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John MH

PRL 2019 - What Calibre, Action/Chassis and Optic

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Isn't Skan Data same as CIP, 3800 bar? vs 4350 bar for the 6.5 Creedmoor possibly making the CM better for short barrels? Does not some of the legacy come in form of much cheaper 6.5x55 factory ammo in the northern countries, at least that was I was told by some of our customers.



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The sauer STR(/ssg3000) is the standard rifle for sports shooting in Scandinavia (STR=Scandinavian Target Rifle) and they can be had rather cheap, and with minimal modification you have a PRS style rifle. 

Standard they come in 6.5x55. thus very good factory ammo is relativly cheap, and Lapua/Norma brass is everywhere.

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20 hours ago, Ronin said:

Taken from the Midnight Sun Rifle Challenge web page 

What the “Vikings” used this year ;

Action make

Scope make


No specifics on scope specification but there’s an underlying trend clear to see 



Quite possibly due to what actions are available over there and what cartridge is used most for target / hunting 

Food for thought though 


Just goes to show you don’t have to spend stupid  money to play the game. 
good ol remmy 700 in 308 and a vortex is still above the custom stuff. 

I saw one rifle this weekend that an “ urban operator “ has been building .

the thing had more crap on it it than pensioners mantle piece ! 

keep it simple! 

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The info pie charts from Skandi was really to show people what the competitors in other countries are doing / using

Theres a heap of info out there from the US competitions about “what the chimps use “ sorry meant to type champ

The competitions and following over there (Skandi) is a good deal larger and “further along the development line” than we are here.

Custom actions and aftermarket parts are not in ready supply so no doubt factory rifles from Rem, Tikka , Sauer are being used in prevalence over exotics 

Having watched the Viking Series / MSRC videos and images they use a mix of sporting rifles, semi customised (additional chassis) and “tactical rifles” (Sako TRG and some AI )

It doesn’t matter what you have, it’s the skill of the user , with the caveat, it helps if the rifle used is fit for purpose for the type if competition entered 

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i'm late to the party but I've only just seen this as I don't frequent ukv much now but my kit - 

rem700 action blueprinted with big knob and 20'' bartlein barrel (best barrel I've ever had) hardy stealth moderator all pillar bedded into a PSE composites tac stock , i'm running aics mags but have had it modded for the double stack mags (ai) but i'm not happy it will feed reliably under pressure whereas the aics are boringly reliable! 

I use the 6.5 creedmoor and factory 140 eld-m ammo 

I did 'ok' I feel I let my kit down not the other way round and I have brought some bags as I found them very useful ?

i also use this rifle as my primary stalking rifle.

next year i am hoping to have a dedicated PRL rifle , likely an MDT chassis and bartlein barrel running aics mags in 6.5 creedmoor with a brake as they seem popular and it's pointless me being the only one with manners! 

general closer positional stuff i'm confident with but my wind calls at longer range are dubious so that's where i'm going to focus my practice , as a side note i have lost weight and i'm working on my fitness for next year as well.

as for pricing , i'm happy enough as i recognise it's not a cheap sport , i will not comment further as i have an iron in the fire regarding stolen funds.

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