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  1. 30-06 Dies and brass

    Thanks Laurie. Arrived today.👍
  2. 30-06 Dies and brass

    Now sorted! Thanks very much Laurie
  3. 30-06 Dies and brass

    Looking for good used full length and seater dies for 30-06 or full die set.Also quality once fired brass if anyone has either please?
  4. At last a perfect afternoon for varminting

    I have no problems with the 6mm for this sort of work and the 105Amax do a good job on small stuff. They don't have the splat value of the lighter .22 cal varmint bullets. However this is my do all caliber/rifle and gets used for Deer, fox, vermin and gongs and for me it ticks all the boxes. Gary's stock work is great. I wanted to do as much as possible on this one so he just shapped and inlet it and left me to stipple, sand and oil it.
  5. At last a perfect afternoon for varminting

    Thanks. I'd forgotten how sweet the grain pops with the sun on it. Yes it's a T3. The stock was shaped for me by Gary Cane from a Walnut blank I found. Heres a write up I did a while back. https://www.thestalkingdirectory.co.uk/showthread.php/140803-Revamping-my-Tikka
  6. At last a perfect afternoon for varminting

    This is the 6mm x 47L shooting Amax. I haven't really stretching it further than 300m on vermin but still loads of fun. Hopefully with weather improving I'll be able to get out more.
  7. Finally the sun has come out and I managed to grab a couple of hour to sit out and knock over some rabbits and crows. I've spent the last part of the deer season only out with my 7mm so it was a nice opportunity today to take the 6x47L out and enjoy the weather. Unfortunately in a few weeks the grass will be long and make things that much harder.
  8. Action advice - dual bolt face

    Bighorn Action springs to mind. Readily available in the uk. https://bighornarms.com/
  9. Brass conformed 7 m / m SAUM. Which?

    300 rsaum necked down. I'm not sure if that's what you meant or wether your looking for somewhere to buy it?
  10. Can't open your file bubby!
  11. Varminting in Australia

    Welcome and good to see you on the forum. Been enjoying your YouTube for a while now, particularly your samba hunts.
  12. Just seen this. Not really been one for Chassis but I am really liking this one. Wonder if the chassis alone will ever be available over here? https://christensenarms.com/modern-precision-rifle/
  13. New 6.5 CM

    Nice! So prob around 12 with scope and atlas. Are the mounts available over here? Always like your rigs, we have similar taste in rifle components I feel Keith.
  14. New 6.5 CM

    Said it before, really lovely rifle. What does it weigh as is? Are they American Rifle M10 mounts?

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