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  1. trucraft

    The Shooting Show

    Looks great. Would definitely be interested in some more details. Is it still in test/development stage or is there some prices and specs available?
  2. trucraft

    Jlk's 6.5mm 135grn

    Hi, Thanks very much for the offer. Can I get back to you on that please? 135grn would be my first choice.
  3. trucraft

    Jlk's 6.5mm 135grn

    Anyone know if these are available over here? I know Fox Firearms has Jlk's but haven't had reply regards to 135gr 6.5mm. Assuming it's a no but worth asking the forum too.
  4. trucraft


    What are the other 2 just for comparison?
  5. trucraft


    Nice group, is that a representative size group for that load? Bet that's a sweet little varmint caliber. What bullet are you using at what speed? Have you got a photo of a loaded.round?
  6. Anything that that stood out from other companies?
  7. This thread was mostly aimed at you Mark. knowing your love of bipods. 😘
  8. True. Seams most of the new generation of bipods are around that price now.
  9. Whats that got to do with a bipod? That's what a Kestrels for!
  10. A lot of new bipods being developed at the moment. This one looks very nice. https://thunderbeastarms.com/products/bipod Anyone at the Shoot Show fancy bringing a couple back?🤗
  11. trucraft

    Peli case custom foam

    I have never asked about custom cut outs. Worth an email though.
  12. trucraft

    Peli case custom foam

    I use these guys. https://www.anyfoam.co.uk/quote.php?product=rectangle&chosen=rectangle&variable=5789&calc=1070.9667088625517&thickness=50&len=270&width=1300&unit=mm
  13. trucraft

    .300 Norma magnum


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