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    shooting long range steel & vermin. reloading. My black lab called RED. road riding- sportive / charity rides . Guns in general. Blank firing replica pistol collector . Biker & shooter for life, Internet jockeys annoy me :) ...

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  1. If there's an issue yes my problem , and id take / drive or send the issue back to whoever it concerns . No, just because i supplied a blank doesn't mean iv taken a cut of the smith. He would charge according /time labor tooling etc . He even suggested i pay direct because it was soo pricey anyway ! Plus on your auto motive wont fit customer supplied parts is rubbish - i actually get my car / van / bike parts myself and have local mechanics carry out the work , again they wont have parts in stock so i source them , they charge according .. Also call me a penny Pincher ? And mock me about building myself ? Uuum that's why i use a professional to build for me it costs alot , plus i don't by cheap . Soo having a problem with cheap built rifle is a non starter . He's one of the best and properly trained , not like some so called gunsmiths that do mediocre work . With questionable background / training in sheds etc . Hell you even mention earlier - not much point in paying double for other brands ? Sounds like your penny Pinching . It's up to the buyer . They can get what they like . You also mention - why not just buy 2 from your local RFD - well they may not have specific caliber 17/20 for instance in the right profile twist etc . That why i had to source one . And took it to smith who charge according . So don't accuse people from taking profit . Hell daves even stated he would fit customer supplied barrel of good brands - but wouldn't warranty them - yup totally agree . Would never try that if i had an issue , im an honest person . That my last input on this , i dont really know why im explaining myself to you anyway after mocking me building bloddy rifle myself . Good day sir
  2. If i want something manufacturer for me to my spec and that manufacturer can & will do this , then thats what ill do thank you . That action was delivered to my smith and i took the blank and stock to him - he already had the right reamer . And i bought the trigger thru that smith - he never had any issues . ps sorry palo for hijack
  3. TV and cars are built to a standard off the shelf . Ordering non standard firearm parts to your specific needs is a bit different . atb
  4. I believe some actually do , it would be fine if say a standard barrel / reamer was needed but if theres an issue with sizes (one off) drawing etc surly face to face with the customer is better and less hassle going thru hoops . When i had a custom Action made to my spec i was in direct contact with manufacturer and we made 1 or 2 changes . Then it was delivered to my smith , and paid for thru the smith . So not trying to take anything away . That's how id do it . Each to there own
  5. Moorland if its specific custom non standard stuff if we wereable to issue drawing / diagrams with sizes , why cant we buy direct ? Its surly better to deal direct with manufacturer ?
  6. Its the same with some reamer manufacturer wont supplie to the individual - theres no laws against it . Not that i know of . I needed a custom reamer manufacturer for me but 1 uk manufacturer wouldn't . I would take all component to smith once gathered . I don't diy smith anything . Tho iv had a krieger blank here and taken that to smith once ready
  7. gunner


    Yup still got a few tubs , not for sale tho . Or swaps . I probably go to RS too
  8. gunner

    Lazy Butler Creek Question

    Butlers are good and all i used until they start to break , so i will be switching to vortex ones now .
  9. gunner

    benelli barrel

    Do you mean the m1 super 90 ? Old one ? I had one years ago , regret selling it .
  10. gunner

    bolt action .224 Valkyrie

    Dave , please post progress on your load development and some pikkys ? Pretty please - all the best ..
  11. gunner

    CZ 527 Bolt handle

    Ha , looks like the Royal color laminate - i went for a barracuda / boyds in Royal laminate subtle, or is yours grey black ? Hard to tell by the pikky
  12. gunner

    CZ 527 Bolt handle

    Would like to see a picture of the stock , looks laminate
  13. gunner

    CZ 527 Bolt handle

    I read about this action and sometimes a clearance issue , looks a great job to me the tapered knob is perfect with the old ball part . I have a 527 but probably will leave the ball as std . I remember sometimes they Wouldn't clear the scope
  14. gunner

    Yet another T3

    I wonder how many rifle dave has re-barreled as a std ? Probably over 1k ??
  15. gunner

    .224 Berger 85.5 gr Hybrid in FTR?

    Minimum 8 - twist , id go 1-7 to be sure . Wonder if there finiky to tune ? I know some bergers are

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