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  1. Varminting in Australia

    Welcome and good to see you on the forum. Been enjoying your YouTube for a while now, particularly your samba hunts.
  2. Just seen this. Not really been one for Chassis but I am really liking this one. Wonder if the chassis alone will ever be available over here? https://christensenarms.com/modern-precision-rifle/
  3. New 6.5 CM

    Nice! So prob around 12 with scope and atlas. Are the mounts available over here? Always like your rigs, we have similar taste in rifle components I feel Keith.
  4. New 6.5 CM

    Said it before, really lovely rifle. What does it weigh as is? Are they American Rifle M10 mounts?
  5. Looks great. What you need to finish your spending spree and compliment that Chassis is a Phoenix top mounted bipod.
  6. Might help to know calibre, shooting position,grass, bench and whether you're loading the bipod? Spiked feet on the bipod will help you load them better and I imagine will give a great deal less jump.
  7. Not much good unless you give us a price!
  8. Transparent moderators in slow motion

    Thats a cool video!
  9. I just borrowed one of these. Couldn't be easier and 150 pieces took me minutes. https://www.ampannealing.com/
  10. This lady makes reasonable bags and will make to your spec. Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/391176442827
  11. No more American powders?

    Could you please link to this thread? I couldn't find it.
  12. Removing bedded in bottom metal

    Try putting an iron on the part you need to remove untill reasonabley hot then use gloves and remove. Should soften the bedding before it trashes the laminate.
  13. Inexpensive 34mm Tube Scope

    There's not much choice under 2k! Kahles k624i? You might have to go for a used scope if budget is tight and 34mm is a must or go to the states?
  14. Puah button swivels

    Bradders on here is your man.
  15. 7mm Rem mag

    What action have you got that's too long for a 284?

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