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  1. Excellent Condition Tikka T3 Lite Stainless Synthetic in .243 Low round count Currently in a GRS Berserk Stock but as new Tikka Factory stock available Complete with Optilock 30mm rings As new Hardy Gen IV Moderator Outfit with GRS Stock £1050 With Factory stock £850
  2. Think you need to contact Matt ref a trade account Foxpro
  3. Wsm

    Pulsar digiex n450

    Think Bruce was referring to the Pard 007 in his reply The beauty of the digex is while having a similar image quality its other advantages of being the same dimensions of a conventional scope so can use 30mm scope mounts and not have issues with needing cheek raiser Its also very user friendly
  4. Final one went yesterday Thread updated
  5. Wsm

    Scope for driven Boar

    Used a Swaro 1-6x24 with a CDI ret on my double for years Tried a Zeiss Red Dot for a time which is similar to the Aimpoint but went back to the conventional scope
  6. Final reduction on two remaining scopes
  7. New Caldwell Rock BR SOLD £150 + £10 postage to UK address
  8. New AIM 50 Rifle /Drag Bag Lincoln Green £150 inc UK Mainland Postage SOLD
  9. New Boyds Thumbhole Stocks One RVT CZ American Laminate Pepper Finished £130 SOLD One Tikka T3 Laminate Forest Finished £150 SOLD
  10. Also work well on Sightron
  11. Only on the Vipers The Crossfire 6-24 is now sold
  12. Only one Remington stock left Yes they do fit the T1
  13. Elah

    Hi where about are you? I'm in cannock could do a FTF to save time?

    1. Wsm


      Sorry message forwarding turned off so only just seen this


      I'm in Woodseaves which is close to Eccleshall

      Can meet up locally all weekend



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