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  1. terryh

    what action

    OOTOT Indeed 😎 Folks think it's snow camo until they get up close 😁
  2. terryh

    what action

    Defiant deviant works on mine, not sure what the coating is they apply but it feels pretty nice?
  3. terryh

    A&D scales with autotrickler/autothrower

    This is where I’m at currently, works very well and does not slow my loading process significantly, I can live with 2-3 seconds 😎 but being fully auto the V3 with iPad connection does look rather tempting T
  4. terryh


    What a strange statement/comment? 🙄 (That’s a rhetorical statement BTW!)
  5. terryh


    This! Varget in the US is one of the most popular powders in the 6mm Dasher. Silly in all ways trying to cling onto Varget here - its gone. Substituted 4166, obtaining near identical velocities per grain as Varget is advertised in delivering and from my memories of Varget a lot less carbon. T
  6. terryh

    Case lube

    Mark, apologies, miss read your OP typical components for a very good home brew: indeed Amazon is your friend, thus: https://www.amazon.co.uk/SHL-BRAND-ISOPROPANOL-Isopropyl-Alcohol/dp/B003D8QFR8/ref=sr_1_9?crid=3DF0DRA64SNVK&keywords=isopropyl+alcohol+99.9&qid=1565107508&s=gateway&sprefix=Isopr%2Caps%2C150&sr=8-9 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Now-Foods-Solutions-Liquid-Lanolin/dp/B00028MLKC/ref=sr_1_2?crid=2LCOA3P511Q1U&keywords=liquid+lanolin&qid=1565107575&s=gateway&sprefix=Liquid+lanolin%2Caps%2C134&sr=8-2 but you can normally find Lanolin in health food shops https://www.amazon.co.uk/OFNMY-Odorless-Leak-proof-Cleaning-Treatments/dp/B07GSLSQWV/ref=pd_sbs_194_20?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07GSLSQWV&pd_rd_r=32bc7017-27bc-4b3c-b1a3-2bf219f11370&pd_rd_w=AHP8N&pd_rd_wg=sZfOb&pf_rd_p=15756fbb-4ceb-4379-9d2c-7af36daab01e&pf_rd_r=2XQTYJ40BG4ETDVFBYYW&psc=1&refRID=2XQTYJ40BG4ETDVFBYYW Really is a great case lube
  7. terryh

    Case lube

    Mk2 buy a carbide sizing die and remove the need for putting lube on and cleaning it off perhaps?
  8. terryh

    6.5 Creedmoor - real world velocities

    Re. OP Some ‘real world’ data for factory Hornady 143g ELD-X Precision hunter ammunition: Tikka Tac 21. 2620 fps Ruger RPR. 2660 FPS Re. Balance of associated mail ref calibre's and cartridges etc. always interesting to chase different goals, what makes rifle shooting interesting for some. But you do have to wonder at 20+ pound rifles shooting small bores and light bullets? 😳 A few years back, way before PRL etc, when everyone was started using ‘wind cheaters’ (think 1st one at a comp was George gardener turning up with a 243 and 115g DTAC’s against everyone else’s 308’s) RO ran a 308 only comp using issued ammo to level the playing field and put it all down to the shooter (fyi CORE BON manf. ammo, 175g SMK’s in both Lapua and Win brass - worked in everything ). It echoed one of the comments above, learn how to shoot , strive for hits rather than spotting misses, or, tongue in cheek:
  9. terryh

    VhitN140- 123grn

    Furyan, Not sure they'd go to that much both? Making two different near identical powders etc.? The Factor ammo was observed to be accurate if somewhat slower than could be obtained/expected if reloaded, which seems to be bore out by others experiences? T
  10. terryh

    VhitN140- 123grn

    From memory N150 is the powder used by Lapua in its factory rounds, so probably optimised? T
  11. terryh

    VhitN140- 123grn

    Been using N140 and 130g bullets in my ‘range’ 47 for a while, seems to be working well, 36g+ load, CCI450 primers. RS62 is working very well in my ‘deer’ 47 under slightly heavier bullets. Lapua - off OP, true, on paper/psychologically the Creed is slightly better than the 47, been shooting my 47 for over 10 years, misses are due to me not the cartridge but can see its appeal when you get into an arms race eg PRL
  12. terryh

    6mm Dasher

    Ronin, re. Carpet, you’re the second person to say that, I’ll nip out and try to obtain some variations on this. T
  13. OOTOT Bit off OP, if you ‘are’ going for a mile and have not done so before you might want to take something to put on the top of the stock - your cheek will be well clear and it makes shooting ‘funny’ with your head floating above the stock 😩 I’ve a nice custom mould 530g elliptical PP and Seth Cole in 2 weights from a previous project if you’re interested in trying some? Brgds Terry
  14. Anything more than a 100’s smoke 🤠 PP or greaser at that distance??
  15. terryh

    6mm Dasher

    Mr Egg, Yes a Gunwerks Verdict, nice item, slim wrist and vertical grip with thumb shelf (ambidextrous). The pop off cheek piece is and engineering 'thing' in itself 😎 Ronin, Did turn out nice, thank you. Just need to sort my *hite out re shooting off bunny ears and big bipods T

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