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  1. terryh

    scope removal.

    Apologies, you are correct, not illegal just against the original NR conditions of Carriage. might be different now though as it’s all broken up into different companies T
  2. terryh

    Digital calipers

    Another vote for Miyutoyo, Current Starret items are OK, but when they die will be back to the Mitsys T
  3. terryh

    A&D Fx120i Scales

    0284 think you are in the realms of the ‘Ron Hopeful book of requests’ here 😀 best bet is to shop round from suppliers, folks that have these scale are using them. ’Google-foo is your friend T
  4. Andrew - forgot all about the Lee factory crimp die, used one on my K22 hornet to good effect.
  5. Gruntus, Re. Light weight bullets - you can always add a cannelure (sp?) by using one of these: https://www.buffaloarms.com/bullet-cannelure-tool-4d12000. Which are very easy to set up had one for 22 hornet. Re. Bullets - personally i’d Look at the Lapua bullet make specifically for this round thus: https://www.lapua.com/bullets/d166/ and make sure you have a rubber butt pad 😊 The above ‘assumes’ you are playing with the Tigr version of the SVD? always thought they’d be a fun rifle to play around with. I had a functioning Romac when I lived inn the US that used the same round, worked well with the 174g SMK normally associated with the 303. T
  6. Gosh, I’m like ‘gosh’ at some of these numbers from a 6.5x47, this is 6.5-284 performance! https://www.accurateshooter.com/cartridge-guides/65x284/ no saying it’s not being done, but ‘gosh’! 😯 Makes my old 37.5g of R15 under 123g Scanars that ran just over 2800fps look very mild. Terry
  7. terryh

    170 gr Lapua lock base .308 Bullet

    SB these bullets along with the D46 designs have always looked interesting but to be honest I do not know if I’ve the willpower to do side by side load development and then testing them vs say Scanars? Any potential advantage is probably less than my skill to take advantage of it ? 😁 T
  8. terryh

    scope removal.

    Martin I would leave the scope in rings and then use some form of torque screwdriver to always put them back the same. One piece QD mounts with throw levers are nice, but good ones are not cheap. re firearm on a train - thought that was not legal?? T
  9. terryh

    .22 Dasher varminter

    Lee, Any particular reason to go 22 as opposed to sticking with a straight 6mmbr with varmint bullets? Pretty sure they’d do 500m? Bit off OP, I’m currently looking at a 6mm build just for range/accuracy and weighing up 6BR or 6Dasher, typically 600yd max. T
  10. terryh

    Neck expanders - for seating tension?

    Pat, I anneal, full length size with neck bushing, then expand, chamfer in/out then wash, dry and tumble, then clean primer pockets/ check flash holes etc. But each to their own process - bit like religion and politics (and ‘how do thou clean you rifles?’) 😀 Would like to go for carbide on the expander as a better option. T
  11. terryh

    Neck expanders - for seating tension?

    Pat, I run 2 thou on my 6.5x47 and 3 thou on my 300NM, not too sure if ‘how much’ is actually the point of the exercise, more a constant ‘x’ thou on every case? think 2 thou is a standard starting point? My next (no pun) project is a 6mm and I might try varying the tension - but my gut says there are other more important or effective areas to look at re. Reloading technique and effects on accuracy? T
  12. terryh

    Neck expanders - for seating tension?

    NoD, 2 thou 6mm K&M’s and associated gauge pin are currently off the shelf in US, I do though prefer to use a UK supplier if at all possible. I’ll ask Spud what he’s got coming in? Pat, Cheers for pointers but I’d prefer to buy something that works from the get go, do not want to fettle it myself if at all possible. T
  13. terryh

    Neck expanders - for seating tension?

    Catch cheers for info NoD familiar with K&M I have a K&M expander set up in 6.5 & 30 cal to give 2 & 3 thou of tension respectively. You can order custom mandrels in 1/2 thousand increments which I will end up doing if there is nothing off the shelf here. Terry
  14. As per title, does anyone in the UK keep expander mandrels for neck tension as opposed to neck turning? Specifically for 6mm, .002” as a start. This is on the shelf, not special order BTW, special order I can sort. Cheers T
  15. My old club held a 100yard ‘for score’ comp and my current does a rf long range, 50yd standing, 100 sitting, 200 prone. Have shot 22rf @ 300 but found it was a crap shoot and totally wind driven re. Any enjoyment. at 200 the 22rf is surprisingly good fun. Shame the first thing shown is a Voodoo, CZ’s with the right ammo are very accurate. T

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