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  1. 6.5x47 140 eldm

    Dave, Comfortably reaching 2850fps with the Berger 130g OTMs over N140 out of a 24" barrel (measured from front of action). T
  2. Swiss/Reloader Powders

    I believe with some digging RS80 = Re33
  3. Scope Calibration

    Gluv Ive access to a nice paddock with heavy posts I’m going to set up a test out of interest to check the scope destined for a ELR Rifle currently in build. T
  4. Scope Calibration

    Gluv, I can see where you are coming from re calibration! A 2m vernier is not your everyday item? brgds T
  5. Stiller actions

    Just found this while mating an Annie MPR into a stock designed for a Rem 700; need to mill a slot back from the front action bolt ‘hole’ in the bottom metal to clear the curved 22rf mag. T
  6. Reloading with Rosie

    I apologies for my previous mail, I could not help myself ( but the G&T did) 😁
  7. Reloading with Rosie

    Something to do with ‘hot’ loads perhaps (snigger-snigger) 😉
  8. Lever Action Rifle accuracy

    Miseryguts, Been a long time since I played with pistol cal lever rifles but something to note, plated bullets are not up to much, at least that seems to be the case with the guys at my local club, they were having accuracy issues and when they sectioned the plated bullets the plating was not even in thickness, it looked liked the bullets were plated then swaged to size. Just a thought T
  9. Action bedding

    Gents, There seems to be a growing dichotomy in recent threads, binary answers to questions as in this thread, proponents of bedding and the ‘why bother’ (other things are more important) - does it really matter? There is no right or wrong to anything to do with shooting, what we do is just a game FFS, do what you feel is right for you - go and enjoy your shooting, which ever type of shooting you choose to do. The tit for tat posts sort of reduces us to the same as other forums which is a bit of a shame really. if you want to bed your Rifle have it done, it can do no harm, as SE says, it makes sense. Even better have a go yourself , you would have learnt a new skill -and you will then see why smiths charge for this service what they do. 😉 Have a nice weekend T
  10. Plus the UK distributor ( not stockist btw) is pretty useless, or was a few years back T
  11. Gluv I have one of the original Terrapin’s and it, to say the least, is very good. Assuming the new one will be as least as good, probably better plus the blue tooth then nice bit of kit, not seen the price though 😳 T
  12. Scope Calibration

    Gluv True if you are ‘assuming’ your scope does not have any slack in it. But concur doing a fixed test should show if you have to do anything funny to achieve constant adjustment or the adjustments are true. You can do this just before you shoot the dam rifle. Avian All those variables would have been sorted way before you start checking if the scope is tracking. As I said if you cannot shoot or your rifle throws bullets all over the shop what is the point of worrying about tracking in the scope? Caveat: if you have no confidence in your scope, (or actually any part of your shooting set up) then you will never do well, so go calibrate your scope however you feel yields the result you want. Me, I’ll keep doing what I feel happy with and worry about organising more trigger time, bottom line, buy a decent scope and then go and enjoy your shooting T
  13. Scope Calibration

    I’ll throw my 5 pence in As this ems to be picking the fly shite out of the pepper What I Have ‘done’ to check scope ‘installationis use a tallish inverted T target at a short range. the T is drawn on the already in place target with a spirit level for both the bottom horizontal and vertical line. Check the rifle’s zeroed on a dot on the target, then by only aiming at the junction of the T and adding good hands full of elevation shoot rounds up and down the vertical, coming back to the zero of the junction. You then see if the vertical groups matched the settings and the groups tracked up and down the line. This gives you your actual click value and also if the scope’s on the rifle ‘vertical’. As this is actual results with the scope and rifle combination ‘as is’ then that is the result for real as I’m going to be shooting this rifle and scope. or am I being too simplistic? Not sure on all this worrying about your load or ability to shoot, if either is in question then checking if the scopes working is a complete waste of time - perfect scope + crap shooter/load = crap result anyway Think I’ll miss by my errors as in poor marksmanship as opposed to a decent scope's possible error? T ps if you do not check on a live fire then you have no idea if recoil will mess with the adjustments - just saying
  14. AMP Annealer - Aztec Upgrade

    Mark your usual enthusiasm I see 😉 annealing comes down to your personal approach, on paper it should make a difference so going the extra mile to do it makes sense to some. The ease in which the ANP does it adds no drain on time. As to empirically showing the advantage, would take some doing. me I look at it in the same light as cleaning brass, does it improve performance- don’t know, does it feel right to do it - yes So psychologically it works re CE, do not think you can sell without it being so? T
  15. AMP Annealer - Aztec Upgrade

    No, only if you ‘had’ to buy it, like upgrading your Cannon camera, throwing away your older one as it is now old tech., or are you still using an A-1 😉😎

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