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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I have a 27,5“ (700 mm) Heym CPQ coated barrel and would like to shoot Lapua 180 gr Scenar-L put of my 7mm/.284 Win. The barrel has 8,7“ (220 mm) of twist. I am currently using N160 and getting 2769 fps (844 m/s) wirh 52,1 grs. The powder is completely burnt in the barrel. However, I also read many posts with recommendations for N165.The powder doesn’t seem to burn completely - purely mathematically - inside my 27,5“ barrel.What are your experiences with the two powders in shorter barrels?BestUwe
  2. Hi all,did you test the cal 7mm/.284 Win Hornady 180gr ELD Match bullets over the Lapua 180gr Scenar-L yet?The Scenar-L shoot well but the ELD-M bullets do have a much higher BC. Also, the Scenar-L bullet overall length vary a lot, because of the bullet tip, which is not unique.Do you have any comments on my thoughts above?Many thanksUwe
  3. Hi all, does somebody use Peterson brass for .248 Win? I‘ve measured 0.0160“ neck wall thickness. Do you know how thick the Lapuas are in this calibre? Just to compare it. Additional, I experience significant problems with running these used Peterson brass with my Wilson FL die. One brass did stuck in the die. The only way of success is to use the wider Forster die with a lot of lube. I get the following numbers for my fired Peterson brass (CIP): P1: 0.4995“ P2: 0.4780“ H2: 0.3200“ Many thanks Uwe
  4. Reluctantly I offer for sale a ready to go f-open rig including all the trimmings if needed. After a change of work, I have been unable to find the time to give the sport the dedication it demands at the higher levels. As such, almost everything below is offered in mint or nearly new condition: Photos - A ton of photos of all the blow are here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ah_UQJpiBIAegrwcyK6ZVTzkevIt_g?e=h9uHP1 Location - Buckingham, MK18. Contact - Preferably by phone/text rather than PM. 0789 'one' 679289 Dolphin Build .284" WIN F-Open Rifle (scope not included) £3000 Action Barnard PC action 2000 rounds fired total to date. Action was new in 2016 with 16 proof marks. Right bolt, left port. Dolphin extended bolt handle. Dolphin 20 MOA rail bedded to action top and finished without overhang. Barnard lightweight trigger Barrel 40 rounds from new. Re-barreled at the end of 2018 for the 2019 season. 2018 proof marks. Run in and zero checked only. (that I then didn't shoot). Bartlein 5C .284" WIN with .318" neck 1 - 8.5" twist rate. Full 34" finish length. Straight taper from 1.25" @ action to 1" at muzzle. Threaded with M18 x 1 muzzle thread + invisible thread protector. Brushed finish (Moderator available to suit if required) Stock Joe West laminated open stock Blue/grey laminate (blue is very much 'royal blue, though it looks more purple in the photos) Dolphin bedding block (fully machined rather than v-block) so no water issues etc. Adjustable cheek piece. Dolphin 4-way adjustable but plate and pad Polished hardware This rifle really is 'as new' and ready to go. I have simply not been able to compete in GBFCA time wise for the last 2 years so its time to move it on to someone who will use it. Rest & Bag £1000 Seb Neo -2nd gen/current model. New 2017. Rebuilt bearings and polished after last use - mint. 3 part front bag with 3M slick material. Potektor rear bag with 3M slick ears, filled with heavy sand. Reloading/cases/ammo Redding Type S Comp. die set with comp seating stem and .314" bushing £200 SOLD 200 norma cases. Roughly 70 are loaded rounds. All 4 firings and annealed after each firing. All neck turned to provide a .3155 loaded neck. Some spare bullets and powder included if bought with rifle £200 Presses, tumblers available by request. Accessory kit £100 42" carbon cleaning rod Shooting shed machined more guide Jag/bronze brush/nylon brush/patches set Selection of allen keys for rifle & trigger 6Nm torque stick for action bolts Action/lug cleaning rod Range of cleaners, grease/oil Jag organiser box Drag Bag £100 60" AIM drag bag in green Fleece bag liner Thanks for looking, and feel free to give me a call if you want all or any of the above, or any other F-Class related things.
  5. .284 Winchester F-Open rifle for sale Barnard Model P action, right bolt, right port, non eject Bartlein 1 in 9 twist heavy taper barrel 31” .312 neck Barnard target trigger Joe West F-Class stock 17 MOA rail 3 way adjustable butt plate Built to shoot Berger 180gr hybrids Built by Mick at Dolphin rifles in January 2016, has fired 537 rounds from new. (log of fired rounds included with rifle). I Haven’t had it out since April last year and it just isn’t getting used so time to let it go, I intended to get into shooting F open but never did and it is too much rifle for the shooting I do now. Comes with all the original paper work, load data, build sheet, invoices. Also will come with an extra long J.Duey cleaning rod. Will travel to meet face to face, Can probably sort out RFD transfer if needed. Looking for £ 1850 ovno Rifle only, scope, rest, etc not included Any questions p.m. me
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