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A small insight to what we do.

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Hi ladies and gents, some of you will be aware of the rifle work i do, some of you will not be. I just wanted to introduce myself and share a few recent jobs etc. So I thought i’d post a few pics of the services we offer (sorry for picture quality-not sure how else). Any questions, just ask. 😁

And for any that are interested there are more pictures and videos on my social media pages and website. 

Best regards







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I'd also like to give a thumbs up to Jacks work. I rocked up at his workshop  a few months ago to get a barrel threaded and a brake fitted which was done while I went for a stroll, and then got a jump start for my car afterwards!

Can't say fairer than that.

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On 9/7/2020 at 9:26 PM, rangey said:

Also had some work done by Jack on my Howa rifles,all sporting his tactical bolt handles.having seen his work he is now rebarreling my 22.250.bartlein 1in12 twist with a 26 inch barrel.fluted bolt.

Looking forward to seeing the end result

Couple pics from the chambering and threading. 



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Certainly shoots... 

That's after 20 bedding rounds and crap weather 

I would say it can only get better after a few more rounds, but don't think I need more load testing after my first 5 rounds with home loads.. Just try a few more of the same.. 

Big thanks to Jack and the work he's done

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I mostly forget to take pictures of builds, this one went out the door this week. Pierce custom action, Bartlein barrel chambered in 6mm XC, fluted barrel, Bix N Andy 2 stage trigger, HS Precision stock and DBM. The barrel profile didn’t fit the stock so i 3D modeled the barrel in my CAD software and created a reverse image. Then generated a 3D toolpath for my Haas CNC mill, and machined it for a perfect fit. 




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Finally caught up after the arrival of my daughter, and have been working out how to fit in shifts in the workshop. So i finally managed to get the the subplate fitted to the Haas CNC mill. This subplate weighs 200kg and was a bit of task lifting it in palce with only 2 people. Now i have the task of re-aligning the mill and setting up all the tools. 

The subplate extends the workspace of the mill to allow enough space for barrel fluting, as well as working on larger pieces like stocks etc. 


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