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    shooting long range steel & vermin. reloading. My black lab called RED. road riding- sportive / charity rides . Guns in general. Blank firing replica pistol collector . Biker & shooter for life, Internet jockeys annoy me :) ...

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  1. gunner

    Mr Yardley

    Anyone in there right mind wouldn't even point a unloaded weapon of any sort at another person , aside cops soldiers etc
  2. gunner

    Mr Yardley

    They push the wrong buttons in some disturbed minds ? ffs, is he suggesting the ar style firearm is helping to manipulate there minds ?
  3. gunner

    Mr Yardley

    Guns of any type arnt to blame , obviously the the evil people behind them .
  4. gunner

    .50 cal heads

    There online , just did a search
  5. gunner

    .50 cal heads

    There was a company" Antique Armoury " in gun mart that did sell tons of different common and not so common calibers - not even sure if there still going ?
  6. gunner

    6mm BR build

    Hi nick , what sort of accuracy are you getting with that load / setup ?
  7. gunner

    6mm BR build

    I think he was getting out of long range shooting and concentrating on foxing , i had a few back and forth messages about 6br loads / accuracy . That's the last iv seen / herd of him on here - real shame . He may of had warnings about lr shooting etc , so he may well of just buggered off . He may still visit anonymously ? Who knows . Dont see much from si-snipe either , then theres Pork-chop 204rem etc etc good guys ... Lifes too short for being too serious or argumentetive we all need to get along . Atb guys.
  8. gunner

    .20 practical

    The guy that did mine used beads for media blasting , the finish in those areas are similar to 150 grit sand paper
  9. gunner

    .20 practical

    Sweet that will look nice , will u lacquer in matt or anything ? If you do you could get some glass beads around the pistol grip n forend in the lacquer then do a finish coat the grip is great . Eady to do ...
  10. gunner

    Velocity plateaus in load testing: Why?

    Beat me to it lol
  11. gunner

    .20 practical

    Why not have a go at diy ? Any things possible , Theres soo many different paint jobs online to see . Or someone like hydrofraffix ? Id diy and use home made stencils etc .
  12. gunner

    .20 practical

    Hi bob is the stock staying that colour ? It would be nice to have dave do one of his special one off paint jobs ?
  13. Who built this ? & what thread size is cut on the muzzle ?Cheers Atb ...
  14. gunner

    Cheytac .375

    Wonder if this guy comes on again ?
  15. gunner

    Kral puncher np02

    Not shot it with this scope yet but need to try accupell , AA diablo field , got some bisley hp pest control to try all at 30 yard zero , hope it shoots , barrel may need abit more leading

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