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  1. I'm picking 1 of these up the end of next month, and will be taking it to a local 100m range to see how it shoots. Well that and to see how rusty I am as I havent sent a round down range since covid arrived.
  2. Scope arrived exactly as described. Excellent seller buy with confidence
  3. Tried messaging you but you cant recieve messages. Possibly your inbox is full. Can you ping me some pictures of the scope please to cburrows403@gmail.com Thanks, Colin
  4. ColinBR

    .22Lr Training rifle

    https://www.snipershide.com/shooting/threads/new-from-zermatt-arms-rimx-actions.6978679/post-8845119 If you read through from a few pages back from that post you'll see there are a few having the same issues.
  5. ColinBR

    .22Lr Training rifle

    It was from Zemmit themselves on snipershide. That was the fix they suggested. I'll try find a link. It was just incase you experience any issues
  6. ColinBR

    .22Lr Training rifle

    Been reading a fair bit into the action and it certainly has some great features. I did see some were having extraction/feeding issues but they found rounding off the bottom edge of the extractor by 0.015" helps.
  7. ColinBR

    .22Lr Training rifle

    How does it shoot Dave? Have you had a chance yet?
  8. ColinBR

    .22LR Semi Auto Ammo

    I use eley club in my Kriss defiance, and it shoots really well. For some reason it doesnt like CCI minimags. Though I've yet to find anything that likes them.
  9. ColinBR

    Sabatti Evo Tactical 300wm

    5/8 of an inch. Easy way to work out mm to inch in this instance is 15.75 ÷ 25.4 = 0.620 (or 5/8)
  10. ColinBR

    Send it Series 2020

    Just contacted Helen at Gardners gun to see about becoming a member there. Really quick in replying and as helpful as can be. Looking forward to trying out the ranges over the next couple of months
  11. Does he have a shop or contact? Thanks
  12. This is why I have been looking at the likes of the Voodoo. They seem to have something sorted when it comes to accuracy at longer ranges. Pricey though and I've yet to find anywhere in the uk that imports anything but the barrelled actions. I seen Dave made 1 lately with a bighorn action, but doubt it would be comparible price wise. Hopefully wrong on that count.
  13. To be fair. Trying to hold for 10 shots best group is testing to say the least. 5 shots is more than enough and yes flyers need to be counted. I shoot using the above 10 shot targets and have done since competing in my teens. Having then been away from the game for 20 years certainly hasnt helped.

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