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  1. £60 does feel like a lot to carry ammo however it's UK, handmade, small production item. Has to be 2hrs work in them at least. There is a place for the plastic ammo boxes but these are the way to go most of the time.
  2. Is this the world's shortest review or for sale? 😜 If you put it in the for sale section and state a price you'll prob have some interest.
  3. trucraft

    What optic to choose

    This would be an ideal little rim fire scope. I find 12 to 16 power is more than enough for a .22
  4. trucraft

    6x47 Lapua A-Max to ELD-X. help

    H4350 until I run out😉
  5. I use some spikes on both my Harris. I asked a customer to knock them up on his lathe. He said it took less than an hour to make 2 sets. they're basic but work perfectly. I find they come into their own at this time of year when the ground if dry and quite hard.
  6. trucraft

    Does this scope exist???

    No advantage over the Ultra Short and less mag. Lovely scope though.
  7. trucraft

    Behind the license revocation

    I'm not sure that's entirely true. Some game shoots are conservation minded. Most aren't and are only interested in one thing. I doubt more than 50% of shot pheasants even reach the food chain. Basc has done a lot for conversation but unfortunately it's not the reality of modern commersial shoots. The massive game farms that rear and sell the chicks arn't any better than chicken farms. I don't know how anyone can argue that realising 20000 + non native birds in a relatively small area can be beneficial to biodiversity😒 I agree that wild game managed right is the most ethical meat possible. I shoot and eat deer and vermin but also run a conservation based countryside management company.
  8. trucraft

    Does this scope exist???

    http://marchscopes.com/tactical-3-24-x-52-ffp.html I would say this is going to be one of your best bets Scotch. Definitely high on my list. I think they do a sfp too. I am on a similar vibe, looking at a more compact, lighter package than my Khales. The Ultra Short is more compact but not a great deal lighter. There are always going to be compromises, you just have to work out where your going to make them. What Ret is on your Ultra Short? Can you see the dot on low mag or do you need the illumination?
  9. trucraft

    Tikka t3 action screw torque??

    Very helpful info for Tikka owners 👌
  10. trucraft

    Anyone used/own a EOTech Vudu 5-25×50

    I don't get any thing from the link!
  11. trucraft

    Anyone used/own a EOTech Vudu 5-25×50

    It is a gamble that I wouldn't take for the sake of £600 difference to the Ultra Short. Unless I have some trusted feed back or hands on experience. Some good feed back on The Hide. I will look up the NX8 now.
  12. trucraft

    6x47 Lapua A-Max to ELD-X. help

    Well... not so much!
  13. Looking for any feed back. I'm not quite in the market for a new scope yet but when the time comes. Looking at a compact lightweight scope. pm11 ultra short would be first choice but the Vudu has my attention. https://www.thehuntingedge.co.uk/shop/eotech-vudu-5-25x50-ffp-rifle-scope/
  14. trucraft

    6x47 Lapua A-Max to ELD-X. help

    I also have two loads, amax & 95grn BT load for my 6x47L The Nosler shoot well for me at 3000fps. Both are very affective on deer.
  15. trucraft

    6x47 Lapua A-Max to ELD-X. help

    Eld-x have a longer bearing surface and therefore act as a total different bullet. Particularly regards to pressure and COAL.

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