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  1. rutland12


    I too had this.....there was a highlighted warning on the stalking directory. I have sent two emails to the "contact us " heading on here without reply. I also sent the same paypal account details to SD admin team yesterday, so far no response from them either ? Dissapointed !
  2. rutland12

    Whidden Micrometer Seater

    Hi I use these, from what you have indicated it seems to me that the die has not been set up correctly. Mine is set up for 7mm vld's and the stem is approx 1/8 th inch proud of the locking nut ? I hope this is usefull for you and good luck. Ps these dies are the best I have ever used Tony
  3. rutland12

    6.5-284 and RS70

    PM you
  4. Hybrids now sold. Price drop on 115 vld's to £30 per hundred plus postage.
  5. Hi I have various 6mm berger target bullets for sale. Firstly I have 700 115 VLD which have been size sorted from base to ogive. There are 400 sorted into 3 size groups 0.005 in apart. There are also 300 sorted into 2 size groups as above but have been HBN'd. These are for sale at £35 per hundred plus postage. PRICE DROP ON THE 115 VLD TO £30 PER 100 PLUS POSTAGE plus this I have 4 same batch unopened boxes of 105 hybrids @ £45 per 100 plus postage NOW SOLD Tony
  6. Very nice. Good luck with the sale. I know this a very accurate build.
  7. rutland12

    284 win reloading dies

    Hi Take a look at Whidden dies, marvelous service and IMHO better than redding. They post from US no problem and a lot cheaper. Tony
  8. As in title surplus to requirement is one Optima choke. This is the original external type and has the yellow band which is approx a quarter. It fits a 682 gold E or similar. Very light use. £25 plus postage.....advertised elsewhere. Tony
  9. Hi Reecy I have PM'd you Tony
  10. Yes......still here Tony

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