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  1. whoowhoop

    We need to vote on this!

    Done, although I had to paste the link in my browser. It told me I had already voted? The vote is in the botom left hand corner of the page. It's rather a convoluted site - only really gives you scope to support them. The list of "supporters" is no surprise.
  2. whoowhoop

    channel 4 : foxes live

    Try this link: http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2012/apr/19/channel-4-live-urban-foxes Given that the expert vet is Mark Evans, and who the host (ess) is, somehow I doubt if it will say anything positive about the need for control in some cases. Be prepared for depiction of cammo clad blood thirsty wildlife haters..... Or am I just being paranoid? Perhaps you missed this gem: http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/london/fury-as-bbc-presenter-chris-packham-says-he-cant-believe-fox-attack-claims-7675448.html and http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2134197/The-fox-attack-myth-BBC-man-Chris-Packham-says-doesnt-believe-people-attacked-animal.html
  3. whoowhoop

    Interesting rifles for Sale via PRS

    I've just had a quick look. Sod it! Shan't be able to sleep tonight now....
  4. whoowhoop

    rook shooting

    It's very complex/obtuse but that is the idea. I know of several people who have fallen foul of this licensing system, just because "they have always done it", which is no excuse. We lost the control of certain gull species simply because nobody bothered to apply for a simple licence which therefore meant no need to continue with control. The same happened with badgers, believe it or not - nobody bothered, they just carried on as before. Gary, I carry out a lot of work under several licences, I shall be oiling Canada geese eggs soon, another General Licence job. Were I to not adhere to any conditions, and be prosecuted,it would make it extremely difficult for me to carry out any further work. I'll bet this chap didn't understand that: http://www.shootingtimes.co.uk/news/532033/Farmer_fined_for_trapping.html There are a lot of pitfalls out there for us, and we have many active and proficient opponents. Just a heads up for you guys, nothing more. Now have some Serious Fun!
  5. whoowhoop

    rook shooting

    Just a heads up for you from Natural England: http://www.naturalengland.org.uk/about_us/news/2011/050811.aspx The General Licence link is on that page, and the specific one would be: http://www.naturalengland.org.uk/Images/wlc-gl04_tcm6-24149.pdf That would cover you for crop damage. There are various other licences on the site. I would suggest that you print off the link above and keep it with you. You do not need to apply for a licence, but you do need to know what it allows. Licences are often amended without notice, so it is worth checking every so often and definitely printing off a copy each year. Remember, you must not enjoy it - it's control not sport!
  6. I saw these at Newark 3 years back and they looked and felt extremely comfortable. Not to everyones taste but who buys kit to impress somebody else? Keep thinking about one for my Finnlight.
  7. whoowhoop

    A very gifted man

    He certainly shows he has a feel for the wood, and a good eye for detail. Some very impressive technique shown in the pictures
  8. whoowhoop

    A very gifted man

    "Let's see what you could have won..."
  9. whoowhoop

    Foxing in Norway

    Old canadian trappers used to say that a fox without his brush would freeze to death in winter
  10. whoowhoop

    It started like this

    A thing of beauty is a joy forever..
  11. I bought one of these when they came out, and found it pretty handy as there is no battery pack swinging about. However, I have had problems with reflected light from the moderators fitted to my rifles, at times it was useless.Even worse with a neoprene cover on. Also it was difficult at times to see with clarity what was in the beam when looking through the scope. I contacted Cluson by email and they recommended an extension, as they don't make an anti spill kit. I caught up with them at Newark and explained what my problem was. They very kindly gave me one of these extensions to try,and also a spare bolt for my sons outfit. No charge. It is just a higher mount for the collar that the lamp fits into. I tried the extension out and I have to say it has made a great difference. No more bleed, a much clearer picture and it seems a bit easier adjustment. My one concern is that it makes it easier to dislodge the lamp when carried in a vehicle. But still a definite thumbs up to Cluson for service.
  12. whoowhoop


    Just glad I'm sitting down.......
  13. whoowhoop

    You think you're having a bad day ?

    Yeah, mate. Common fault with Navaras. This one happens to be the engine model before the one with the problems. Sh1t happens.
  14. whoowhoop

    You think you're having a bad day ?

    A bad day? Well, coming back from Newark, last night, an ominous clattering developed from under the bonnet - where the expensive bit lurks. Managed to get down the A1, thank God, made it onto the the home run and about a mile from home she blew. Great bang, loss of everything - especially the oil which ran out of the hole in the block. Result - one scrap Navara. Luckily a friend in the village towed me back to the farm. Oh well! Could have been worse. Just glad I didn't spend all me dosh at the show.
  15. whoowhoop

    Shooting Show - Newark

    I just knew the name was familiar - nice to put a face to it.

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