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  1. trucraft

    Defiant Deviant 6.5 CM

    Very nice.
  2. trucraft

    Sad news: Bradders.

    Had no idea he was so I'll. Very Sad.
  3. trucraft

    Tikka T3 swept bolt handle

    https://en-gb.facebook.com/SterkShooting/ This is where I got mine. Worth getting a group buy together or it works out quite pricey.
  4. trucraft

    Universal decaplng die

    There only £15 - 20 new
  5. trucraft

    Ultra light Tactical 6.5CM

    Very nice Edi. It that your hunting load or will you use another bullet?
  6. trucraft

    SL5 cover

    What are the dimensions of your mod? I have a cover in sales section.
  7. I have a green mod cover for sale I bought it for load testing but as I use a Magneto crono it's no use to me.I have shot 10 rounds through it. Fits a mod up to 25.5cm X 40 - 50mm. posted. Picture is not of the actual cover but identical to one on left. Can email photos if required. SOLD
  8. trucraft

    Accurate mag

    Sorry didn't notice that. You could use a standard AIC mag and remove the plate at the front to give more space. Took me about 15min to do.
  9. trucraft

    Accurate mag

  10. trucraft

    Scope cover padded protector

    Doesn't always list everything he does so worth emailing but I know he does them. Here https://www.praesidiarifles.co.uk
  11. trucraft

    6 Creedmoor

    Now you're talking😎
  12. trucraft

    Loading tray/block for .338 Lapua.

    Just don't use oak or sweet chestnut. As tanin react with the brass. Discover from personal experience 😉
  13. £60 does feel like a lot to carry ammo however it's UK, handmade, small production item. Has to be 2hrs work in them at least. There is a place for the plastic ammo boxes but these are the way to go most of the time.
  14. Is this the world's shortest review or for sale? 😜 If you put it in the for sale section and state a price you'll prob have some interest.

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