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  1. Wanted 6.5x55 rifle

    Yes this one: can negotiate on the price T
  2. Elevation changes due to wind

    Gbal Re. Your first paragraph, see my earlier post re Magnus effect ref: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magnus_effect which explains the physics of this. T
  3. Hand priming tools

    Scotch I have the single feed adjustable depth 21st Cen hand primer, not what you are looking at but they make very good quality kit if this helps. T
  4. 300 norma magnum brass

    Dang!! looking at 250 Norma brass on the shelf T
  5. BBC Country file certificate renewal

    That could not possibly be the same G4 who 'appear' to regularly kill prisoners in their custody or are fined for cutting corners and poisoning peoples water supplies - talk about a fox in the chicken shed?? Or am I just getting cynical in my old age? T
  6. January CSR match report and results

    Mark nice turn out, looked a bit ‘crisp’? T
  7. British Shooting Show - No Dogs

    It would not be allowed in for The un- PC name
  8. British Shooting Show - No Dogs

    ‘cause they think it’s cool and chicks dig them perhaps? 😎😉
  9. Barrel contour

    You should not have to ‘go search’, but it’s not my company so not really my place to comment I suppose?
  10. Barrel contour

    Just found that this is the Border barrel profiles page, bit naff , most barrel makers give a nice drawing that then makes sense of the dimensions and remove ambiguity thus: http://benchmark-barrels.com/Benchmark_Barrels/Benchmark_Barrels_-_Contours.html Terry
  11. Barrel contour

    If you could post who’s table it was then it might help, but here’s my guess: B diameter of tennon D length of tennon after that you’re on your own 😉
  12. 6.5x47 with 120gr amaxs

    NoIdeer Is H4350 one of the powders that are going to ‘disappear ‘? Be a shame to find a good combination and then have the powder dry up. T
  13. BD North of 80grain under the 230g bullets, looking for velocities 2800++ from a sensible length barrel. T
  14. Vince shooting steel targets out as far as possible as I’m now less than 20 minutes drive from the ranges on Salisbury plain as two clubs I have access to use them. So basically for fun as I do not have the time to be ‘a competitor’ any more along with various BPCR’s T
  15. reload costs

    Don’t drink too much, do not smoke or do drugs, chasing women would only leave me catching my breath 😎 so shooting is my only real vice, I’m lucky enough to be able to afford it, but is comes in not even a close second to supporting my family and home. I reload because it will get the best out of my rifles and in some cases the only way to shoot some cartridges, and, beleive it or not, I quite enjoy doing it! As Mark said , why bother comparing shooting to say watching football- you are partaking in shooting, football you are only titular to the event? I find the two extremes above of either your wife knows to the penny what you spend or she does not know anything as strange, but each to their own Do what you are happy with and fulfills your needs, it does not matter what others think - it’s down to you, just go and enjoy your sport T

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