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  1. For sale my Hawke Sidewinder 6-24x56 (20 x Half Mil Dot IR) scope.Comes boxed with all accessories included.Great scope used solely on my rimfire rifle for indoor target shooting only.SCOPE NOW SOLD
  2. Seen it a few times now. Both 223 and 6.5 creedmoor Not in my rifle but in a mates after I collected his brass
  3. Decided to put my HIK Vulcan 15mm thermal spotter up for sale.Unit was bought 1st week of January this year, so has over 2 years of warranty left.Was bought initially with the thought that I would only be using it in woodland areas, but now helping a friend on more open land so I am needing to upgrade.Comes with box plus everything that came with it.Battery has never ran out on me yet and I've used it for more than 6 hours at a time.Will include a battery bank with the sale if asking price is met should the 6hr battery life not be sufficeThere is a small mark as pictured to the outer housing a
  4. I haven't tried they're standard bullet, so can't comment on its performance. Be a real shame if it does get dropped as my rifle really like it.
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