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    shooting long range steel & vermin. reloading. My black lab called RED. road riding- sportive / charity rides . Guns in general. Blank firing replica pistol collector . Biker & shooter for life, Internet jockeys annoy me :) ...

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  1. I have the 1500 and years ago using this i could just make out the ranges shown if i looked thru it off center ( rear lense ) but couldn't help think if itd turn off the yellowish backlight i couldof seen it easier against say clouds or town lights in the distance . But i don't think you can turn off / on unfortunately or dim etc ?
  2. gunner

    Dating Nightforce scopes

    Think mines 2008 , but a good ol girl , tweak the turrets and you schute - SORRY shoot !
  3. Thought it was Roland rat in that pic
  4. I was told years ago by a local gunsmith "Gloucester" 6mm was a recegnised fox caliber ?
  5. Its an open ended question really - so . Varmint in my book is anything from rat to rabbit / hare - when needed ! Foxing is technically varmint but different class in my book . So varmint caliber would be something fast frangible 17 rem thru to 20 cals are excellent for normal ranges . But when needed past 400 id personaly go 6mmBR or 6xc 6x47 etc. Soo many to choose
  6. gunner

    Anodising Service

    I know john carr has his actions n bolts coated by a firm for him , he is RFD . Resoloution Precision , may be able to help
  7. gunner

    New .204 load

    Interesting read , but wonder why if you want as flat load as possible using nite NV? , why not zero at 200 . For instance my 20prac with 23.3 of N133 ( 3652fps ) zero at 200, it then drops 4-1/2" at 300 yards . its only 3/4 " high at 100y . Technically its not flatter but surly suit the intended purposes better ? Cheers
  8. gunner

    20 cal

    Would agree as i use one , my original load was 23.3 N133 like 8thou off was faily hot 3652fps so iv now slowed it a little because in summer it was showing pressure signs . That load zeroed @200 was dropping 4--1/2" @ 300 yrds. I haven't cronoed the new load but its now dropping 5--1/2" and pressure fine . 20 bullets seem to be more explosive then say a 50g .224 and in my opinion is safer / less risk of richochay . Many plus reasons to have a 20 practical . I nearly went for a 20 br but from what iv read some slow them to 3500 3600 because accuracy is better there . But your choice sir . They are great for corvid control , then again so would a 17 rem ...
  9. gunner

    Foxes. What do you do with them?

    Thought someone had hacked my account - but then seen gunner223 on the post your refering too .. . Agree with the boys , leaving dead fox in countryside is fine . I regularly find many deceased wildlife in all shapes and forms . There not there long . Some members dont hunt or kill . They just targets which is fine . But it does bug me when i read the negative almost anti remarks . On an old post of mine id shot a squirrel at over 700 and someone piped up but i kept quiet , being diplomatic . They know who they are , and hopefully they wont get angered by my comment . And have to reply in some way . Remembering the foram doesn't really want argument or silly bickering / di(k measuring All the best guys
  10. gunner

    Bit of a mystery?

    Is it to do with the way gun recoilles? With faster load muzzle doesn't have time to rise fully when bullet exists muzzle ? Quite strange tho .
  11. gunner

    hornady eld match

    Has anyone got a 6mm ELD-X i could have so i can section it against the 6mm ELD-M i have - would love to know the difference . Or is Sir mearn planning on doing a 6mm test at all ? Hope your well btw ..
  12. gunner

    Getting head around headspace

    Off topic but it could be a glitch in the matrix .
  13. gunner

    Wanted part boxes of bullets

    Del i can give you a part box of 69 hpbt sierra smk , not sure how many . Possibly half box . George / gbal had given them to me to try but i never got round to it. All he asked is that i can make a donation to the Air ambulance instead of payment . So with respect to him if you need them , please donate a small fee . I can send them today . Please text your address to my number in a PM ill send now many thanks .
  14. gunner

    17 Hornet. HW66 J-M

    Its them yes . Are you hand loading ? And is your rifle the same as davids above ?? They may well be rubbish but for say 150 yard they may shoot well in some barrels . Not sure if they would come apart in say a 17rem , hence the Internet in this caliber ,. Cheers Ps personnely id start with 1 powder - find out the 'touching lands' col . do an ocw test , then if something looked promising tweak the seating depth . Then if really pikky re-do the ocw at the new seating depth. Or realize they dont like the barrel and buy something like 20 grain bullet - and so on
  15. gunner

    17 Hornet. HW66 J-M

    Hi dave , glad you finally got it . I assume you will be reloading for it at some point ?? In which case id like you to try some 17 grain bullet for me if you have time and would like to try them in your barrel ? For free of course . As long as you can post target pics of groups / experiment loads etc Atb .

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