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I've built this up from a collection of parts accrued over time.


This is a Rifle that could be used for anything really, but I will specifically use it for McQueens. Its long been thought that a hot "6" is the way to go.

I love the cartridge, and can't understand why it isn't more popular. A well designed case with a good long neck....it blows the 243 into the weeds.

My reamer will handle the 115 grain D-tac bullet, but this barrel wouldn't, as its a 1 in 8" Bartlien.

It does like the 105 grain scenar though.


Action is a BAT Tactical , onto which went the aforementioned Bartlien. Threaded M18 x 1 and one of my brakes.

Trigger is a jewel.


Metalwork, including DBM, is in H series AI Dark Earth.


The stock is a Kmw Sentinel.

This was fully bedded to the action, and then given a paint job, in a theme inspired by a Giraffe , of all things.

The gun quickly got Christened " Mellman" :lol:

The colours being, Coyote Tan, McMillan Tan, Patriot Brown , and AI Dark Earth. All in H series.


Magazine is one of the American Rifle Co 10 round, double stack, central feed models.


All work "in house"

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Now that is a nice 'collection' of parts! 

Some good detail in there, like the spiral fluting :wub:


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Yes Dave :D

Basically a collection of bits done in exchange for work, and as I've never owned a BAT, thought i'd better hang onto it....:D

Christmas is about the only time of the year that I get to sort out my own guns. I've had a clearout of ones that didn't get used, and sorted specific guns out for specific jobs. Yesterday saw a new Bartlien go onto my AX as the old one was about to die. 

I hardly shot much last year due to the shops workload, and most of my guns barrels were coming towards the end of their life.

I should start the new year with 4 fresh guns, and with a bit of luck, get back to the rankings, though I fear the year off will have cost me dearly....think I'm getting over the hill !

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Another good looking rifle there Dave and I can relate to the lack of shooting, despite spending virtually every waking hour with rifles, shotguns or revolvers I doubt I have taken more than 500 rifle shots this year outside of testing and probably only the same with a shotgun.

I am hoping 2018 will allow me to spend more time out although I somehow doubt it :)

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What happened to the T2K you had in 6XC?


When you say McQueens, do you mean Diggle McQueens of Bisley 300yd McQueen?

There's a guy down here shooting the McQueen with a T2K in 6XC. He won that class this year with it, but there's so many classes now and everyone seems to be shooting 50.10 possibles in various classes and with different calibres.

I saw one guy last year shoot a 50.8 with a M1903A1 in the classic sniper class and it's regularly repeated in the current sniper (7.62) class. 

Duff-Eyed Doyle knows more about it that I do as he wins regularly and did so again at this years championships.

The real challenge though lies in "G" Class for CSR rifles. (.223 only, mag rested and max 4.5x on the scope) It can be done, Peter C won it last year with 50.9, Daddypig did it the year before with 50.7, and I won it this year with a 50.7....which was nice :lol:


So come on down to Bisley with it.  Win there and be rightfully called the National Champion :)

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I've never shoot the 300 mcQueens at Bisley, Mark. The Imperial mcqueens is always a couple of weeks just after we are all there for the CSR, so I can't get away with it.

I've shot the 200 yards mcQueens many, many times on Short siberia, at all the gallery rifle major meetings, and regularly won. My best being a 50.9.

I believe the 200 yards target is also different, with a smaller v bull.

A little known fact is that Brown Dog holds the record with a maximum score at 200...and with a .308. :)

Over several years, the scores gradually crept up and up. When I first started, a 50-60 would figure. It you don't shoot 55+ these days, you aren't even on the scoresheet.

Its a good comp, and always a popular one at Diggle. We shoot the huns head at 2 and 3 but it has "ghost bull" which isn't marked on the target. We have a circular piece of clear plastic, which fits in the circle on the huns head. This has a 1" disc cut from the middle, and anything that falls into that is a V bull. 

It was getting the same up here. I managed a 100-100 about four years ago with a 308, and it was a rare thing. Its now becoming more common, especially with the smaller calibre.

I sold the Tubb to a friend, because after building it, I think I shot it once or twice. Lovely gun, that was a crying shame it was sitting unused, so I let it go, along with a good few more.

As Mark E is now running the mcqueens up here, I might broach the subject of a "service " class with him, as a lot of our CSR guys are giving mcqueens a go this year with AR,S.

Good idea.

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