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  1. trucraft

    Brass preparation

    I use after first firing on all my calibers and then each time I prep there after. It cleans up the pockets prior to priming perfectly. Never had any issues. I think K&M do a depth adjustable so you can set up to just clean the minimum.
  2. trucraft

    Favourite Hunting Knife

    Couldn't agree more!
  3. I'll take these pls. Pm me details if they're still available, thanks.
  4. Selling my much loved first custom rifle. Borden Alpine action, Tier-one 20moa pic rail. 25.5" Kreiger barrel, fluted, M18 thread, custom contour. Ceracoated black. Chambered by Dolphin Gun co.Jewel trigger.Surgeon bottom metal + 1 AI mag.McMillan A3-5 stock, pillar bedded. Flush cups on left side.Also 120+ Norma neck turned brass. £2300 for the rifle and brass. NO dies, rings, scope, mod or bipod. I'm still stalking with the rifle until the second WK of October when it will be available to move on to a new owner. Round count is currently 336. Still in weekly use. load data will come with rifle for 160gr Accubond as well as 168gr hunting Bergers.This is my LR stalking and steel gong rifle. I never heat the barrel with more than 5 shot stings.I'm using 168grn Bergers in this rifle for fallow and reds out to some very reasonable ranges.I have modified the mag so the COAL is longer than standard AI mags and it feed really well. Stock has a few scratches as to be expected.If you don't like the stock pattern Tactical Coatings are good and would repaint it for a reasonable price. Rifle weighs around 13.5lbs with the scope and bipods on. Im not a big guy but happily stalk all day with this and a backpack sling. Feel free to ask anything I've missed.
  5. trucraft

    First focal plane for stalking?

    I use ffp on one of my stalking rifles. Without the IR on I would find it very hard to take close up shots on low mag. Why do you want to change from sfp? For most stalking use sfp is better in my opinion. Only when shooting at range and needing hold over or using the ret to range find would ffp be useful for hunting.
  6. trucraft

    6.5 PRC

    When and if Hornady factory ammo turns up here. You get a 6.5 short action mag that will shoot factory ammo. Not going to change the industry by any means but if it became available over here it would be cool. I think anything that gives us shooters more choice is a good thing. Unfortunately it's Hornady that are giving it to us🤔 I think a 6mm PRC would be interesting. http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2018/08/its-official-saami-approves-hornady-6-5-prc-and-300-prc/
  7. trucraft

    Borden Mountaineer 7mm-08

    Beautiful build. A nice touch on the ejection port modification. Not too sure about your photo booth though😁
  8. trucraft

    New sizing dies from Exact

    Could tell they wouldn't be cheap and I assume you don't even get a seating die with that. Did you order it in SAAMI spec or send 10 cases 5x fired and only neck sized😵
  9. trucraft


    I think you need to clarify what type of camping. If I can drive my truck to the location It could be a very long check list. However if you're talking about wild camping, on foot only the list is quite different. However which ever way you look at it both will require beer😁
  10. trucraft

    New sizing dies from Exact

    Just came across these. I'm not sure if they've been around for a while or not. They look very nice and an innervate way to size. http://www.exactshooting.com/exactSizingDie.html
  11. Thanks guys. I hadn't heard of the PSR. Looks as though it's kinda the gen2 version. Here's a comparison chart I found quite useful. https://www.accu-shot.com/Atlas-Bipods-Compare.php
  12. Thanks, I hadn't realized there was.so much flex in an Atlas. I wouldn't mind seeing the Fortmeirer in the flesh but they do look a bit bulky for my needs. The Accu Tac is one I'm definitely looking at as it seam to fit the brief. Just so many models to choose, https://www.opticswarehouse.co.uk/product/accu-tac-lr-10-qd-bipod-7-11-5-inch/
  13. In the market for upgrading my Harris this year. I know things have moved on a bit in bipods and wondering whats new that people are using? I want something light, compact with a wide stance and plenty of movent. Mostly hunting and mid range target use. Atlas seam to tick all the boxes still and I know are highly recommend. Teir-One have a new tactical bipod that looks good. Though the spread looks quite narrow which is what puts me off the likes of Sparten. Anyone using Teir-One, how do you get on with them? What else are people using?

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