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The End of Rowland

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Hi Chaps.

A few days ago I bought a Leaf River "trail Cam". I had been after one for a while and do alot of baiting for fox.


I figured it would save me alot of time waiting around for Charlie to show. :wacko:


Before trying it in anger I thought I would test it in my garden.


There are always a few mice that live under the shed so I though it would be interesting to see if the Camera pickied up anythig.


I put some cake out as bait and set the Trail cam about 5 foot away ...Was suprised to say the least when I saw who turned up for dinner . :o











I didn't fancy this fellow setting up shop in my garden - so a job for the air rifle,


I re-baited the area - Got in from foxing last night and set my alarm for 4.00 am.


With the rifle at the ready and a Lenser torch mounted to my scope - I lit the area up..


Sat in the middle of the beam was Roland ... The pill struck true and ratty was four up.






Anyway - The Trail cam proved its worth - and no doubt will be just as useful on detecting fox.





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Does anybody know how change into pictures .... rather than just links.


Sorry computers are not my thing :blush:






Hi Al,


From your photobucket you need to copy the IMG CODE and paste that into your post.


PS Keep any eye on your cam there is never just one rat....nice shot by the way!

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Funny I have been doing a similar thing with my trail cam. I was surprised how many cats came in my garden. Manage to catch out a couple of my sons mates pinching the thermometer off the outside of the kitchen window. You should have seen their faces when I told them about it :blink: they bought me a new one :D

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