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  1. Hello Alan - I'll be in your neck of the woods this Friday, briefly, and though I'm not sure if I'll have time it would be great to hook up - if you felt like it. Email me, please: anthony@houseshoot.com

    Regards, Tony

  2. sir-slots-alot

    Shooting CD's at 616 yards

    Brilliant shooting Si - Not easy in those conditions either. ATB Alan
  3. sir-slots-alot

    Quick outing tonight

    Not one for the Taxidermist, I guess . Great shooting Rich ATB Alan GAZ - Marty Fellman -- LOL -- A classic
  4. sir-slots-alot

    Is there?

    Spud Personally, I think you will struggle to sell many copies as there is just so much information freely available on Youtube. Newbies will just sift through, until they find what they are looking for. I suppose its worth doing if there is minimal cost to you - but I wouldn't invest lot of money in it. ATB Alan
  5. sir-slots-alot

    Tikka T3 Varmint

    I am not suprised your very happy - a 0.2 inch groups at 100 mts - using a Night sight Its not April the first already is it Daz. I have had several super varmints in 223 and 243 - Each rifle had a NV scope mounted to it - so I have quite bit of experience. The T3 supervarmint is the rifle of choice if you want to mount a NV unit IMO. Only bettered by the Steyr Elite which seems to be made for NV work. http://www.sportsmanguncentre.co.uk/product/14b54a07a5d8d1415084733/STEYR+Elite/ However the Steyr Elite is nearly a grand more, As said, the Supervarmint comes fitted with a picatinny rail as standard - so your NV scope will slot straight on. As your NV scope will sit alot higher than day optics - it is crucial that you get your cheek on the stock. The Super V's adjustable Cheek piece is perfect for the job. In general the Tikka supervarmints are a quality bit of kit. ATB Alan
  6. sir-slots-alot

    17 rem accuracy

    HI - I use Vit n133. I always got the odd unexplanable flyer when I tried Varget. ATB Alan
  7. sir-slots-alot

    First outing with the Hornet

    Great result WB and an interesting read. ATB Alan
  8. sir-slots-alot

    .17 nosler varmageddon

    Hi Gaz. Can your pal get hold of any Todd Kindler bullets. Would love to try them. ATB Al
  9. sir-slots-alot

    An other good fox night

    Hi Ronny. It's a hypergen sm scope from NVscopes. Its ok - not gen 3 ok - but good enough ATB Alan
  10. sir-slots-alot

    17 rem accuracy

    Well I've just got back home after spending a wonderful afternoon with the 17 rem in the winter sun - 16 shots at assorted vermin, the furthest shot being 275 yrds It accounted for 14 head of vermin ( The other 2 shots were at small potatoes that I put on a stick at 300 yrds ) No doubt you have heard the horror stories about the 17 rem - terrible in wind - not suitable for fox - Not accurate after 10 shots - burns barrels out after 600 shots Its utter bo11ox. I was first introduced to the 17 rem - about 15 yrs ago by a chap who has used nothing else since the mid 70's At this time I used a 22.250 tikka continental. We spend the afternoon varminting side by side - Me with a 22.250 and him with the 17 rem. I was amazed - The 17 kept up with the 22.250 all day - even when pushed past 350 yrds - the 17 rem just poleaxed bunnies. I have been out most of today with my 17 rem and I have nothing but accolades for it. Laser flat trejectory - no recoil , so you can watch the strike every time - accuracy is excellent even after a days shooting. As for barrel life - well that depends how hot you run em - I use 21.5 grn of powder behind a 25 grn vmax and get 4060 fps. IMO the will give better barrel life than a 22.250 with uses about 36 - 40grns - or a 204 R which uses 26-28 grns. As for downsides - the biggest is obviously most manufacturers have stopped making the calibre so you either take a chance of finding and buying a second hand one or re-barrel. Remington cases need a sort through before reloading - there's the odd one which needs flinging. I suppose windy days are its achillies heel - but thats true of most of the little calibres - isn't it. Only other point I have - you need to be precise when re-loading. The 17 will spit is dummy out quite readily A perfect cal for what your after IMO Hope my post helps ATB Alan
  11. sir-slots-alot


    Welcome to Gaz - hopefully we can meet up for a shot soon. ATB Alan
  12. sir-slots-alot

    An other good fox night

    Cheers Gaz ( minkstones mate ) Hi WB - Personally - I prefer a boiler room shot every time - always a risk of hitting the jaw with head shots. Not sure what other people think on here - lot of really experienced guys - What do you thnk lads. Agian thank for all the people who posted comments. ATB Alan
  13. sir-slots-alot

    Day time fox shooting

    Thanks lads for taking the time to post a comment. Hope you all have a great 2012. ATB Alan
  14. sir-slots-alot


    Hi Nige. Glad you have joined us mate. Happy new year to you and Jill to Al
  15. sir-slots-alot

    Day time fox shooting

    Hi Gents. A few days ago , I recived a call from a farmer who had just seen a fox walk off with one of his chickens in its mouth...He was not a happy Finally it stopped raining - so I headed for the farm with my 17 rem in tow. Parking myself against a hedgerow and looking out over the hills. The first shot presented itself - A magpie at 410 yrds - I dialled the shot in giving allowance for a 5 mph crosswind and took the shot. The 25 grn Vmax was there in an instant - The bullet took a tail feather off the lucky little bird - which flew off like a bat out of hell. The area I picked was sheltered by the hedge and I had under estimated the wind... nice try but no cigar Anyway I was there to get the fox. ( and maybe a bunny or two ) I regularly call foxes in the day time and have had great success over the years. However getting it on film is tricky - especially when your alone and your the camera man and trigger man. A cracking day - several crows - a couple of rabbits - and the money shot of course (the fox) I managed to get on film too Here the vid ( watch on full screen ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bA2qASWWIY All the best for the new year Alan

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