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  1. terryh

    Bolt lube

    Don’t worry, I too am loosing the will to live 😔 Ill sort some photos of where to put a bit of ‘grease’ and fwd along with a couple of ‘grease’ recommendations if you pm me your email. Quite frankly the though that two metals rubbing together are ‘better off’ not lubed is incredible - in the literal meaning of the word. As is not putting grease into bearings , as alluded to. Caveat: but it is, currently, a free world so do whatever you are happy with , because that’s all that matters. Terry
  2. terryh

    Sako TRG 22/42 aftermarket chassis

    Interesting, but I'm trying to get my head round this one - but admit I might have missed something? You take the TRG barred action (Basically a T3 action and barrel) out of the existing TRG chassis stock and drop it into another chassis? Why not just get a used T3, have an aftermarket barrel and trigger fitted and install in this new chassis? Seems throwing away the bit that make a TRG expensive vs a 'normal' T3 is sort of, well , expensive? T
  3. terryh

    Bolt lube

    Mark, not if someone’s already done it for you 😁 Probably any good high pressure grease would work? MDS based possibly? Pet Pill dispenser for the syringe - different colours for different lubes- job done. or just buy shite that works T
  4. terryh

    Bolt lube

    Yes, the MilCom stuff is rather good, as you say that small syringe seems to go on forever
  5. terryh

    Anyone identify these ?

    And as a side note, the ‘H’ on the base is Winchester’s acknowledgement of ‘Henry’ the guy who came up with the design of the side gate for reloading a lever rifle etc. Nerditry over! T
  6. terryh

    Warner Flatline Bullets

    Reeonip Did not have enough take up unfortunately. I am familiar with RI, that’s who I’ve used in the past few years for all my export from the US, good guys and very straight fwd to deal with. Will handle your own kit as well as sort items from their own stock or suppliers. Brgds Terry
  7. Gents Need to mount a red dot (which is pic/Weaver) to a 34mm scope so looking for a ‘nice’ 34mm ring to short Pic/Weaver rail. Found a few fleabay Chinese items - any other suggestions? Thanks Terry
  8. Re. Makers of custom fitted suppressor covers. I’m familiar with the TAB series of covers but is there a UK maker(s) of nice quality ie Nomex thread etc. Suppressor covers? cheers Terry
  9. Shoot whatever you feel comfortable with. please though, have the ret match the turrets FFS!! 😀 Re. The comment ‘FFP rets get thicker’, true, but the correct design of ret then it does not matter - my scope has a floating dot which only covers about 2” at 1000 yards - sort of 1/2 a rabbits head, not sure how fine you need to go but that’s fine enough for me! Brgds Terry
  10. Alan Will give them a call Lapua, Would do but it needs to work with an existing Ivey adjustable mount so not an option in this case. T
  11. Gents, i'm looking to mount a red dot onto a 34mm tube scope, so looking for a 34mm ring with a short length of Pic rail on it. Ideas, links to products, personal experience etc. please? Thanks Terry
  12. terryh

    300 Norma Magnum

    John, The 1st round hit on the deer at 1140 yards was impressive - big smiles. The custom curve for AB seems to work very well as elevations at all distances were spot on - wind was, well a bit gusty! RS80 seems to be a good powder in the 300NM, I've a very solid load giving 2940 and low SD's so happy with that. elevations TBA as the ballistic app i was using was out (consistently out, but out none the less) - 1st time out with rifle and Apps so not too worried. Need to add the red dot to save time and stress at distance though! Good couple of days shooting at Tiff's place, good crowd as well 😎
  13. terryh

    Ammo Wallets

    Mr Egg Ive used the TAB bullet binders for a while and found them very good: But just trying their billet pouch which will hold about 150 rounds and has a divider to deprecate your fired brass
  14. terryh

    Watch brands as cars..

    Landrover with Jerry cans, ropes or any other from of 4x4 that is only used in Sainsbury's for shopping perhaps! 😎🤣
  15. Good photoshop if it’s not?: https://www.blackriflecoffee.com/collections/stickers/products/brcc-blackbeards-flag-patch

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