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  1. Buy 2 and get 1 free. £9.99 each - you know it makes sense Rodney.
  2. Breacher

    Tubb ATR

    Really nice setup John. You have no excuses when using that !!
  3. I hear that Yardley is on a Facebook ban. He has been moaning on twitter about FB "censoring" him. There might just be a God after all........
  4. Breacher

    Dolphin Pistol Grip Sizes?

    Ergo Tactical Deluxe. I too have big hands and its the fattest grip I could find.
  5. This !! All very well seeing your target with crystal clear clarity but rather pointless if you have dialled in x number of moa elevation and the true elevation was actually y ( and a bit of accidental windage with the worst offenders ) I have a tatty old Nightforce NXS - in 2006 it started life mounted to a rifle used in maritime security and being manhandled on cargo nets from ship to ship or thrown about in various thirld world armouries while awaiting next ship to arrive. Then I got it ( among 20 others which I sold ) and it was the tattiest cosmetically so rather than sell it for pennies, I kept it. It has been on countless rifles, won me several trophies and medals and is now retired to my stalking rifle. It never lost zero and has always been impeccable when it comes to repeatability. I have Nightforce on all my rifles now with one exception - my Mini McQueen setup - and that only has a Leupold due to the better field of view ( I can see the whole 50m rimfire castle at high mag )
  6. Have to agree. Does it really matter enough to start arguing about it ? Now then................what was his choice of footwear ???
  7. Breacher

    Cheytac .375

    Spookily enough, I was looking for an African venture into which I could invest. There is a distinct lack of 4500 yard ranges here so its bound to be a winner.
  8. Nice rifles - I handled one when doing a tour of the makers factory. I would buy it in a heartbeat if I had not rebarrelled my own Tikka stalking rifle. Very nicely balanced little rifle. Good luck with the sale.
  9. If on a budget better to buy a quality bipod in instalments. It will work out cheaper in the long run, than buying cheap, replacing cheap, replacing again etc
  10. Breacher

    Straight line recoil

    Like mag resting ?
  11. Breacher

    Straight line recoil

    Panning contravenes 2 of the marksmanship principles. Dont do it !!
  12. Shooting off a bipod which is panned is a contravention of one of the basic principles of marksmanship, in my humble opinion. If you need to engage a target that is not directly in front - it is easy to move the whole bipod / rifle to the correct position ( and move your body too ) so your position remains relaxed rather than slightly contorted away from your natural position pre-panning. Which is why ski feet which allow both forwards and backwards movement ( ie - inclined leading edge and both ends ) are ideal. You can move without lifting the rifle. You go to all the trouble of doing your best to be consistent in your shooting - why on earth would you want to ruin all of that by shooting with your position and hold totally changed when you pan your bipod ? And follow through will be totally different - the recoil characteristics of a panned rifle are totally different to one held in a natural position without undue force applied. Obviously - the military ( who are shooting at 6x4" and bigger, torso sized targets ) sometimes need to rapidly engage multiple and moving targets so panning bipods are a requirement. But its not conducive to precision shooting !
  13. I remember it as gently caressing rather than scratching..............................
  14. In the past three years, I have heard that a lot. Fcuking how much ? For a bipod ?? Usually uttered by a guy who bought the most expensive rifle he could afford. And binned the stock to put it in an expensive chassis. Which he got painted at great expense. Then he spent a huge amount on the scope - more than the rifle ! He then handcrafts homeloads using only the finest components. He avoids the chinese airsoft drag bags and chinsese pericases in favour of the real thing. Because, less face it - he wants quality. Then he props the whole lot on a bipod whose design has not changed since it was fitted to a Bren gun last century. Or even worse an airsoft bipod that looks like an expensive bipod.
  15. Breacher

    Watch brands as cars..

    What would a traser equate to ? :-)

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