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F Open stock thoughts


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I’m on the look out for a F class stock.

I really like the low rider style of the Cerus, Masterclass and x-ring stocks.

My preference would be wood laminate - they're hardwearing, appear to have good resonance properties and I like the aesthetics of fancy wood.

It’ll be for a Kelbly Golden Bear and will need an adjustable cheekpiece and a RAD 2a recoil system.

I'm not a fan of the GRS stoks, or anything that has finger grooves on the pistol grip. And I don’t know why, but I’ve not really liked Joe Wests offerings. Maybe I’m being a bit of a bell-end about that?! If someone has experience of Joe Wests stocks, I’d appreciate some thoughts on them.

And then there’s Dimas - some of which I like the look of but not all. But due to some complete tosser in Moscow, they’re not coming in anymore.

Any suggestions, other than Cerus, Masterclass and X-ring?


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Look at Joe West rifle stocks..

His f class stocks are very popular.

Come to Bisley next week to the European championships and you'll see every type of f class stock,

f open and ftr.

Some of the top US shooters like Erik Cortina,Tod Hendicks,Norman Harrold just to mention a few will be there.

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Why don,t you talk to Joe West he has many designs with or without finger grooves. I think you will find they have won most things in F class and are far and away the most popular stocks in British F class.

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He makes the laminate, he should have most colours in stock. He has just had his second daughter and is spending a bit of time with his family but he is available.

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Cerus are stunning looking stocks 

If that’s what you like order and import yourself (it’s a piece of shaped wood ) 

There is a company in the states (or was) when I was competing who made a low rider type stock and that was very effective - their design has passed on to other laminates available 

The Shehane Tracker stock was also very effective in competition back in the day 

Greg West (Virginia) used to make custom stocks too not sure if he is still alive but his F Class stock was simple and very elegant in design (I have one in Cherry Laminate) - it tracks well and is very stable 

These were the original lowboy type stocks 




Greg West 


Discussed here back in 2009,,,,



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'Greg West (Virginia) used to make custom stocks too not sure if he is still alive but his F Class stock was simple and very elegant in design (I have one in Cherry Laminate) - it tracks well and is very stable'

He is very much dead, drank himself into the ground from what Richard Franklin (Richards Custom rifles) told me owning a lot of people, myself included, riflestocks or refunds.   Richard Franklin designed a lot of stocks, many very similar and when he retired he sold the rights to make the stocks to Greg West.    Greg did one for me, a 008 Bag rider, which may be the one you refer to and then defaulted on the second.    I had communicated with Richard previously and he helped me sort out another from the next company he licensed, Shurley brothers, who I think have got out of the stock making business.

But you're right, I still have the two (West & Shurley) and they track very well and I think look very good.

I also 'designed' my own based on a lengthened Macmillan original Benchrest stock and an Aussie prone Neilson back end, duplicated in forest camo laminate by a guy I knew in Brisbane, which also tracks great despite the back end being slightly offset like a lot of prone stocks tend to be.

The other low rider stock you are probably thinking of is Precision rifle & tool, but I think they also have stopped making riflestocks.

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That’s a pity about Greg - I spoke to him a few times and never had the same experience as uou


Richard Franklin - there’s another name from the past - another Riflesmith ing legend 👍🏻


Precision Tool - yup they were the original designers of the low rider I was thinking of 

pity they don’t make stocks anymore as their products were ground breaking at the time 


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