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Bullet Seeker Mk4


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1 hour ago, furrybean said:

Yep for the last couple of months 

how do you find it?  Have you tried a variety of calibres and would you recommend it?

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Their site's a bit vague.......does it need to be linked to a phone or a tablet? Wired or wireless?


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Looks interestingly too good to be true?

Has tech moved on?

Is the Labradar a big empty box?

Would love to see a valid comparison done.

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A few things, all the data is held on the connected device and still waiting on the ios app to be released. Im testing the Beta version of the app for them FOC

I shoot in a tunnel, and wont load develop with a magneto on the barrel, the Labradar was unreliable in a tunnel range. The BS works fine

If using a muzzle break you need the parabolic filter to see through the blast, once I fitted this it was fine with a mates Tikka Tac

Ill post some photos shortly. Like I say, Ive been testing this for a friend which Im giving back at the Euros and Ive ordered mine. I wanted to test it before investing but Ive "pulled the trigger" on my own. Fitting into a pencil case sized peli makes like a lot easier!





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Great, thanks for the feedback.  I'll wait for a year to see it fully developed and tested and carry on with the Labradar and inertia switch for now.

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