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Borden Woodie

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Finished this a couple of weeks back.


One of our local target shooters, wanted something a bit special in his retirement.

He likes to have a bit of a plink, and a bit of non too serious FTR etc.

We started with a single shot Borden Alpine action, and fitted it with a Sassen cut rifled blank [think it was, or could have been a Bartlien ] heavy varmint contour in a 1-10".


11 degree target crown, and bead blasted to match the action.

The stock was made by Warren Edwards who is very close to me in Rotherham, and we've done several bits together now.

This is a beautiful piece of Turkish walnut, and he brought it over, roughed out so I could bed it.


It then went to the chequerer, who did a beautiful job on the skip-line, and then came back for finishing.


Trigger is a trigger tech, and it has an ADL trigger guard.


Something a little different for a refreshing change.





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12 minutes ago, dasherman said:

If your confused over which blank is which Dave just remember the Bartlein will be the one that the bore size stamped on the end relates to the actual pilot bush you’ll use whereas the Sassen will be all over the place. Nice bit of wood.

Really? My smith says that the Sassen machines every bit as well as a Bartlein and the bore was more concentric. 

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