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  1. terryh

    Watch brands as cars..

    WIS = Watch Idiot Savant., someone who likes watches but pretends to be knowledgable so sort of justifying the purchase. Swatch = Uber 😉
  2. terryh

    The Fix from Q

    Mark, you are correct, apologies, what I meant was an all metal ‘girder’ type rifle T
  3. terryh

    The Fix from Q

    Nice looking, could even tempt me back to a chassis, the weight alone is a great result! T
  4. terryh

    Scope choices for .22 BR

    Plecotus, Just dabbling in the BR comp at my local club, really does make you concentrate on your technique, I need to sort out the 'regulation' front rest which is a bit of a strange set up (to me) to compete. Finding the 22rf ammo your rifle likes is the key, in my case R50 seems to do well. Ended up with a zoom scope which max's out at 32x, can wind back on 'the bad days' T
  5. terryh

    Defiance / Eliseo Tube Gun

    Catch-22, You just had to add multiple bile 🙁, shame really as it detracted from the constructive phrase for Pete, who is a very good Smith and anal on the detail. T
  6. terryh

    Gary of MARCH scopes contact details

    Greg, I did not do any cutting also said I was a friend of Gary’s to be absolutely transparent ( and regardless of the various spats and ‘handbags’ try to remain friends with all parties, life’s too short) But I would do the same for any Smith or vendor if a similar set of posts were seen. As pointed out in, it is easy to rubbish a company so Elwood’s trimming of the sequential posts was justified IMHO. Think it would prove interesting if shops and Gunsmiths placed posts on unreasonable customers - now that would be an interesting set of exchanges 😉 T
  7. terryh

    Gary of MARCH scopes contact details

    Thank you Mark, balanced response Catch-22, as with most things there are probably two sides to each 'event', as I do not know the full story, as yet, will refrain from comment. Being you use a internet name, a opposed to your own (in general why do people do that?), it would be hard to respond. The 'cliff' analogy is a bit weak though. Greg, Point taken, trouble with 'humour' in the internet is is seldom works (unless visual or literally a written joke) Think we will leave it there for the moment. T
  8. terryh

    The Shooting Show

    Now now Mark , you lurv of bi-pods is showing thru’ 😉 Thread does seem a bit light on show detail though? 🤔 For example would you be able to ‘stock up’ for the year on consumables? I did not go but asked a friend to obtain some RS80 and he only found 1kg on the Saturday = no good T
  9. terryh

    Defiance / Eliseo Tube Gun

    Very nice indeed, be interesting to see how it shoots? T
  10. terryh

    Gary of MARCH scopes contact details

    Greg, Is the ‘snipe’ really necessary? Catch-22, Do you have some facts to justify your comment? Had a bad dealing with Gary or have a friend who has ( that would naturally have been taken up with them 1st with no result before making a public statement that they are crap ). Have known Gary thru PBS for over 20 years with no issue in service or attitude towards customers. Have also dealt with him since he started the RFD side of things - same attitude and service But if you revel in schadenfreude have at it I suppose 🙄 Terry
  11. terryh

    300 Norma Magnum

    Basic results, all loads refer to RS80, Bergner’s 230g OTM hybrids, Norma brass. Once fired, annealed, .002 shoulder bump back. 3 thousand neck tension 89.1. 2911 fps 89.4. 2927 fps 89.7. 2933 fps 90.0. 2947 fps 90.3. 2964 fps no pressure signs on brass/primers or feel of bolt opening. All loads shot pretty much the same re grouping. the .4 & .7 showed the lowest SD’s which matched the original stepped loading (as there is no data) with .5 giving the lowest SD at the time. doing a quick new brass comparison 89.4. 2941 fps 90.0. 2954 fps So will go with 89.5 for the first full batch. hust need to sort the non intrusive Magnetospeed mount. Terry
  12. terryh

    300 Norma Magnum

    Shendy, Just in the process of finishing off my load development for the 300NM using the 230g OTM Hybrid Bergers Tried N170 and 570 but found it a bit too fast ie did not reach my expected velocity The other powder I had planned to try RS80 (Reload 33) is performing much better, speeds 2900+ and no signs of pressure at my target velocities. Obviously this is in my rifle running a 4 groove ‘standard ‘ rifling 1:9 27” barrel. The gunsmith who built the gun was waiting on a more ‘standardised’ reamer as there seemed to be some different versions of the 300NM dependant on end use ( from my memory/discussions with him) so mine works with AI 338 mag length rounds. Im to the range again to tidy up and settle on a load this week and will revert with my findings but so far this cartridge has been pretty easy to load for once I sorted the right powder. T
  13. terryh

    Long range scope options.

    DJ look at what you want from the scope, features etc. Then get behind your chosen few, if at all possible side by side. Try to ignore things like the ‘what the pros use’ articles - can be a bit distorted when it come to scopes (pun intended) it is a big outlay and one you want to get right. From experience when you get to a certain level of scope it is more what your eyes ‘like’. Have helped customers out with side by side comparisons and bottom line there is no real winners. S&B are nice scopes, as are Kahles, some Nightforce, March, TT and IOR. You are a bit spoilt for choice, good luck! Terry
  14. Mark, If I could find a pattern with biscuits on it I’d have it on an orange background 😎 😂 T

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