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  1. bradders

    Big problem with new rifle

    It is, Go to the proof House and see for yourself. In many ways they are a bit over-stringent and that may not be such a terrible thing for the customer, but can be a pain for people like me Headspace can be the main issue, but you know that when it’s passed, it’s passed
  2. I’m still waiting on your bank details etc 🙂
  3. bradders

    Big problem with new rifle

    They are ejector, not extractor pins, sorry to be pedantic but it will help to explain the situation a bit better
  4. bradders

    Case Lube

    Yes it is Terry Why spend more on some fancy named stuff when you can make it yourself easily
  5. bradders

    Case Lube

    I use the Lanolin/Isopropanol mix, it’s the same as Dillon case lube, as well as some others are and hard to beat, just spray into a cardboard box and shake around then leave to evaporate for 10 mins Its cheap, makes loads and lasts ages all available from Amazon
  6. What are you going to be known as next? GazzAR10 might not be a bad idea 🤣
  7. That wouldn't be because they’re still on the embargo/banned/ prohibited list for Russian arms and ammunition by any chance, would it?
  8. bradders

    Karl Kaps Scopes Suck

    We all have good days and bad days 🤣
  9. bradders

    Big problem with new rifle

    As Pops says, what action/rifle is it? Factory or custom build? Also are those ejectors moving freely?
  10. Knife arrived safe and sound this morning, a real piece of quality Many thanks for the excellent service Mark
  11. OK, think I've done it, please check and let me know Thanks Mark

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