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semi custom Tikka

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Here,s one i finished this week for a shooting friend of mine. This actually started off simply as a rebarrel from .308 to .260....and sort of, er...snowballed. :lol:




Its a tactical tikka T3, which now has a border archer barrel at 28", finished in duracoat tactical flat black, screwcut 18 x 1 and fitted with a third eye spartan mod.


The stock is a manners t4 adjustable, and it also has a floorplate fitted, which accepts AICS 5 and 10 round mags.


Trigger has been resprung and fettled to give a safe 1lb release.






Final piece will be a new tactical bolt handle, which are currently in production, to finish it off.

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Dave, how do you rate these Manners stocks say against the AICS or McMillan A5?



They are excellent stocks with very accurate inletting, and a good deal harder, probarbly due to more resin in the build up. They are heavier than mcmillans however, but the quality is 100% good.


Personally, i,m not a fan of the shapes, and prefer mcmillans, but they are every bit as well made if not better.

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Looks very nice Dave!


Should be seeing one of your builds close up and personal in about. 3 months or so!


Mate wanted a 300 wm built and I recommended ur action ad it looks the dogs **$&**#


Think its going to be wearing a ai and a bartilin :-)


Cheers Andy

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