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    shooting long range steel & vermin. reloading. My black lab called RED. road riding- sportive / charity rides . Guns in general. Blank firing replica pistol collector . Biker & shooter for life, Internet jockeys annoy me :) ...

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  1. gunner

    Worth a read...........

    one - edit
  2. gunner

    Worth a read...........

    Are you the one with the spear ?
  3. Cant remember the chaps name but he was a nice chap , however he viewed the cabinets and i said do you want to cheak each serial number ? ( like its been previously done ) he declined . Now , upon recipient of new tickets they were wrong in 3 different aspects . There not perfect but no one is . Generally tho agree there normally pretty good .
  4. gunner

    Courier for shipping rifle stock

    If its wood laminate or synthetic or even a metal chassis of some sort - if it came to it id say its for a film prop , or wooden furniture antique like its been mentioned , where is it going ?
  5. Steve is one of the best , he sorted my friends barrel after it had been to said place - he put it right and sometimes can do it while you wait . But phone in advance --,, --he's not just a gunsmith ! specialist rifle services .
  6. Whilst i had a visit recent , it was because id moved about a mile down the road . It was a std security cheak . I expected the FLO to come in the usual police van / ford trasit connect i think . Well thats what They've turned up in the passed over the years . But this time unmarked van - no police uniform ( had black issue trousers and boots and a navy short sleeve shirt ) as such and i said thank god - its something you dont want some if not all people knowing or have them asking and talking spreading the word .
  7. gunner

    .20 practical

    Bob have a look on accurate shooter / 6mmbr site - theres a 20 practical section on forming / sizing etc .. thats the steps i followed and once set up its a doddle
  8. gunner


    Im sure all the top gunsmiths would be a wise choice . Baldie may be able to help ? uk-gunworks? Steve kershaw? Niel mckillop ? Valkyrie ? There's more but can't think of names
  9. +1 white - cheap easy dry quick . Darker colours don't show as well
  10. gunner

    .20 practical

    Fyi i use a Redding type-S competition die 223rem - with 20 cal bushing of course . A 223 Redding shoulder bump die - in conjunction with Redding competition shell holder set , rcbs competition bullet seating die 223 . You may not have an issue but i had to use a vld inside neck de-burrer , the std de-burrer shaved off a small ring off the bullets when seating the bullets . Which if not noticed could work into the throat etc - atb
  11. gunner

    284 win

    First thing id do is load up dummy rounds with different bullets your going to use and work out the ' touching lands ' then you have a datum point as such with each bullet . - lovely rifle and caliber - that would be amazing for lr crows
  12. I thought bradders was talking about someone else not you , my mistake , i wasn't being serious anyway . Atb.
  13. gunner

    .20 practical

    Mines using 23 grains of n133 but my 9 twist 25" so more pressure etc than 10/11 twist . SBK 39 is probably the most popular . My original load of 23.3 was slightly hot in summer so reduced . Mine can do half moa @200 no problem . The last magpie i shot went about 8' into the air !!! Quite spectacular

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