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  1. terryh

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    Think the ‘55’ in Norway is a legacy ‘like’ as their Krag’s were in this so it becomes the favoured cartridge, like the US love of the 30-06 (as in ‘not much can’t be fixed with either $200 or a 30-06’ 😁) nice cartridge and if you use Skan data it will equal the a la mode cartridges, just a bit of pain re. Bolt face and length or magazines, but not too shabby for a 125 year old cartridge? Ran one for deer and it just ‘worked’, not sure the difference between it and sat the Creed or 47 would make it that much better? Still, nice to be different! T
  2. terryh

    Bring back from the US

    Spencer Dies for annual press use have never been subject to restrictions as far as I know? LRF’s probably down to the model you are looking at ie something ‘military’ would probably draw attention Scopes?? Not sure how that goes, I’ve brought back spirting scopes but again probably down to which scope you are looking at? the biggest issue I normally find is a US supplier accepting. a UK CC for delivery to a US address you could just call DDTC, I’ve always found them responsive and helpful T
  3. terryh

    Range mat.

    The TAB gear mat is a good, compact and proven product. https://www.tabgear.com/products/pollok-shooting-mat Not sure who'd have one in stock UK these days though? T
  4. terryh

    Ultrasonic cleaners

    I ‘borrowed’ a spare industrial grade ultrasonic cleaner from work a while back as the ultimate case cleaning technique, could do 3-400 brass at a time It had programmable heaters, , sweep control etc.etc. Although it gave good results went over to a FA tumbler which I use on brass now and then. As per OoToT above, some fairy liquid and small amount of acid and even stained BP brass comes out like new. Cheap food drier finishes the job T
  5. Went with a 300NM build for ELR ‘lite’ ie not the CheyTac type. So hopefully 2000 yard potential. As it shoots very similar to the 338 could see no advantage in going for a cartridge that was banned from some ranges?? 300NM has been round for a while, the Smith who built my rifle did though wait for some clarity on chamber and reamer detail as he builds for LEO needed to ensure no issues, I managed to slip my rifle in with 3 test builds that had been required 👌. I’ve not experienced any chambering problems of resized brass. The bulging of cases near the base is not new, all be it slightly different reason, 300WM has special dies available related to this ref accuracy innovations. My NM pushes the 230g Berger Hybrids around 2950. With a suppressor it is not at all unpleasant to shoot.RS 80 has worked out well for me. T
  6. terryh

    Barrel manufacturers

    J currently Krieger, Benchmark (CF & RF) , Shultz and Larsen and Lothar I have run Broughton, Lilja, Shilen, Border. No issues with any of them To be honest do not think you will miss due to the barrel, go with the recommendation of your chosen Smith, he’s the one doing the work and should stand by it T
  7. terryh

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    Dave, That is exactly what I refer to, all be it tongue in cheek, with the ‘shiny shirts’, as soon as this pervades along with organised/sponsored teams then is it ‘game over’. Your example of IPSC is correct, this was my ref to CAS in my previous post, which started off handgun targets 10 - 20 yards, lever rifles out 40-50yards (steel targets against the clock BTW), now handgun is 7-10 and rifle in around 25 so reduced to speed shooting. Give me IDPA over IPSC any day (but think that’s even going a bit skew) The original SH Cup and Bash etc were exactly as you say, you carry everything for the day, food, ammo, handgun etc. Only top up was water (as South TX is a bit warm!). there was also variations in the competition format, e.g. a non stop 24 hour comp (that was actually 25 hours as the clocks changed 😱), a 308 issued ammo/stock Glock to remove the ‘windcheater’ cartridges. All friendly but competitive, no gaming etc. You cam away tired but with a grin. Now I’m sounding like an old fart ‘the good old days’ etc - dam I am my father! 😩 Terry
  8. terryh

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    .... 13 pounds 5 oz with full mag, no bi-pod Rifle has a 25” Med Palma barrel fitted 925” from front of action). T
  9. terryh

    Marking Brass with Sharpie's

    Ah, I see. T
  10. terryh

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    Lapua, I'll go weigh mine tonight and revert - but I scored a CF version of Terry's stock while visiting him so might not be truly indicative? ! 😎 T
  11. terryh

    Marking Brass with Sharpie's

    Mark, Out of interest why are you marking the brass, this is not being funny, just interested. I mark bullets in different rounds during load development, just not marked cases as yet. T
  12. terryh

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    TC, Concur with the cost thing, non issue when you look at the overall cost to go to a distant 2 day comp, or from a different perspective, just don't go out for a nice meal once a 1/4 and there's the price difference 😉 Also found the same thing re. your comment 'what I was shooting' and what there was out there to challenge me, living in the US at the time I shot quite a few of the SH Cup's & Bashes, TacPro, etc. but all pre-PRS (2003-2009). Very demanding with competitions being won with less than 50% of the possible hits - you went away realising what you could not do, but having a bloody good time finding out. If you have access I did a piece in Shooting Sports Aug 2007 edition on a SH cup (1st one with a helicopter stage - big grins) PRS came along in the US and changed all that and the IMHO 'gaming' came into it, folks had trouble handling the 'missing' bit (cannot possibly be me?) - same as happened in CAS and things like silhouette, they are demoralising (hit or miss, no score of a 4 for 'close' as in say F-Class or TR). Hence my personal 'angst' re. adding kit to turning every obstacle or challenge into a flat shooting position i.e. as close to prone as possible. Again this is just a personal view and how I see the challenge, but if it's within the rules have at it, as a caveat here is a comment re. status of PRL in the US from someone who's seen it all develop that sums it up: 'with 400 matches and 6000 shooters it's just an assembly line now with little or no practical application beyond your ability to buy a hit with better equipment' But back to the OP, when I finally get to shoot a comp, as opposed to a practice, it will be with my now 12 year old (4th barrel) 6.5x47 KMW Sentinel, 130g bullets, one rear back and a backpack. T
  13. terryh

    PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

    Mirrored what happened in the US but on an accelerated scale here 🙁
  14. Image of scope on rifle:

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