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  1. Could I have the dies please Edit Cancel that my mistake, as these look like the wrong dies for my application Sorry
  2. For sale my Hawke Sidewinder 6-24x56 (20 x Half Mil Dot IR) scope.Comes boxed with all accessories included.Great scope used solely on my rimfire rifle for indoor target shooting only.SCOPE NOW SOLD
  3. Seen it a few times now. Both 223 and 6.5 creedmoor Not in my rifle but in a mates after I collected his brass
  4. Decided to put my HIK Vulcan 15mm thermal spotter up for sale.Unit was bought 1st week of January this year, so has over 2 years of warranty left.Was bought initially with the thought that I would only be using it in woodland areas, but now helping a friend on more open land so I am needing to upgrade.Comes with box plus everything that came with it.Battery has never ran out on me yet and I've used it for more than 6 hours at a time.Will include a battery bank with the sale if asking price is met should the 6hr battery life not be sufficeThere is a small mark as pictured to the outer housing a
  5. I haven't tried they're standard bullet, so can't comment on its performance. Be a real shame if it does get dropped as my rifle really like it.
  6. Looking for some help here for my father. He has an Anschutz match 64 MPR and loves it and it shoots amazingly well. The only thing he isn't happy with is the stock. So has been looking for a replacement. So far the only thing he can see is a boyds stock that has the inlet to suit his rifle alas it doesn't seem to be available over here, looks to be the same issue with a MDT chassis that seems to be no longer making them to suit. Maybe someone knows somewhere that can get these in, or does anyone know if there is anything else available to suit. The rifle is used
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