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  1. Gluv

    I don't even know what to say...

    Bahahaha! 😂😂😂😂 Gluv🇬🇧
  2. Gluv

    I don't even know what to say...

    Sorry , you cannot say the BBC either reports the facts or doesn't have an agenda. Surely Brexit must have shown you that ! Gluv🇬🇧
  3. Gluv

    AI AT Question

    The Aw is picatinny now too Gluv🇬🇧
  4. Gluv

    CV-19 Lessons

    Pretty sure I had the Virus from Boxing Day onwards. Cough, the most horrendous fever etc. The strangest what I thought was the flu ever . Anyway my view is ,there is no hiding from it ,and no cure ,so you might as well just accept that you are going to get it at some point . If you are unlucky it may have dire consequences for you but that is just the luck of the draw I'm afraid. I respect the caution others are taking ,and try my best not to invade their space at the supermarket ( easier said than done with some idiots blocking the isles) I take absolutely no precautions and do not wash my hands anymore than I did before. Im more concerned about the economic destruction and the loss of liberty to be honest . The NHS spy app is straight out of 1984 Gluv🇬🇧
  5. Gluv

    I don't even know what to say...

    As you wish . I wouldn't call it nasty though, there is more than a little evidence of it being completely true . Subject closed Gluv 🇬🇧
  6. Gluv

    I don't even know what to say...

    Good riddance to both of them . Now if we could just get rid of the rest of the family of parasites and nonces 🤔 Gluv🇬🇧
  7. Oops you're talking about something else !
  8. You have to order it direct Gluv🇬🇧
  9. Cwc divers watch is the way to go ! 🙂 Gluv🇬🇧
  10. My motley collection Gluv🇬🇧
  11. Cwc Navy divers watches are my daily go too watch . Waterproof and never missed a beat even when doing demolition work with a Kango. Afterwork , Rolex Seadweller , Rolex Seadweller deapsea and Omega moonwatch . Can't say if they will stand prolonged use of a Kango but they probably will 🙂 Gluv 🇬🇧
  12. Gluv

    King of 2 Miles

    You can fit a picatinny attachment to them pretty easily , they're already drilled for it. Alas because I'm old school it's not going on the AW so it's got to go on the scope. Taracs are easy enough to set up Gluv🇬🇧
  13. Gluv

    King of 2 Miles

    Tacom already have a side offset scope prism as well as the charlie Tarac . You've been beaten to the cake ! 🙂 Gluv🇬🇧
  14. 😂 Silence of the lambs ! Superb track though , I think it all works rather well Gluv 🇬🇧
  15. Time SA80 a3 appeared on here and silenced you doubting Thomas's 🙂 Had to post it cause it's got one of my fav tunes on ! Gluv🇬🇧

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