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  1. I bought a pair of Decibullz which are widely available. Most sellers quote long delivery times though, 2-3 weeks, which suggests none of them carry stock. They're only £25-30 a pair so I don't understand why not. The instructions said to 'boil water, put it in a mug, drop in an earplug, wait 5 minutes, remove, cool for a minute or two, insert into ear, wait five minutes then remove the earplug "which is now perfectly moulded to your ear shape". Repeat for other ear.' Mine didn't quite go like that........🙄 Boiled water, poured it into mug, dropped in ear plug, waited five minutes, spooned out a blob of molten silicone with the hard plastic bit in the middle, tried to push the flat, runny silicone into something approximating a ball to aid insertion, got close but with half the silicone stuck to the metal spoon (recommended in instructions to prevent sticking), some on my fingers, some still in the mug. Prodded and poked the now hardening silicone into my ear, realised it was not soft enough, dropped it back into the mug, took it back out, got more stuck to the spoon and my fingers, realised I was down to about 2/3 of the original silicone and that some had blocked the hard plastic canal that should be in the middle but was now offset in what looked like a piece of compressed candy floss. Tried with the second one, similar result. Took photos, sent to seller, got a refund. I'm still searching for something so am keen to see what other answers you get.
  2. Nice scope with good clarity, I just need to make room in the cupboard. Good condition with only two small marks (see photos) which the camera flash flare exaggerates, in use these are not noticable. Serial number confirmed by Leupold as genuine. £300 posted.
  3. The one I have is about the size of a 2lb bag of sugar, too small I think.
  4. Paul Cat

    Leupold scope

    Thanks. I should get around to advertising mine......
  5. Paul Cat

    Hawke subsonic reticle available for Strelok Pro?

    Okay, thanks. Maybe I need to wait a bit longer then.
  6. Paul Cat

    Hawke subsonic reticle available for Strelok Pro?

    Do you have to update the app? I received a reply from Mr Borisov, sent him the reticles I wanted added but have yet to see them.
  7. Paul Cat

    Leupold scope

    I've no wish to hijack your thread but I'm in a very similar position having a Leupold scope that I'd like to change for (maybe) a Vortex. I'm keen to see how this works out.
  8. I have a Howa 1500 .243 with a Hogue stock. I like the feel of the stock and the fact that I can't accidentally damage a nice piece of timber but it does flex. Is it worth stiffening the stock or should I, as one RFD suggested, throw the stock away and buy something else?
  9. Paul Cat

    Quad bike insurance

    That's okay. Someone has suggested that NFU don't like insuring single items/vehisles. It's also obvious from my calls to brokers that underwriters don't like quads but I think that relates to the road type, unfortunately the agricultural ones get tarred with the same brush. The comment about a top box being a modification seems to back that up. Not to worry, I can just stay with my current insurers.
  10. Paul Cat

    Cz 455 ......17 hmr steel mags

    Go for it Gazza, I already have a spare. 😁
  11. Paul Cat

    Quad bike insurance

    You'd think so, wouldn't you? They don't though.

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