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  1. terryh

    What waterproof jacket / smock

    Not to high-jack thread but I'm also interested in a Smock for range use only, so not so much requirement for going thru' brush etc. Do Ridgeline feature at the level / needs I'm looking at? Brgds Terry
  2. terryh

    6.5x47 Bullet Recommendations

    When I 'did' use my 47 for deer then the Nosler 120g BT hunting or the 130g Accubond word for me on Reds and a few Roe. The 120g BT was also my bullet of choice in the proceeding 6.5x55 Swede. Brgds Terry
  3. In local Jewellers with HRH and fell into conversation with the owner about watches etc. (He’s a WIS purveyor on the side of his normal business). ‘I’ve got something here you might like’ he says! Well ended up buying for my 60th (next year BTW) an 50th anniversary Speedy, in box, un-worn. wife starts the usual ‘you can only wear one watch’ etc. But he backed me up as its the only thing men can wear etc Now just need to sort the Seiko dive ‘beater’ I was originally looking for!
  4. terryh

    Advice on vintage watch

    Ezmobile ah, but there in is the jist of it all, some beautiful things are worth keeping working and in good condition, be it a watch, vintage car whatever. Just because a battery powered item does everything you want does not mean ditching older (invariably more costly) technology. concur with the impressing thing - you get to a point where you are not worried what others think, you do things for yourself, but owning something that is ‘nice’ does not alway mean you are polishing your ego! T
  5. terryh

    Walking boots without 'breathable' liners?

    Lots of Lowa’s without Gortex
  6. terryh

    Walking boots without 'breathable' liners?

    BD There ‘must’ be something here that works? : https://www.polimil.co.uk/footwear T
  7. terryh

    Best ever pickles ?

    Mark, I'll give that a try - not too sure on the impact of my current diet though? T
  8. terryh

    Wiltshire Clubs?

    James, FDPC (link: http://fdpc-admin.wixsite.com/fdpc-website ) is a very active club with its own indoor ranges (9 lanes x 25m & 9 lanes x 50m , 3 of the 50m are none HME FB). good bunch of divers shooters. Regular shoots and competitions on the local MOD ranges plus arranged trips to Bisley and occasional Orion. Brgds Terry
  9. terryh

    New barrel breaking in

    Interesting recurring question - bit like 'how/how often do you clean your rifles?' Not sure about asking your gunsmith etc or going back to him if it does not shoot after the event?, I'm just waiting on the availability of some proof loads for a new rifle, but it has already been tested by the smith using known commercial loads to an acceptable degree of performance before it leaves his shop and effectively 'run in' so I'll just shoot it when it arrives. If it does not work it's me or what I'm doing. Christ, I even get a few example bullets cast from a custom mold to demonstrate it works - and that's a £150 item So it is down to what you agreed with your gunsmith or supplier as to expectations and 'deliverables' - you pays your money you take your chances I suppose - caveat emptor! T
  10. If not the Fixit sticks then the Borka is a nice tool, I’ve the older version and it suits most jobs. the later adjustable seems to part? http://www.shooterstools.com/Pages/ATD/atdkits.html T
  11. OFRN, Depending on how you are pushing the 47 I’d be a bit disappointed if it stopped at 2500 rounds? Just personal experience but that seems a low figure - caveat I’m not running my 47 like a small 6.5-284! that chart linked by MO is ‘interesting’ but does not take into account a lot of other variables so the hard numbers for 6BR & 6.5x47 are so close as to be the same in practical terms IMHO Brgds Terry
  12. terryh

    300 Norma Magnum

    Andy yes, had noticed these, interesting ??. T
  13. terryh

    300 Norma Magnum

    Catch-22 Yes, no great shakes to have a rifle built and exported/recived etc. - just a process which is pretty quick as it is ‘on-line’ at the US end. Re. Additional barrels - have some in build, the Smith in question can make additional barrels to fit the original build so no issue, does not need the rifle to hand. The rifle is shipped and recived UK end by a freight handling company who are also RFD’ (PBS International/March Scopes UK) who arrange proof and I go collect, they enter onto my cert. Ruger7717 Yes that is my stick, not a German stock but the original which it copies, KMW Sentinel https://www.kmwlrs.com/ Brgds terry
  14. terryh

    Choosing a barrel profile

    Why not go for a light Palma profile? Bit of both Worlds? length would be the next choice that made a balanced package T
  15. terryh

    300 Norma Magnum

    Ruger7177 H1000 should work. But I went with powders that will be available in the future, could probably obtain ‘a barrels worth’ of H1000 but using RS80 (aka R33) as a starting point. Norma brass, Fed215L or Myron LR primers. 230g Berger. Hybrid OTM’s Dave. In answer to your ‘why 300NM’ it was for a few reasons, moved to Warminster area so FCSA was joined as a sensible local LR venue. Did not want to go 50cal route, nothing against them, have shot them in competitons (not target) . 338LM? nice but cannot shoot Bisley and quite expensive to load. The 300 Norma looked good, lots of nice 30 cal bullets coming out and as you say pretty much on par with the 338LM ballistically. Was weighing all this up in my mind. Visited a fiend in the US who is also a pretty good gunsmith and there on the beach is his workshop are 4 300MN’s laid out in parts, also on one side is a spare action (Defiant, in a version built for my friend) & barrel for the same, so this tipped it for me and I went with the 300NM. It is at the shippers and should arrive UK this week:

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