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  1. terryh

    Wind meters

    Lee, You can adapt the Kestrel vane, just in the process myself. T
  2. terryh


    Lapua The London proof house goes down to AI and proofs them on site. brgds Terry
  3. Apologies if any slow responses - change of IT generally has caused issues. John - noted, will PM
  4. I have 2 surplus to needs (gone to QD suppressors) APA Gen 2 muzzle brakes, (see here: https://www.americanprecisionarms.com/collections/gen-2-muzzle-brakes. ) a 6.5mm Little stripey deckchair 5/8-24 SOLD thread and a 30 cal fat stripey deckchair again 5/8-24 thread Both in excellent condition, tests of them can be found here: https://precisionrifleblog.com/2015/08/21/muzzle-brake-summary-of-field-test-results/ £70 for the little SOLD and £80 for the fat delivered. Brgds Terry
  5. terryh

    Summer Boots

    Depends on who’s lasts your feet like? I’ve found the non steel shank Lowe’s nice. had good service and selection from PoliMil https://www.polimil.co.uk/footwear Cheers Terry
  6. terryh

    Honed FL sizing dies

    Looking to try this type of die in place of a bushing sizer I know Forster offer this service, has anyone experience of either another manufacturer who offers this service or perhaps a UK company who can/has horned dies? Cheers Terry
  7. terryh

    Dull McMillan

    Solvo Autosol is your friend on this Terry
  8. terryh

    45-70 Load data

    Mark concur with your findings, did the same myself with the Marlin lever, certainly gets your attention 😄 T
  9. terryh

    45-70 Load data

    .... or try BP substitute eg Triple 7
  10. terryh

    45-70 Load data

    DeLaRue Ah, in that case get hold of the Lyman cast bullet manual #4 which has all the info you will need A good powder is Accurate 5744 aka Lovex D060 in the 45-70 still feel the commercial bullets will limit your potential accuracy, if you come to an impasse shout and I’ll sort you some ‘nice’ cast items brgds Terry
  11. terryh

    45-70 Load data

    Morning De La Rue, If you do a search in the reloading section for ‘BPCR reloading’ I put a piece in there on this subject. As Vince said the 45-70 will be most accurate with black powder, I use either 2 or 3F, primarily Swiss no.3 (which is 2F). Some compression is normally required, .05” to .1” to start but you’ll need to play with this in your rifle. You will require an over powder wad to protect the base of the bullet. If you end up compressing the powder to a larger degree then you need a compression die. The bullets you list are a bit on the light side for 1000 yards, personally I would go for something 520g or a bit heavier. also do not be too worried re the spitzer shape as BPCR are not travelling that fast so not an issue. If you are buying a mold then have a look at Buffalo Arms’s web site, they make a good selection of turned molds, one of the Money designs with a reduced first driving band is an excellent choice. Commercially made cast bullets in the UK are not normally up to the job I’m afraid. A good bullet lube such as SPG will work. As to wiping, I personally use a blow tube for ‘greasers’ but would wipe for paper patched (using a bore pig or similar). NB Vince - wiping was banned by the NRA in the 1800’s (for ‘military’ reasons), do not think the rule was ever lifted! 😁 BPCR’s are brilliant piece of kit once the loads sorted, bit of patience and you will have a good bit of fun with them. Good luck and feel free to PM if you run into any ‘funnies’ . Brgds Terry ps Also do a search in the reloading section on ‘Casting’ if you’re new to cast accurate rifle bullets.
  12. Pbg Recurring question at our club also! All of those cartridges will work and if you miss it would not be down the the cartridge 😁 logical choice would be the creed, good selection of off the shelf rifles and availability of brass etc. I shoot a 6.5x47 as the Creed was not really available when I went the 6.5 route. Though in saying that, if I was starting again now I’d go for a 6-6.5x47, which does not really help you (apologies) Terry
  13. terryh

    Tips on loading 303 for a Lee enfield No.4

    Bilbo, open sights take a bit of mastering but are accurate once you’ve got the technique sorted. No issues in using a shoulder pad, I do it all the time with steel butt plate BPCR’s, (ignore the no doubt ‘pending’ man jibes - anyone who thinks its smart to hurt themselves is a bit of a *anker IMHO 😁). Yes, that sort of growth is not un-common, as i said brass from the factory has to fit every make/condition of 303 out there so will be made to the smallest dims. If you must size the brass do the absolute minimum. Be interested in your chrono results. Brgds T
  14. What twist is required? Who’d you get them from/thru? Cheers T
  15. terryh

    How do I add a photo to a PM?

    ....and also interesting observation of FB look up the TED talk by Carole Cadwalladr on FB and the Brexit vote ....... just saying T

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