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Lowest height weaver rail bipod

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I'm wondering what's the lowest as in height off the ground bipod there is..

My club recently changed the rules and a pod must fold..

No monopods which I don't use anyway..

I used a mystic pod that doesn't fold..!!

The silly part is we'll should of went back too a scoped rifle and a folding pod..

I did start using a bean bag thing for the butt too rest on as I was finding using my fingers or hand too support the butt hurt my hand over a 24 shot COF..

No rear bags of any shape or form..

Some were using eared bags 🥴

I've not a problem with using a folding pod but some still use bipod extensions and weighted guns, add on weights..

Incidently one of the club members uses a bipod extension and an accu-tac 50 cal pod that's has a way bigger footprint than my mystic bipod but because it folds it conforms 🤔

What a pile of poo..

The mystic pod is supposedly a f class bipod and I've been shooting f class competively for 6 years and I've never seen anybody using one 🤣.

Vincent wrote a article on it in targets sports and he referred too it as a f class or tactical pod..

I did have a good moan as the ones who made the new rules up and they said they'd review the bipod extensions and weights at the end of the year..

So I'm looking at a widish foot print bipod with a really low in height that the legs fold..

I've shortened a harris and a parkerhale years ago but sometimes there too short if the firing point is sloping away..

I prefer sled feet too.

Thoughts please.

Atb No I deer

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  • No i deer changed the title to Lowest height weaver rail bipod


The shorter of the two (180mm) is quite low. Ski feet are available, they are quite narrow if that matters to you. I think if you bought direct you could buy with the ski feet and no standard feet. Make sure your rifle will fit in the yoke. Wide forends and moderators won't.

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Lowest height, Weaver mount, folding legs with widest leg spread would be a Ckye Pod. I have the Heavy Duty version but the PRS version may suit you better.They are not inexpensive, they have generous tolerances (loose)but lock up well enough with the weight of the rifle on them. It needs to be pre-loaded then I find it tracks nicely back.

They have upgraded the picatinny/ weaver rail mounting system to a duel Arca / weaver clamp system in one plate- much better idea ( I’ve ordered one) the original push bottom system has too much movement in it.

 I did a review sometime ago:


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On 5/1/2023 at 9:33 AM, No i deer said:

This is my mounting systemIMG-20230430-WA0001.thumb.jpeg.d8f8d8c9c2413e975e6c3a6cbda6fe8d.jpeg

Bin that , these type of mounting’s always and I mean always move!

attach a picatinny rail permanently!


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On 5/22/2023 at 9:08 PM, English Rifleman said:


I can see some arguments on the firing point soon.  Monopods / Saucepans ETC...


Private joke NID  May have heard

Yeah 😊 

Saucepan aren't allowed with the new rules 🤣.

LPSC is a great club and we have great COF's 

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