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  1. terryh

    IOR problems?

    Unfortunately this is probably a very accurate assessment of most reports or supporters of a brand on the web/ in magazines . T
  2. terryh

    Sabatti tactical

    Whitworth and Medford rifling was similar. The Glock pistols I’d had in the past had this type of rifling. You can buy barrel blanks from Lothar in this design so do not think it is exclusive ? T
  3. Gluv the TAB carbine sling is nice if you are looking for ‘just’ a sling, the bungee section works well. if you are looking for a sling as in a ‘shooters’ sling then the TAB rifle sling has everything you need ( built in cuff, easy adjust even when sitting etc) by a bit bulky for a carbine IMHO T
  4. terryh

    Cz replacement stock

    The Boyds varminnt is a real nice, a friend has one on a 425 and it is very much a man sized rifle. T
  5. terryh

    OCD rant!

    Apologies, could not resist 😂
  6. terryh

    OCD rant!

    Perhaps a muzzle break is only as efficient as the bullet heads passing thru’ it? 😎
  7. terryh

    Murom kvb223 old copper coloured ones.

    I’ve 500 sitting with no home! t
  8. terryh

    Bringing dies back from the USA

    As per both responses, unless part of an automated i.e. factory type set up/machine, dies are not ITAR restricted. Each person has a duty free allowance covering booze, fags and merchandise, don't exceed this = no duty etc. T
  9. terryh

    Newbie - needing a reloading kit

    Scooby-93, As other have said buy-once cry once is a good moto but probably not necessary to jump right into every last items from the get go? The press is a personal thing, I run both the Rockchucker and a Forster co-ax, prefer the latter but still need the former for some operations. Do you have anyone near you who reloads? It is 'nice' to watch what's involved (if you are a starting from scratch newbie that is?) as it gives you the full picture. Reloading manuals are also a good base to start from. As pointed out Spud or Hannams but if you have a gun shop near you that you frequent always good to put some business their way. Warning though - it can become addictive, I'm a comparative amateur to some - but still fill the end of the man cave with sh*ite (think cocaine might be cheaper! ) (ps ignore the wood under the co-ax, it's a WIP on an idea)
  10. terryh

    Surgeon XL action

    Also if Settled on a Surgeon make sure you buy one made prior to the sell out, if not use another make. brgds Terry
  11. terryh

    6.5 re-barrel options

    Dave, Concur with bullet weights and the 47, having good success with the Berger 130g OTM's. Switched to these from thew 123g Scanars and obtaining nice consistent velocities with N140 over a spread of charges. Velocities around 2800fps +/- Re barrel makes, having good results with a 5 groove Benchmade, shot close to 300 rounds in a day at Orion a couple of weeks ago and accuracy was spot on to the end - some folks shot the rifle and said 'it was boring'. challenge of this shooting was hitting a steel at different distances, angles, wind directions first round - much fun! But back to OP, if I was building from new rifle probably the Creed, if I had all the gear for the 47 then I'd stick with it. T ps, re. Benchrest not being accurate, it is comparable to drag racing, but if you want BR with marksmanship there is the 'for score' verity which looks interesting (but not sure if it's shot here?) thus: http://www.6mmbr.com/30BR.html Remember we are all shooter, each to thier own! pss - WTF's going on with the colours???
  12. terryh

    6.5 re-barrel options

    ‘5R stuff falls into the category of hype’, hum interesting comment. Some very experiance longer term competitors, gunsmiths etc. Might disagree with you eg http://bulletin.accurateshooter.com/2016/08/whidden-on-winning-at-long-range-part-2-the-cartridge/ personally have found the canted rifling has performed better or should I say not let me down when shooting competitions that required reasonably high round count etc., something probably not encountered in BR? in saying that have also had good results with standard rifling (but then again I’m not trying to ‘diss’ something for whatever reason 😉 ). re. OP , do not think anything you miss will be down to either of these cartridges, I’ve run a 47 for over 10 years and not felt it lacked as a ‘normal’ 6.5. brgds T
  13. terryh

    Premier Optics 5-25

    Treetop It is indeed a mine field, your only real option is to get behind the scopes that you fancy and see if your eyes like it. Once you get to a certain level it’s down to what coatings your eyes like. Some scopes that seems ‘bright’ will become wearing after a while. And you cannot trust reviews as a lot of the reviewers get ‘free stuff’ so are a bit, shall we say, biased 😉. Also found out recently that scopes you see on high end custom hunting rifles are paid to be there by the scope manufacturer. good luck Terry
  14. terryh

    6.5 Creedmoor v 6.5 Swede

    The Swede’s a 122 year old design and still pretty darn good but as folks have said long action and slightly different bolt face does not make it great for tacticool rifles. the 6.5 Creed is a relatively new cartridge so can look back at all of its predecessors and do better in theory I shoot a 6.5x47 and have done since it came out, must be over 10 years ago? Would I choose the Creed now, for new build possibly, rebarrel no, no real advantage. None of these cartridges will let you down, if you miss it would be ‘you’ missing Terry
  15. terryh

    adjustable rail

    Remmy that does not read right? do you mean you’ve run out of ‘up’ elevation if you are hitting low? T

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