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  1. terryh

    Wanted 6.47 seater die

    Will do Terry
  2. terryh

    Wanted 6.47 seater die

    Colin, Pretty certain I’ve a Redding micrometer seater spare but out of country until the weekend. Can let you know then? T
  3. Think I’m going to start with StrelocPro and TraSol and see where we go from there? terry
  4. NiD Indeed that could be the way it’s done, I have seen that is the case for a good few apps but believe the wheels drop off on some once you go past 1200 and head towards (through?) transonic etc? So would be nice to, if at all possible, get as close as possible from the get go as opposed to ‘slinging lead’ brgds Terry
  5. Gluv, A more general question but linked to your post. in reaching out to a mile and possibly beyond, what have you found ‘made a difference’ when going well past a 1000 yards if you do not mind sharing ( or anyone else for that matter?) Detail in loading technique? Ballistic app? Bipod or bag? Etc. I have an interest in this area of shooting and would appreciate any tips? Thanks Terry
  6. terryh

    6.5CM 123 scenars & N140

    Have recently gone to N140 under 130g Berger OTM's in the 47 with good results (as I had some tubs of N140 and had run out of R15) Obtaining very consistent results in my rifle, 39g yields speeds of 2830 fps out of a 25" tube. Creedmoor's a bit bigger case so not sure how N140'd work? T
  7. terryh

    22rf trainer - WIP

    First assembly of a project, wanted a 22rf trainer for my CF, needs a bit of fettling but feels OK: Annie MPR into a Sentinel stock, used a barrel block so action is also floating. now need to link up the Sentinel mag release to the original Annie one plus a bit of ‘filling in’ around the action. T
  8. Sy247 these are just my personal comments: would not really choose a 308 for ‘long range’ if this is your desired use for this rifle. I would consider reloading from the get go, yes start with a couple of hundred good factory rounds but reload from there onwards. 6.5 Creedmore would probably work? really ‘think’ on what you want from this rifle listen to what your chosen Smith advises (please!) brgds Terry
  9. terryh

    1st shot in a string velocity

    Andrew concur that SD is a better indicator but I do not think a 5 shot string is a large enough sample, think you need to do something like 20 to make it ‘believable’ ie you’d have confidence in your SD value? if you look at it this way, the SD is sort of predicting what your load will do, so if you plan on say using the load for 1000 rounds is a 5 shot sample a good indicator? least that’s my take on it, someone out there’s bound to a statistician and chip in? T
  10. terryh

    1st shot in a string velocity

    JCS ?? Can you expand on this as I’ve always viewed an SD using only say a 5 shot sample as pretty meaningless (statistically speaking), so view both as an indicator of a good load if it can be repeated Terry
  11. terryh

    1st shot in a string velocity

    Ai if you cannot get to the bottom of it shoot all your test loads in a round robin method after a couple of foulest to settle things down- don’t use a magazine, single feed. Bowjijihn- can I assume the barrel is clean ie has some reidual lube I it ie les resistance so lower pressure =!lower velocity, if so what does discounting the first 2 or three shots donto your es as IMHO 60 FPS is abut in the high side? T
  12. Gluv, So for use with a 'fixed' bi-pod up from it is the rear equivalent of a joystick rest then? Interesting? T
  13. Saw a couple of real nice front rests on the table at March Scopes UK last week (I mean ‘real’ nice engineered items) but no idea of the brand - give them a shout? T
  14. Malxwal, Went thru' similar earlier this year, R15 ran out and had the potential to become sketchy in supply, found a few kg of N140 in the cupboard so worked with this. Now running 39g of N140 behind the Berger 130g Hybrid Tac, CCI 450 primers. Had a 'flat spot' in the OCW 39g +/- . Velocity is 2895 ou of the standard rifling 25" barrel. Very consistent. Will do some playing when opportunity arises with seating depth but results are good enough for my purposes at present i.e. it's not the gun that's misses! :) Terry
  15. terryh

    Foam for gun cases?

    Efaom are your friends on this : https://www.efoam.co.uk/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsq3x8eb52wIVZzbTCh1W8QujEAAYASAAEgIb4fD_BwE have the right foams and will cut to size, last time I used them got a deal on two pieces for not much more than one T

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