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  1. What on earth are you talking about ? I dont care what you do to squirrels and have never commented on it !!
  2. Not your post in particular - there is a drip drip drip of sectarianism in our sport ! No hypertension here. Rather the opposite - I am off to Shot Show in Las Vegas tomorrow. I shall spend a day on the range and 5 days walking the booths. No doubt, I will come across vendors with things that dont float my boat. And I will just walk by. I wont feel the need to blunder in and tell them they are doing it wrong ! It would be refreshing to see certain negative individuals do the same, online.
  3. Well said David. All this holier than thou bullshit gets tiresome. Each to their own ! Growing up in Ireland I thought I had experienced sectarianism..........then I became a shooter in the UK and realised I had seen nothing yet ! 90% of my shooting is competitive, be it CSR or the NRA run matches a few times per year. The rest is vermin and deer stalking. I dont particularly enjoy "plinking" but would not dream of looking down on those who enjoy it. Or claiming that my way of enjoying my hobby is superior / is "Gods way" :-/ Crack on and enjoy your shooting - be it unsupported or off a bipod, 100 yards or 1000 yards, F-class or CSR, airsoft or airgun, camo or leather etc etc etc And if you have nothing good to say about your fellow shooters choice of shooting, how about saying nothing at all !!
  4. I needed the same - ability to use at 20 yards and up to 300 yards with same scope. Went with Leupold EFR - highly recomend it. Look for a used one on ebay etc
  5. No idea if Ti or not - I just remember being at the match and the moderators were very quiet indeed !
  6. If thats the case - very quiet - quieter than my Ase Utra which is what I compared it to.
  7. I got a great Timney 2 stage for my 595 from Baldie.
  8. You could go with my type B ? 6.5-8" and 7-9" in stock and ready for shipping.
  9. Yes - which is why I have a Gerber "bladeless" multitool. Designed without a blade for employees of "knife free" zones in US. Or you could use a SOG which has a non locking blade. Nowadays I EDC a swiss army knife.
  10. You might be ok. No knife or pointed article :-)
  11. Thanks - was not aware buckles had been specified.
  12. Correct - down to a court to decide. However, being the equivalent to a swiss army knife or multitool in contents, I reckon you would stand a good chance. Its not as if its a dagger being stored in the buckle. And looking like is not the same as disguised ! I will stick to my trusty swiss army knife though.........
  13. Open to interpretation really. Is it "disguised" ? With the makers name emblazoned and parts visible at side ? Is it marketed as "disguised" ? Lets face it - a multi tool looks like a pliars to the layman but its not disguised as a pliars.
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