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  1. Paul Cat

    Hawke subsonic reticle available for Strelok Pro?

    Okay, thanks. Maybe I need to wait a bit longer then.
  2. Paul Cat

    Hawke subsonic reticle available for Strelok Pro?

    Do you have to update the app? I received a reply from Mr Borisov, sent him the reticles I wanted added but have yet to see them.
  3. Paul Cat

    Leupold scope

    I've no wish to hijack your thread but I'm in a very similar position having a Leupold scope that I'd like to change for (maybe) a Vortex. I'm keen to see how this works out.
  4. I have a Howa 1500 .243 with a Hogue stock. I like the feel of the stock and the fact that I can't accidentally damage a nice piece of timber but it does flex. Is it worth stiffening the stock or should I, as one RFD suggested, throw the stock away and buy something else?
  5. Paul Cat

    Quad bike insurance

    That's okay. Someone has suggested that NFU don't like insuring single items/vehisles. It's also obvious from my calls to brokers that underwriters don't like quads but I think that relates to the road type, unfortunately the agricultural ones get tarred with the same brush. The comment about a top box being a modification seems to back that up. Not to worry, I can just stay with my current insurers.
  6. Paul Cat

    Cz 455 ......17 hmr steel mags

    Go for it Gazza, I already have a spare. 😁
  7. Paul Cat

    Quad bike insurance

    You'd think so, wouldn't you? They don't though.
  8. Paul Cat

    Cz 455 ......17 hmr steel mags

    Out of interest are there problems with the polymer type? Mine have been fine, just curious.
  9. Paul Cat

    Quad bike insurance

    Where do people go for reasonable rates? I've had mine with Bikesure for a few years and while they are okay (none of the nonsense mentioned below) I thought I would ring around for comparisons at this year's renewal. A new (to me) name in the market is 'Itsaquadbikeinsurance' who one would hope understand what they are dealing with, in this instance a plain old Honda Fourtrax. Not new, not exotic but it does the job. In answer to the question 'Any modifications' I mentioned a top box which caused them to clutch their pearls and refuse to quote because "It's a modification". 🙄 I've asked the NGO if members qualify for discount anywhere and await their reply but the more alternatives the better. TIA
  10. Paul Cat

    Action deep clean

    I haven't the faintest. One has staff for that sort of thing 😉
  11. Paul Cat

    Adjustable Comb

    Thanks for resurrecting this thread, comb raisers are on my wish list at the moment. I've just ordered a couple of slip-ons (oooer, missus) but something like this might suit a couple of my rifles. I'll phone him for an estimate tomorrow.
  12. Paul Cat

    grab bag knife

    It must be exhausting always standing by the back door, on one's toes ready to sprint off to ummmmm............somewhere. 😉
  13. Paul Cat

    grab bag knife

    Whoop! Whoop! Thread resurrection alert! Why might one need a 'grab bag'? Does this have anything to do with zombies?
  14. Paul Cat


    I think the ones in Scotland are too far away unless nothing comes up dahn sarf (or east or west). I've done some range shooting in the US with friends who own all manner of firearms but no hunting there. Forecast is good tomorrow. I'll pack a picnic, head up to the quarry in the afternoon for some targets (new moderator on one rifle so that'll need zeroing) followed by an evening on the foxes. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
  15. Paul Cat


    It'll be a while before I'm seeing my friends in the US, either here or there. Their countrymen seem hell bent on infecting the entire country, it's going to be months before I get the chance to pick up some cheap ammunition.

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