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Bipod types

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Are there any advantages/ disadvantages between the regular bipod that sits under the rifle to a top rail fitting where the rifle hangs beneath or even a side mounting one .

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A different perspective on it - how do you like your recoil? Bouncy or direct?

I’ve used a few bipods from a Parker Hale to Harris to Rempel to MDT to Fortmeier (hangs beneath) and others. The Fortmeier was very stable but so was the Rempel. The difference to me and I think it is personal preference is how you want the bipod to track (or bounce). 

An AXMC is a heavy rifle but in 338 LM it still has a bit of recoil I found the Fortmeier and Harris to have the most bounce. Less so the Rempel but that was about as heavy as a car jack. A bipod which has a bit of slack in the legs (pivots) like a AI ( AX) bipod or PH or MDT or Atlas means you need to pre-load it to get it stable but the recoil seems more direct back into my shoulder with less bounce. I prefer this. I have friends with the same rifle who prefer the Fortmeier. Maybe it bounces less for them? 

For an over the barrel bipod the Fortmeier is well made for a reasonable price. 

Saddle type bipods like the Atlas H series tend to give a larger leg spread which can translate into more stability.

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Very much prefer my fortmeir over my AI bipod . It’s better on gravel shooting points and it tends to slide rather than jump but I use it in the normal way underneath the rifle using the normal spigot .


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