like forming cases too much in the form of an old 223ackley now a 20 practical. I do shoot a 6 br and it’s really quite unfussy. I’d personally go 6 something maybe even 6/47. Obviously the better bc 6mm bullets are better out further but up to you I’m sure on that action it’ll be 1 sweet rifle😎
  6. gunner


    Iv got a few Ledwave tactical torches , there quality but the price is not cheap but they got many types to suit different budgets ..My favorite is probably my MTL DEFENSER-1 its multi function 3 different power setting , strobe , and battery power indicator level . Small and light .
  7. All NF with a tapered top turret has zero stop , the older models that have a flat top turret dont have zero stop - i think lol
  8. Good matey ill have it - How do you want payment ? I can do bank transfer etc - please PM me cheers
  9. Hi have you got one for a SBE2 if yes I’ll have one please, should be in touch later tonight- cheers Tim..
  10. gunner

    GRS berserk pillar bedding

    I personaly would never buy a beserk , because of the risk of movement . My choice would be a proper composit or laminate and have bedded , iv just got a boyds laminate for a cz527 it will be bedded when its re- barrled and as for movement ? Well the barrel wont touch thats for sure - youll understand when i upload a pic - the boyds are reletivly cheap . But should give peace of mind once bedded .
  11. Thank the lord , just watched ian summeral on Utube ...
  12. gunner

    Pierced primer! Trip to the gunsmith?

    Its good of the shop to offer replacement pin after soo long a purchase . Kudos
  13. Sounds good , do you recieve a certificate once completed ?
  14. gunner

    Open certificate rules

    Definitely check as my licensing said i must not shoot this new land until its checked AND i have it in writing from the firearm licensing !! That was over a decade ago and soon got open license . atb

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