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  1. Villadave59


  2. Villadave59


    same attempt on wanted ad for BAR15 same bloke ,also response last week in wanted for tenabraex covers,user name Gary telling me to "reach out to Richard in Chicago! admin informed, but do not respond to email plus definitely dont paypal F+F or send money, sad but just wont respond now to anyone who is not an established member ,easy to drop your guard at this difficult time so be extra vigilant,Dave
  3. Hi,could you send pictures of the BAR 22 if you still have it please please
  4. Villadave59

    Bradley Arms BAR 15

    Got it Roy thanks, as discussed I spoke to Nick about a build from Bradley Arms but proof house is closed understandably until further notice .
  5. Villadave59

    Bradley Arms BAR 15

    Thanks for the effort Collin ,yes he had an AR10
  6. Villadave59

    Bradley Arms BAR 15

    Looking for Bradley Arms BAR 15 if anyone is considering selling one,thanks
  7. I think this is a good place to sell these plus maybe stalking directory and pigeon watch classified ads.
  8. Villadave59

    Covid 19 Virus

    Well put,couldn't agree more
  9. Villadave59

    Tenabraex lens covers PM 2

    Hi,after Tenabraex lens covers for Schmidt bender PM2 4-16x50 if anyone has any they'd sell. thanks.
  10. Dave have sent you a PM

  11. Villadave59

    Steiner M5XI

    What do you have in mind?
  12. Villadave59

    Steiner M5XI

    Bump and Christmas price drop £1450 for scope only
  13. Fantastic package Roy, and a great opportunity to get the complete turn- key set up at a great price.,
  14. Villadave59

    Steiner M5XI

    Final Price drop £1500 for scope only

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