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    shooting long range steel & vermin. reloading. My black lab called RED. road riding- sportive / charity rides . Guns in general. Blank firing replica pistol collector . Biker & shooter for life, Internet jockeys annoy me :) ...

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  1. Nice action and stock , but whats the benefit of carbon barrel ? Weight saving ?
  2. gunner

    Calling All M595 Owners

    +1 hezds up , this should also fit the 590 ? Any idea on price ?
  3. And the planet doesn't need any more plastic rubbish right ? I may actually never buy a plastic ammo box again . Not sure even if there's a metal alternative ??
  4. Iv been keeping an eye out in the shops ? Has production started ?
  5. That is a quality looking pouch think im going to have to get one lol . 20 quid for 20x 6.5 cm ??? Jesus iv paid nearly double that for 20x 223 . Atb.
  6. gunner


    X i get the impression your fighting a loosing battle with tac and that bullet weight , ok , try different seating depth etc . But dont hold your breath . I honestly think this powder is suited to lighter bullets . I spent a bit getting 3 tubs of the stuff from kranks delivered , but in my 223 ackley 8 twist . No matter what i tried it just wasn't acceptable accuracy wise and the pressure signs i was getting in the stiffer loads was unpredictable and dangerous so dropped it and went back to h4895 which was worked up to load and consistent in comparison . Its very frustrating trying these things and not getting desired results . I would agree on the n140 or a similar rs powder although iv never used rs yet . Once iv ran out of 4895 and varget ill switch . If your getting .4 with 4895 then "just" a case of finding a replacement powder . Do you have access to any other powders ?? Before you go buying like 3 different tubs ?
  7. Good choice sir , hope it fulfils your needs ...
  8. gunner

    TICKA 17HMR bore guide

    A tip for hmr users , use a fired case and drill a hole in the base end / chamber it - voilla ...
  9. dasherman does build good rifles ps whats round count n barrel twist ?
  10. gunner

    6br 108g eld-m

    Hi guys was wondering if anyone has tried these in 6mm yet compared to a similar load (105 Amax etc) and how was it accuracy wise and was it fussy to tune ? I know everyone will probably have different results but just would like an idea . I still on 105s but will soon try them myself and see . Thanks for any info . atb...
  11. gunner

    My shooting shed

    Fantastic - well jealous ..
  12. gunner

    Firearms Interview on Tuesday

    If the garden is flat a 22LR wouldn't possibly be granted . They may even state that you must shoot only from a high seat to help avoid richohet , how big is garden ? Football field size ? 22LR is quite richohet prone . Hmr abit less so but will still twang off the ground and be dangerous
  13. gunner

    Firearms Interview on Tuesday

    I remember being asked - perhaps you want to kill somebody ? I answered with , i could kill with a car or knife if i really wanted to . I wouldn't need a gun . And i assured him i don't want or would kill anyone . Asked , whats your intended quarry ? Crows mainly , with which he said thats fine on the ground but in the air ? I assured him i would only shoot quarry safety with a safe bacsktop or if it were unsafe - id leave the shot for another day when it was safe . Going for 22LR is wise / iv heard of people putting in for like 6 plus calibers on first grant / application - bit silly .
  14. Yes noticed it , the tub on the right to me could be H335 ?
  15. gunner

    Imperial dry neck lube

    Yup same as - imperial , it lasts years and very effective , be careful opening the tub of puff dust ! Hold it flat on a table etc then carefully open lid . Or its akin to talkum powder everywhere ...

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