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  1. Evening Bob I'll take the rockchucker press please . Pm you some details
  2. Interested . Pm sent
  3. Yes please for the Redding 308 seater if still available
  4. Hi all. Anybody know where I can get a set of these in .856 low ? Looking to get scope as low as possible (.92's at moment), to improve cheek weld.
  5. Yes please . Will pm you
  6. Yes please . Will pm you with details
  7. Stock received & well chuffed . Thanks for easy transaction
  8. Hi Matt . I will take this please if I'm not too late.
  9. I will take this please if still available. Pm you this evening Thanks
  10. seldomseen

    r 700 extended rail

    Can't find the paperwork but from memory around the 125/130 mark
  11. seldomseen

    r 700 extended rail

    John Carr . Stainless steel . Comes complete with screws . Easily the best I've seen & fitted and as a bonus you get to deal with one of the nicest & genuine guys in the industry
  12. seldomseen

    My first fallow buck

    Well done
  13. seldomseen

    260 Rem, 95 vmax and Reloader 17

    Try H4350 . My go to powder for .260rem
  14. seldomseen

    9 and 11 year olds - Impressive skill level..

    Wow ! Thats what I call spending time with the kids . Proud families for sure . After my 7 & 11 year olds watch this , they will be wanting some changes to their shooting layout .
  15. seldomseen

    Longest shot for me

    Good to hear about shots like that .Bet you're still grinning

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