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We manufacture the E-Tac4 carbon fibre stocks for S&L that go on the Tactical or Victory. Not sure if they are sold in the UK though. Never heard of anyone having one. They are popular for competitions / LR hunting in northern countries and possibly LE.

I think the aluminium Tactical action is absolutely fantastic, integrated 20MOA rail very light weight but can also be had in steel as far as I know. The Bolts lock into the barrels which are possibly the only cut barrels in factory rifles. Due to the locking mechanism in the barrel they don't use stainless steel as a barrel material. When I was at the company in Denmark it was astonishing how well bolts would be able to fit from one rifle to the next. They run very tight tolerances on barrel lugs and bolts so that these are interchangeable. Triggers are also fantastic.

Stocks are all steel pillar bedded and single row steel mags and steel floor plates are used. The only thing I would criticize is that a tactical rifle should have a mil approved mag system such as AI type mags or from the TRG.


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We have a Traveller model in 7.92x57 ( http://www.greatdanerifles.com/classic-traveller.html ) and consider it to be quite superb.  Accuracy cannot be faulted, though as it's a relatively thin barrel we do find it starts to string vertically after 4 or 5 shots fired in rapid succession. Not a problem in a hunting rifle where only 1 shot is likely to be fired. We'd imagine the Tacticool version, with its heavy barrel, will be just as accurate and won't suffer from POI shift as it warms up.



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Just resurrecting the thread - I wondered if anyone had a SL Tactical or had shot one - thoughts and accuracy findings would be of interest - especially on the newer model with PSE ETac stock 



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Not shot a tactical version of S&L but have one of their blued and wood Victory stalking rifles in 6.5x47 (their factory barrel) and it is extremely accurate and does not ‘string’ after multiple (but not silly fast) shots. The wood is very nice the the blueing deep and ‘rich’. Triggers non too shabby either?

Can only think the tactical version would be as good/better?


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Thanks for the input Tel


Had hoped some with user experience may provide an informed update 

I think Davy has some experience of S&L too

The gist of the rifle is three lug action (one length- long) with magazine es which are controlled length by inserts (like Tikka T3)


Triggers  are two stage 

Barrels interchangeable with any other S&L and cut rifled 


Stock on the tactical is PSE E Tac so top if the  range


Actions are one piece steel with integral picatinny and flat base 

I’m interested as I believe there is merit in long action rifle for PRS comps using long action and heavy for calibre bullet and am pondering a suitable platform to go to 

I’m also considering other two lug actions with interchangeable bolt head but would rather have informed choice before I commit 


Obviousky accuracy is a factor for a “factory gun” not so with something I build as I know it will be as good as I am able 





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