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Light .223

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This customers brief was a lightweight rifle in .223 for climbing up and down Cumbria with.


I started with a Borden Alpine action, to which was fitted a 20" sassen cut rifled, heavily fluted varmint weight blank. M18 x 1 and capped.


This is the way I always advise a customer to go when weight is an issue, and the calibre allows for a short barrel. A short stiff varmint is always going to be more accurate than a long thin sporter.


The barrelled action is painted in OD cerakote.

Picked a nice lightweight Hausken moderator for it too.


Trigger is a Calvin Elite, and its sat in one of Edi's stocks.

The recoil lug socket was bedded.

Floorplate is an Atlasworx.

Customer wanted one of the old "baldiecam" patterns, and this was executed in several shades of Duracoat, which is actually better for stocks than Cerakoat.



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Just for my information and you build what the customer wants, but seeing it only a 223 which isn't exactly a ferocious chambering and will work in a relatively short barrel wouldn't a short sporter barrel have worked fine? No need to flute the barrel and if it is being used as a foxing rifle or similar it probably wouldn't fire long strings to excessively heat the barrel.


Many thanks,



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It will also be used as a plinker, so will get some rounds down it from time to time.

The customer also wanted to use this stock, which has a very wide barrel channel, and a sporter would have looked silly.

I also hate sporter profiles, with a passion.

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I have a 26” rem varmint in the same stock and it is light and well balanced, considering the barrel length. 

I also have a 20” heavy sporter in the pse multipurpose and it’s even lighter - what I’d call the best all round carry/foxing set up 

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