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Snake's new toy. .308 Valhalla

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If only to stop him chewin my tits off........ :lol:




This is a Valhalla action with a facetted shroud, small firing pin and integral recoil lug. Barrelled with a fluted Border and a Valkyrie 2 port brake. It also has an A-tec mxim moderator. .20 moa rail and all bead blasted.




The bolt is coated and glides like ice on ice inside the bead blasted action.


Jewel trigger. Valkyrie bottom metal and AICS mags.




Ball handle which are always slicker in operation than the long tactical handles due to less leverage.


The stock is a Manners T5 and its fully bedded with pillars and devcon, as is the floor plate.


Paintwork is three shades of green, grey and matt black, to replicate McMillan marbling.






Now you are going to have to wait Paul. :D I,m having the weekend off.


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That's just cruel Dave...keeping a man from his new toy...shame on you....nice one as usual!

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OMG thats really slick!!!!!!!

He,s upset though I just rang him to tell him its on UKV and its visual virginity has been taken before him,,,,,,joking!!! Looking forward to helping Snake run it in and run up some loads with him.Another cracker Dave,,,,,,,,,,

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What do you mean you are off for the weekend !!!!!!!!! roll on my trip to the RFD next week then :-) it looks brilliant Dave thank you The action looks brilliant and the stock finish is even better than I expected, I have a massive smile on my face six months of waiting and ive got it for the summer :-) best we speak when you have had your weekend off so I can complete the transaction as my internet banking is off for the weekend as well :P :P :P :P ..First class ....



Couple of beers tonight to celebrate .........

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you must have some night ranges open up your way :-) could be in the post Monday if you get a few rounds through it tonight :D


Anyway I don't like it I BLOODY LOVE IT


Ps on a serious note drop me a final invoice over the weekend so I can sort out the last £3.75 owing ;)

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Just got in from Diggle.

The F class boys are having a horrendous day, its snowing, sleeting, and blowing a gale. A very unpleasant day up there.

I had a pleasant couple of hours with the two Gary,s and Pete, testing this gun and watching the guys loading for their 6ppcs.

Put 5 rounds down it to walk it on, then shot another 5 round group. The first was just on the paper, then the next four appeared to follow it down the same hole. I got stupidly excited, then when we checked, the last 4 had just been blown off the paper in a tiny group. :lol:

That made us all laugh somewhat.


Anyway, another group and the wind really was playing silly buggers.

Then the last group when I appear to have got them all of without a wind change.




That,ll do I think.

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only kidding! Daves description of the weather was spot on the sleet/rain/hail was at one point blowing into the fifing point on A range .Dave did get wet in his pants when he thought he had shot a screamer until we went down to the target and found then off the paper by 1/2" but 4 shots in a nice cluster.to say it was the first few down the pipe was a eye opener we were shooting our 6ppcs with wind flags and all the whistles and bells and struggled today .the poor buggers shooting in the nationals were soaked freezing but still smiling.

the new owner of the gun snake will be walking round with a lump in his pants for a long time.the gun is better in the flesh .

i think snake owes Dave a pint for going the extra mile testing the rifle- enjoy it!

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What can I say ? jeans just got tighter :-)


"Onehole", "stan", and I have been out today on a boys shopping trip to some dealers so I now have a full set of loading kit purchased under the watchful eye of the master "Onehole"...This week I will be be camped outside Ian Hodge field Sports Wadebridge waiting for the postman !


Thanks for taking it out Dave the grouping looks great especially considering the weather ! I cant wait to have a go and get my NXS set up on it......Bodmin moor will be the next stop .....


As for testing it in that weather Dave well if your ever down south the drinks are on me for sure and I will include "Onehole" on the beer token list..


Cheers for the update Gary :-)

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Sorry Snake378 all my shooting ground on Bodmin Moor suspended til the 3rd April when you go back to Surrey.

I'm afraid you'll just have to look at your lovely new rifle until you come down again. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! Only joking mate.

I'm waiting to try it too!!!!!

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Well I have got it and what a piece of kit :-)


I managed to get it to the range and popped on the tactical bolt loaded up the mag and couldn't get it to cycle a round ! bit of head scratching sat back and looked at it then remembered the conversation with Baldie re the potential of the bolt locking up with the extra travel of the tactical knob. Instead of going at it like a bull in a china shop I tried cycling it with my thumb on the back of the bolt keeping it straight in the forward motion and it slipped forward picking up the round and closed like an eel covered in baby oil !......The precision engineering wont let you throw it around like a worn out CZ it needs loving care and then it glides like silk. The smaller ball knob makes easier work of it as there is less leverage on the bolt but now I know the Bolt it really is so smooth that I smile just popping a full mag in :-).


As for firing it ....... well !!!!!! The jewel trigger just breaks and I watch these holes appearing a hundred yards away punching a hole about 1/2 an inch wide then they all just go into the same group time after time. I only fired 5 rounds to get it on to the paper then a couple of clicks on the NXS and I was away..

I have been using 155 AMax with a 44 grain load of V140 to run my first 100 Lapua cases in and under the watchful eye of "Onehole" will be upping the load slightly to see where the next set of rounds go with the fired cases.

I will then be sticking with the 155 A Max as the Gun was built for hunting and thats whats its going to do :-)...


Firing it with the Muzzle brake is probably the most fun I could have with my clothes on....


The A-Tech added goes great with the NXS as a contrast to the Action and Barrel finish and doesn't make any real difference to the feel of the gun compared to the wildcat on my .223 that is like having a full Tesco shopping bag hanging off the barrel.


Had a call from a farmer this morning so I am out tomorrow where hopefully a fox will be returning to the lambing field where he took one last night and the Valkyrie and I will be waiting to try those 155"s :-)


To say I am a Happy Chappy is an understatement, 6 months of waiting and now its in my hands it was worth every long winters day :-)


Big Thanks to Baldie for the work on it and thanks to "Onehole" for the endless loading lessons and Brews

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Your welcome Snake and look forward to seeing what load she really likes with those 155.s,,,,another 100yd range session with half a dozen loads then see if it all holds together further out.


Baldie,,,its the first time I,ve seen one of your creations in the flesh and i can see why you have a huge fan club,,,,Nice work indeed,,,very very nice.For Snakes application the choice of the "Palma" reamer is spot on and with Lapua brass needs minimal neck resizing,,,,yep nice 308 reamer you have got there!


Cheers O.

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