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  1. Villadave59

    300m Electronic @ Bisley

    If you’re competent and safe already you can do the safe shooter certification condensed into one day, which is what I did , it consists of a full day of Safety awareness and includes live firing with 22 s/a lever action rifle and 308 target rifles all weapons and ammo included ,culminating with a short exam at the end of the course, I found it enjoyable ,go for it.
  2. Interested in this pm sent is this still available?
  3. Sorry just noticed 2fp on scope !
  4. Hi Kevin what reticle does this have and which focal plane option please
  5. Dave at Valkyrie did mine 6.5 cm bartlein barrel profile to match existing factory barrel , colour perfect match,threaded for AI tactical brake first class friendly service.
  6. Villadave59

    Knife kit?

    Very nice Terry's Stunning ,
  7. Villadave59


    Very sorry to hear about you being scammed by this vermin,This is an obvious pattern on the wanted section ,not sure how you can stamp it out, i had similar experience with the "reach out to Gary ploy"when I put wanted ad for tenabraex scope covers, the price offered was pitched at around 25% cheaper than retail so they'd done some research what stopped me was the third party referral ,just didn't smell right,I pm,d admin but not sure what they can do I think perhaps only deal with established members only which is a real shame ,good luck with police hope they track them 😬
  8. Villadave59

    PM2 3-12x50

    Bump and price drop now £1000 posted RMSD
  9. Schmidt &Bender PM2 3-12x50 FFP 34mm tube parallax free 300yds "Bryant reticle " 1 click=1CM , c/w one piece AI mount asking £1050 posted RMSD ,for additional information ,photos ect please pm
  10. Provisionally sold subject to usual
  11. Sorry should read "rifle and moderator not scope!
  12. Weirauch jagdmatch 17 Hornet, new/unfired with tags c/w wildcat panther dedicated 17 Hornet sound moderator, this has never been fired,or had a scope mounted ,only taken out of box and put in cabinet ,trigger is amazing on these only selling to fund a build ,from what I understand there is quite a wait for these £1100 for rifle and moderator,obviously RFD to RFD I'll pay my end buyer to do same their end

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