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Found 25 results

  1. RCBS Case Trimmer in excellent to Good condition used. Not offered anywhere else £90.00 including postage failsworth Manchester thanks nick sold pending funds SOLD
  2. Hornady concentricity Gauge Boxed excellent condition surplus to requirements £140.00 Ono not offered anywhere else failsworth Manchester
  3. Evening all, I’m really struggling to find .32 Winchester Special brass. Now I know you can neck up 30/30 and I’m happy to do that - but the perfectionist in me kind of needs the right case stamps too! Can anyone help? many thanks 🙂
  4. 1 tub of un opened viht 165 for sale £80.00 face to face Not offered anywhere else. Failsworth Manchester. Thanks Nick
  5. Surplus to requirements I have 1100 boxed Scenar L 90gn 6br for Sale. not offered anywhere else . £350.00 includes postage . Failsworth Manchester. Thanks Nick
  6. RCBS Powder Dropper with bench bracket Good condition. not advertise anywhere else. £60.00 includes postage. failsworth, Manchester thanks Nick
  7. Got a ¾ full bottle. Still good to use. Temperature Indication range is 343°C / 650°F. Must be somebody doing annealing that can put this to use. £12 inc postage in a well packaged box. Pm me if interested
  8. I have a complete reloading kit I am selling. The plan was to get into reloading but after buying everything I have realised I don’t get the time and everything is just collecting dust. A few bits have sold and the next wave is below. This kit is all brand new! RCBS BRASS BOSS - SOLD Redding Big Boss 2 Press - £220 collected due to weight. RCBS Trim Pro 2 with pilots - SOLD RCBS Universal hand priming tool - £85 posted Let me know if there is anything else you are after as I probably have it.
  9. Scenar L 105 Bullets Molly coated qty 500 for sale. Boxed in 100s. 6mm Not offered any where else . all 500 for £125.00 go half with postage. failsworth, Manchester . Thanks Nick
  10. The plan was to get into reloading but I haven’t had the time, unfortunately I brought all the kit to do it and never been used.Selling brand new RCBS Charge Master 1500.UK 3 pin plug rather than needing adaptor.Comes with all paper work and box.£425 - SOLDSpud Reloading selling for £550
  11. Brand new, Never used Thermo Digital Pyrometer for melting pot solder or salts. £38.00 includes postage. Lee Precision Melter 220v never used £55.00 including postage. Thermocouples BRMNEZ Brand new unused £12.00 include postage. 2 6br mtm boxes £4.00 each. New include postage. Sold. All above items Not offered anywhere else, Manchester. M350ns. Thanks nick
  12. Folks Tidying up my reloading bench so for sale. All PPal F&F. Set of M500 scales in excellent condition. I bought them and then a month later bought Chargemaster so don’t need these now £60.00 + Postage Sold RCBS Powder thrower - it's the one with the micrometer adjuster) in as new condition including the RCBS a stand. Still have the box and all the bits it came £80 plus pp RCBS Auto Priming Tool £60+pp Comes with an additional large primer tube Sold Lee Bench Plate: Quick press removal without unbolting from the bench. Includes 1 steel base block and special elevator bolt hardware. Never used and bolts etc still sealed. Can't remember why I bought it. £10+pp Sold Grab yourselves a bargain
  13. The below is some of the items I have lying around that have become surplus to reloading requirements. Remaining surplus products will be posted next month. 157 x .308win RWS brass, once fired. It has been deprimed and cleaned (dry tumbling) - £50.00 All bullets are projectiles only, not complete rounds 152 x .308win Dyer bullets, 155gn - £55.00 200 x .308win Berger 200.20x hybrid bullets - £140.00 500 x .308win Sierra 190gn bullets (#2210C) - £200.00 146 x .270win Hornady GMX (non toxic) 130gn bullet (+11 undamaged pulled bullets as extras) - £130.00 Prices do not include shipping. I would intend to charge the cost price for that as it may vary depending on quantities of stuff requested. Please message if interested. Thise stuff is not advertised anywhere else.
  14. Good morning, currently have Hornady lock and load digital scales electrical. Now over the week they have thrown more "over " charges I've lost count. I've emailed the importers and awaiting a reply. I've tried to calibrate them but they just won't calibrate. What other preferences of weighing is suitable. Finally I do have Hornady balance beam scales. Do I need anything else? Thanks nick
  15. Bullets for sale. (Some old style packaging, some tatty boxes, those labelled "pulled" were not crimped and neck tension less than 2thou) Prices include UK postage. Advertised elsewhere. .308 48x Sierra No.2160 180gr Spitzer Boat tail. V old style packaging £15 100x Sierra No.2123 135gr Matchking HPBT (box open but none used or pulled) £30 56x Sierra No.2124 135gr Varminter HP £17 100x Hornady No.3033 150gr BT Soft-point Interlock (box open, none used or pulled) £30 SOLD 70x Hornady No.3031 150gr Soft-point Interlock £22 SOLD 80x Hornady No.3075 180gr RN (Soft-point, round-nose, flat-base) £30 SOLD 300x Hornady No. 23010 V-Max (3 unopened boxes of 100) £30 per box of 100 100x Lapua Scenar 167gr MOLY-coated (box open but none used or pulled) £25 SOLD 7mm/.284 100x Hornady No.22810 Vmax 120gr (box open but none used or pulled) £30 191+21 pulled (Total 212) Hornady No. 28202 SST 139gr (Open boxes and sorted by base to Ogive) £60 for the lot 113x +17 pulled (Total 130) Hornady No. 28402 162gr A-Max (Open boxes) £35 SOLD 50x Nosler 160gr Partition (box open but none used or pulled) £40 74x Nosler 160gr Accubond No. 54932 (in two open boxes, none pulled) £35 for 50, £50 for all 74, £17 for 24 SOLD 40x Swift Scirocco 150gr £15 SOLD 6mm/.243 100x Hornady No. 2453 BTSP 100gr £20 SOLD 32x Hornady No. 2440 Soft-point 87gr £10 SOLD 60x Hornady No. 22440 V-Max 87gr £18 SOLD 84x Lapua Scenar 105gr £32 170x +18 pulled (Total 188) Sierra No. 4100 Gamechanger/TGK 90gr (one box open, one of 100x sealed) £40 per unopened box of 100, £63 for all, £30 for 88 ALL SOLD 53x Barnes No.24372 Varmint Grenade 62gr HP £15 SOLD .224 100x Hornady No. 22792 A-Max 75gr £32 SOLD
  16. Nick 53


    Hi all, Reloading for my 6br when I full length re size the cases the expanded ball is reluctant to come out of the Lapua brass and it rips the neck away from case of the brass. The cases are lubed . Is there a solution. Thanks Nick
  17. 230/297 Morris tube ammunition got a few of these if there of any use to anyone both long and short no boxes . £10.00 for 20 9.5X57 KYNOCH Boxed £10 a box of 10
  18. Hi all. Ive approx 400 GGG 308 brass. Its been Wet Tumbled and more importantly the Military Crimp has been Swaged out. Looking for £12 per 100. Deliver is at cost depending on how many you want or you can collect from Fareham.
  19. Hi Guys, a reduction in free time means I need to clear out some bits that I'm not likely to use up any time soon. I have for sale 1 full kg of N550 and a further approx 750g 2 x 1kg tubs of Elcho 17 (RS60) 2 x 1kg tubs of EI130 (which was the early name for RS52) I honestly can't remember what I paid for any of these but it all seems to average £90/kg RRP so I'm looking for £70/kg for the sealed RS powders and as it is a few years older £60 for the sealed N550 and £30 for the partial bottle. Finally I have approx 300g of Viht N140 and 450g of Lovex DO 73.6 these both came to me from a friend who was emigrating as I don't know what state they're in they are free to anyone who wants them with preference to anyone who buys something else. Can meet at Bisley weekend of 18/19th or Saturday am this weekend. If you're looking to meet mid week drop me a message. Advertising elsewhere and open to sensible offers or possible trades. Cheers Chris
  20. Hi, what are the pro and cons of using a Primer Pocket uniformer? This is for 6 br rifle using Lapua brass. Nick
  21. I have an excellent set of RCBS 22-250 Rem dies for sale. FL resizer and bullet seater. I'd like £30 for them. This includes postage UK mainland. I've advertised these elsewhere too. Any questions please ask. Thanks, Rupert
  22. I have for sale over 1000 5.56 once fired cases and roughly 800 7.62 once fired cases. Planned to reload them myself but haven't got around to it yet... Also around 100 7.62 NRA imperial 2017 once fired cases still in original packaging with the appropriate head stamps. Happy to sell in any quantities. Looking for £7.50/100 for 5.56 and £10/100 for 7.62 but open to sensible offers. Will post at cost or can collect from Stoke/Ashbourne area. Thanks for looking
  23. It started life as a .223 Remington 700P. The rifle was sent to Valkyrie Rifles for Dave to work his magic on. I wanted to be able to hit gongs out to 1000 yards! The rifle was built during January 2015. The action was blue printed and a barley twist was added to the bolt along with a tactical bolt knob. It has a 28” Pacnor Super Match Barrel with a 1 in 7 twist. Chambered in .223 Wylde, an 11 degree target crown was added and it was then screw cut for a Jet-Z moderator and an invisible end cap! The action, the bolt, the barrel and the moderator were then all Ceracoated in graphite black H series! This superb barrelled action now sits in an MDT Tac 21 chassis system. This modular chassis system has a built in 20 MOA Picatinny rail that runs the length of the system. Because this chassis accepts AR parts, I opted for a Houge pistol grip and a Magpul PRS adjustable but stock. Because of the removable butt stock, this long rifle is easily carried in a hard case. The rifle has fired a total of 344 rounds including the 5 rounds Dave fired through it way back in 2015! Using the load I’ve developed this rifle shoots .3 MOA @ 100 yards and reliably reaches out to the required distance! (We’re not talking about a barn door size target either. I shoot a 20”x 20” steel gong… Thats 2 MOA!) I have spent quite some time collecting the tools and materials required to make this rifle preform how I wanted. When I found the bullets it liked, I bought them in BULK! I’d like to sell it all including the info on load data. The Sale consists of: Semi Custom Remington in an MDT chassis system 1x 10 Round metal Accurate Mag Jet-Z Moderator Black Rifle Picatinny Rail (Mounted to fore grip to mount Bipod) 14x Box Hornady 80gr A-Max (1400 bullets!) 11 boxes all from the same batch 2x Tubs of H4895 (Enough powder for 540+ rounds) 200x PPU Brass - New 200x PPU Brass - Once fired (Formed in this chamber) 132x PPU Brass - Twice fired (Formed in this chamber on 2nd shoot) 118x Magtech Brass - Twice fired (From a previous chamber) Redding Competition Bullet seater (Micrometer type) A-Max bullet seater Stem. (VLD Stem and original also included) Hornady Lock-N-Load .223 Bullet Comparator insert Brush & Jag attachment for barrel cleaning Hard Case with egg shell foam All the above has cost in excess of £4.5k and the rifle has seen hardly any use. (The A-Max bullets alone make £500 of that and obviously they’ve never been used!) I’m asking for £3,500 for the whole package. £2,000 for the rifle in the Chassis System, Prs Stock, Pistol Grip & Mod - Once the rifle has gone I will be willing to split the rest. With this rifle and it’s reloading accessories, you will be out hitting steel beyond 700 yards as quick as you can get a scope on it! If you would like to negotiate on price, feel free to make an offer but you must be able to collect the rifle or pay the RFD fees... If I get full asking price, I am prepared to cover the RFD fees. If you'd like to know any more info, just use the thread or send me a PM. All The Best. Jay
  24. dave


    Hi there does anyone have any favourite loads for 222 ? just got one and was wondering what people's favourite recipes were.
  25. Hello All! Have acquired a RCBS Rockchucker Supreme Kit, although there are things I need to acquire and would like your opinion / advice. Would like to get started loading 6.5 Creedmore, .223, 303, 7.5X55 and possibly .38/.357, in small quantities but to a decent standard - even if it is at a slow rate. Trying to stick to a budget as far as possible. Dies: Redding Premium Deluxe Die Set Primer Pocket & Flash Hole Prep: Is a brush and cutter required? Case Cleaning: Is this required? Digital Scales: Pocket-Touch 1500 Trickler: RCBS Trickler Case Trimmer: Lee Deluxe Quick Trim Case Trimmer Calipers: RCBS Calipers Headspacing & OAL Gauge: Hornady? Cartridge Holders: RCBS Compatibility? Hornady Lock N Load: May speed changes up, are these compatible with various dies? Appreciate your thoughts!
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