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A-Tacs Cammo on a 6mmBr


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Here,s my old 6mmBr. It was not getting used as i never got on with the old laminate stock it was in.


Got my sticky little mitts on an XLR and did some bad things to it.


Anyone familiar with the newest breed of cammo out there ?


A-Tacs. Very clever, and basically a move on from digital. It uses random pixels in a pattern that has around 20 shades/colours in it.




Anyway, i thought it may be a candidate for some Duracoat and a bit of an experiment. It didn,t turn out quite the same, but lessons were learnt, and it was fun. It gave a very pretty job in the end.






The stock is a very nice bit of kit. Well made, and light. Unfortunatly, all 25 that came over were damaged in shipping and will need some remedial duracoat. :angry:








My copy has around a dozen colours in, and the change from one to another is very subtle....dont think the camera has picked it up properly.





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Dave....you are a very bad man....... you know I will have to buy one of those from you now!!!


Will it be 6mmBR or 6mm SLR?


Looks fantastic!

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The 6mmSLR reamers are on their way Dave, but they are set up for single shot actions. All depends on whether you want a repeater or not.


I,m just building a repeater 6mmBr for a chap on here, on a Valkyrie, and the early developement work, specifically aimed at 6mmbr has paid off. It feeds and eject flawlessy from standard AICS mags.

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Hi Steve,

Yes it is , but in a different way to a stencilled design. There is actually more spraying time, but obviously no stencil time , or cost on this pattern. Its also amazingly frugal on paint, even though there are loads of shades on there.


Happy Christmate buddy. ;)

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