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7mm/.284 Win: N160 or N165?


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Hi all, 

I have a 27,5“ (700 mm) Heym CPQ coated barrel and would like to shoot Lapua 180 gr Scenar-L put of my 7mm/.284 Win. The barrel has 8,7“ (220 mm) of twist.

I am currently using N160 and getting 2769 fps (844 m/s) wirh 52,1 grs. The powder is completely burnt in the barrel.

However, I also read many posts with recommendations for N165.
The powder doesn’t seem to burn completely - purely mathematically - inside my 27,5“ barrel.

What are your experiences with the two powders in shorter barrels?


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I use N160 in my 26 inch bartlein..

Currently use the 180gr ELDM's.

54grs gets me  2800fps at 51f when I chronied the load..

It shoots them lovely..

I've used 180gr scenars and 180gr hybrids which also shot superbly..

Tried the hybrids on RS60 and 52grs would take them too 2880fps..

This powder is a barrel burner apparently to I never used it many times..

It was very good though..

N165 was good too but a little slower than N160

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With  the shorter barrel i would be using RS60, should get you the 284 speed which works in most which is 2840

Check ES around that speed and try get it under 15 and it should shoot great

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I’m currently using RS 62  ( 52) grns MV 2865 and have viht 165 (54.2) grn MV 2917  both good powders. 1-9 30” Heavy profile Barrel.

I'm fortunate to have Munrom large primers 5,000 

scenar L 180 7mm.


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