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Thanks Richie, that's the page.  Makes sense; so it is a tangent ogive after all...just a fussy one! (contradiction in terms).  Must admit, the 60gr smk was easier to load develop for. It's a bit pedantic on my part, as what I call "fussy" is the difference between a 0.2 and a 0.5 inch group.  Having checked my load data and shooting results, best was 0.18", worst was 1/2 moa (100yds 5 shot) between loads and jumps close to the OCW developed loads) so really not so bad. Used it for hunting too on rabbits/pigeon with results unsurprisingly like Vmax.  Have the 77gr which were better out to 600yds and a good LR vermin control bullet.  Pricey way to go about it though.

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Lately found some 77 grain lapua 223s so bought loads . Does a good job on pigeons by driving a hole through them so not much meat damage so can use the meat . Also good on rabbits but not tested on fox yet . Watched thlr on YouTube and the bullet of choice for ptarmigan was fmj . With bullet supplies being dodgy we’re having to make do with whatever is available. Cheers 

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Agreed.  Not tried Lapua 77's yet but regularly use their 6.5 scenars which are good value as well as excellent bullets so a better shout than Sierra for now.  TMK's on pigeon or rabbit this side of 150 yds had a similar effect to watching a pillow explode.

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Tikka loves Berger 73s too , n135 22 grain ish and n540 upto 25 grains similar with n140 . 
unfortunately can’t get any . 
73/75 hornady eldms work very well . 
70 grain Berger vlds also very good but no stock. 

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I did some more work on the .223 yesterday at the 100yard indoor range at Monmouth. I played with the seating depths on 69gr TMKs and got a consistent 6mm grouping - happy daze 😀 The 69gr Noslers were a different story - around the 1 MOA was about the best I could get, so I think that it's fair to say my rifle really doesn't like Nosler bullets 😝

I still have a few some TMKs left, but whether they will be enough to carry me through to the TMK Oasis I really don't know. All my other rifles love ELD-Ms perhaps I'll have to try some of them in the CZ?

409off Nosler custom comps up for grabs if anyone wants any 🤣 Ideally part ex for TMKs 😉

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12 hours ago, Scrumbag said:

I still need to try and get the 60gr TMKs shooting but have high hopes given your experience with the 69gr

Many folk have got on well with Noslers. Guns seem to be very individual.

I have a mate with a Sabatti.300 Win Mag of the same model as mine. After I had just bought some 208gr ELD-Ms he told me his would not group sub-MOA with them at all. After load development, mine repeatability groups 7mm at 100 yards. Odd innit!

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